Some people do laugh all the way to the bank – we all hold on to the hope that one day we will be able to enjoy what we do for a living, be able to laugh and watch our bank accounts grow by leaps and bounds.

Laugh and Get Rich is a 1931 movie – an amusing little tale.

I was inches away from saying NO WAY to this writing challenge.  It sounded utterly ridiculous and unreasonable.  Then as I thought more about it, I realized that sometimes riches are not measured in dollars.  I don’t receive money when I laugh, do you?  Maybe a stand-up comedian does because they make others laugh for a living, but most of us are not financially compensated for laughing.

Here’s a guy who is definitely compensated for laughing – and do you know how wealthy people laugh???  Yeah, I didn’t know it either – but here it is:

Well that’s why I’m not wealthy – I don’t know how to laugh like that.  I’m glad someone explained it to me – wink!  😉  To be honest, a Scripture popped into my mind as I was watching that – Ecclesiastes 7:6.

OK – back to reality.  The thought of hope kept coming back to me.  Where does that hope come from?  It comes from God.  We pray that God will improve our circumstances and give us a happier countenance as we go through life.  He helps us every day whether it is through education, promotion, or direct inspiration.

It’s very sad when people think they have achieved these things by themselves – they refer to themselves as “self-made” when they are being molded into what God wants them to be.  If you have a gift or talent for something, that came from God.  You may have had to take classes to hone it, but the basic gift is from God.

 Therefore humble yourselves +[demote, lower yourselves in your own estimation+] under the mighty hand of God, that in due time He may exalt you…  – 1 Peter 5:6

In this day and age, laughing is not heard as much as it used to be.  There are terrorists running around committing horrible acts, showing no mercy whatsoever.  They cannot be reasoned with and there is talk that it could come to our country.  Yes, I know God has this in His control – but I’m not laughing and it is scary.  Every day I pray for a speedy end to this threat.

When we find ourselves laughing at something these days, we should count it as a blessing.  Maybe the fact that we’re laughing at all is the reward.  Maybe those moments that we are happy ARE the reward.   No, we don’t laugh all the way to the bank, but God gives us a reason to smile and laugh and be happy.  That is good enough for me. 

What makes you happy makes you rich.  – Russian Proverb

Money for laughter might make me too vain.  Too much money makes your laugh change from genuine to fake.  I’d rather keep my real laugh and not have the wealth.  🙂









Batman hates junk food – well, that makes sense, doesn’t it?

I happened to be on facebook not long ago and got to witness a bit of history. The original Batmobile (from the 1966-1968 series starring Adam West) was auctioned off for a cool $4,200,000.00! I was astonished at the amount of money someone was willing to pay for it! My first thought was that someone has more money than common sense, but then sometimes I think it just comes down to what your priorities are in life. Obviously, someone thought it was a better idea to own the Batmobile than to have that chunk of change.

There are not many people who could (or would) afford such a splurge. One priority we can all afford to protect is our health. How much would you be willing to pay for good health? I don’t mean how much would you be willing to pay after you lose your health – I mean, how much would you pay for something that could prevent ill-health in the future? Well, it’s possible to prevent such health problems as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer.

What if I told you that in addition to the possible prevention of disease processes, you could also look and feel years younger? That’s right. We all know that time is the great thief and the anti-aging and beauty industry is the fastest growing trend in American history. What if I told you that you could avoid such treatments as Botox or other painful procedures? Would you be interested in hearing what I have to say?

Your new healthier, happier lifestyle is as close as your local market. If you will replace the boxed and canned goods in your kitchen with more fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, you will be amazed at the changes that take place inside and out in as little as one week. The soda in your fridge needs to go as well. Replace that with a pitcher of water with fresh lemon squeezed in it. And the sugar most definitely has to go as well. Sugar is not always called sugar – sometimes it is high-fructose corn syrup.

Could a transformation really be that simple? In a word – yes! Alkaline-based foods not only make you look and feel younger and better, they strengthen your immune system and make your cells stronger and more protected. Cancer cells actually feed off of sugar, which is why it’s so important to get rid of it.

Can you trade a bag of fat-laden, salty chips for some celery and natural peanut butter? Do you like to feel good? Do you want to do everything you can to prevent disease? Is your health worth the price you pay for it? It just takes a little commitment and some visualization to make great strides toward a better life. I’m not even asking for $4,200,000.00!   😉