tl-thanksgiving-2016-11-12-thru-11-24If you live in Kansas or Oklahoma, you’re probably familiar with the Cimarron Turnpike, a toll road in north-central Oklahoma.  The route travels 67 miles, from an interchange with I-35 north of Perry, to Westport, just west of Tulsa.  Before the Pikepass and K-tags came along, it was common knowledge that if you wanted to go to Tulsa, you needed to load up with some quarters to pay the toll.  Every few miles you had to throw a bunch of quarters in the big bowl that looked like a wishing well.

Of course, times have changed and the “wishing wells” are gone.  One thing about the Cimarron has stayed the same, however…  you still cannot make a U-turn!  Not long ago, we made a wrong turn off of I-35 and started heading west toward Tulsa instead of east toward Enid.  Whoops!  We drove and drove…  finally we came to a toll booth.  We had to pay a toll just to get to the exit, which was a stone’s throw to the west.  We did get turned around to head in the right direction.

Sometimes in our Christian walk, we veer off course and need to ask the Lord to forgive us and help us make a U-turn to get back on track.  It’s really up to us how long we drive in the wrong direction.  God does give us freewill because He loves us.  Today I’m so very thankful that God still allows U-turns to His children when we get off track.

Please join me in a prayer of thanks for U-turns:a-prayer-poem-for-thanksgivingAnother name for a U-turn is a do-over, as Lucinda reminds us:do-oversI wish for you the courage to turn around with God’s help.  I wish for you the joy and peace that God can give when we’re assured we’re on the path He planned for us to be on.  I wish for you laughter and freedom as you live for Christ alone.  🙂




tl-thanksgiving-2016-11-12-thru-11-24What does it really mean to be thankful for good health?  How precious is it to fight so hard to maintain good health?  If you’ve never had to work and climb out of bad health to get good health back, I’m guessing it may be a blessing you don’t fully appreciate.

A year ago I was 25 pounds heavier and had a Hemoglobin A1c of 9.3!  It wasn’t a pretty picture to be sure.  You might say I hit the proverbial “brick wall”.  It was change it or face some grim choices in the future.  I had to do something to get my health back.

Remember the old saying, “God helps those who help themselves” – ???  In my mind, this is a perfect example of that.  It’s not, by the way, found in the Bible – as so many think it is.  😉

I’m grateful for God’s help in decision-making, in giving me the determination I now have, and in loving me when my attitude toward working out was less than admirable.  I still hate going to the gym, but then I think of friends who are facing different outcomes because they didn’t get their type 2 diabetes under control.  They wish they had chosen a different path.  So do I.

Please join me in prayer:a-poem-prayer-for-thanksgiving

i-am-hisI wish for you good health.  For my friends with type one diabetes I always wish for a cure instead of management with insulin (which we are so thankful for).  Managing type one diabetes is so difficult.  I pray everyday for a cure.  We hold on to HOPE.

I wish those with unknown conditions would get answers to questions about symptoms they’re experiencing.

I wish people with conditions caused by malnutrition will receive the food they need.  Hunger is prevalent, even in the U.S.  I wish people with illness and disease that can be managed through a more healthy lifestyle will wake up to that truth.  Is it easy?  NO.  Is it worth it?  YOU BET.  🙂


tl-thanksgiving-2016-11-12-thru-11-24No matter in what language you speak, thanksgiving prayers are often written in the form of poems or songs.  I’m not just saying that because I’m a poet and musician.  Every day from now until thanksgiving, I want to share a prayer and some wishes for you and your family.


Will you pray with me?



I wish for you and your family more unity.  I wish you wisdom and discernment as you gather together to count blessings.  I wish you a truly heart-warming thanksgiving with the Spirit of God right in the center!  🙂




This event is a celebration in memory of Chris, the child who sparked a global wish-granting movement and the beginning of Make-A-Wish.

Christopher smiling in his official policeman’s uniform.

He was only seven years, 269 days old when he died. But he taught me about being a man. Even though he was only a boy. I can tell you that because of meeting Chris, I am an entirely different man. Ron Cox said the same thing. He said he didn’t fear death anymore, because he knew Chris would be there waiting for him.   – Tommy Austin, Make-A-Wish® co-founder and retired U.S. Customs agent

When a child has a terminal illness it makes adults feel so helpless.  We all want to do anything we can to make it better.  When Chris let it be known he wished he could be an officer, it seemed like something that could happen for him – something the adults could make happen.  To see the smile on his face made the effort worth while to be sure.

It breaks our hearts to know children are so sick and likely won’t get to make their dreams come true as an adult.  What a wonderful idea to help them make a wish come true.  We naturally want to do anything we can to help them.

That is what the Make-A-Wish foundation is all about – making wishes come true for children with terminal illness.  These brave children deserve to have a wish come true because they face so many days filled with pain.

Make-A-Wish granted 14,000 wishes last year alone – on average, one every 38 minutes. But for every wish granted, another child is diagnosed with a potentially qualifying condition. A child who needs a wish.

We all look forward to the day when no more children have life-threatening medical conditions. Until that time, Make-A-Wish remains committed to granting a wish to every eligible child. Because wishes make very sick kids feel better – and sometimes, when they feel better, they get better.

It’s been more than 30 years since my son Chris received his wish, and I am still amazed and inspired how one little boy’s dream to be a police officer has touched the lives of so many thousands of people.  – Linda Pauling, mom of Chris

I’m so thankful there is an organization that can make wishes come true for brave boys and girls.  Some want to have a certain animal, or be on a TV show.  One little girl got to be a cartoon character – do the voice-over on her favorite cartoon show!  Some want to play an instrument or play a certain sport.  Some want to be a character in a play or go to a certain place.  Riding in a hot air balloon might be the wish of a child.

Let’s pray for the little ones who need some wishes to come true.  WORLD MAKE A WISH DAY let’s make some wishes come true for these kids.  🙂



We all have dreams.  Today is MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE DAY!!!  Maybe there is one small, attainable dream that you can make come true today.  But God knows all about that big dream – you know the one.  That’s the one that you think may not happen, but you have entrusted it to God’s hands and backed away.  It’s the dream with a prayer attached that goes something like this:

Dear God, You know the desires of my heart and the wish that lives deep in my spirit.  I’m working toward making this dream come true as much as is humanly possible, but it feels unattainable.  Your Word tells me that all things are possible with God – so Lord, I’m claiming that promise and asking for You to help me do this.  I’m laying my big dream at Your feet and taking my hands off.  I’m backing away as I sing praises to You because I know You make paths where nobody else can.  Your provision is so much better than what I could get for myself.  You not only care about the needs in my life, but the dreams and desires I have as well.  I know You will make a way for me, but if it doesn’t happen it’s only because something better for me is waiting.  I will wait for Your perfect timing with joy in my heart.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

How badly do you want that dream to become a reality?  What are you willing to do to achieve a goal?

My seventh-grade football team had just been soundly trounced.  Our opponent was a bunch of raging kids from an Oklahoma City Salvation Army shelter.  Their helmets didn’t match.  Some wore jeans.  The kid across from me had put his number on his shirt in masking tape.  But when we snapped the ball, that kid hit me so hard, my left shoulder still hurts when it rains.  After the game, my dad told me, “Boy, you just got a lesson in the power of desire.  The difference between winners and losers is that winners do things that losers just don’t want to do.”  If I want something bad enough, I better be willing to work however hard is required.  If not, a boy with a taped-on number might take it away.  – Phil McGraw, PhD

Cinderella says a dream is a wish your heart makes, and nobody knows your heart better than God.  The tough part about putting a dream in God’s hands is the waiting.  It’s tempting to rush God’s perfect timing.  I’ve done that in my life a few times and it was always a major life event.  God showed me a couple of times that I should have waited on Him instead of rushing ahead.  Patience is really not my strong suit.  The good news is, as I get older I’m building character and learning lessons.  I’m much more patient than I used to be.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.  – Henry Stanley Haskins, Meditations in Wall Street, 1940

May God richly bless you as you lay your dreams at His feet and wait for Him to help you make them come true.  Wink!   😉