Today is NATIONAL ESCARGOT DAY!!! Those of you who eat snails… Bon Appetit!!! I don’t happen to be into escargot, so I will put a different twist on things. I will talk about chronic pain and mobility issues.

There are days when it seems if I raced a snail, the snail would win hands-down (wait – do snails HAVE hands???) – hmm… anyway – I try to exercise some every day but there are times when it’s easier to stay in the recliner and watch TV. That also means I either have a heating pad or an ice pack against my lower back! I call those my “granny days”. They don’t happen very often, thank goodness.

I have a great deal more respect for snails and the pace they keep than I used to. The thought comes to me that if I just try to do something in the way of exercise, it’s better than doing absolutely nothing. Even if I have to take my cane, I try to go out and walk every day. The thought of losing mobility completely is frightening. Nobody wants that to happen, and so keeping relatively active is crucial to overall wellbeing.

So whether you decide to eat snails tonight, it’s okay if you walk at a snail’s pace. Just keep moving forward – that’s the most important thing! Keep walking – even if it’s with a cane. Those who walk with a cane are going faster than those still sitting in the recliner.

I have an exercise ball and thanks for the suggestions – but um… I think I’ll pass. LOL!!!

Unfortunately, being immobile can cause a great deal of frustration and depression. The last thing you want to do if you are depressed is isolate yourself from others. I understand that you don’t want to be less than your best around other people. Nobody wants to be around someone who is a “downer”, right? I’ve learned a valuable lesson this past year. If someone is a real friend, they are there no matter what. If you have a friend – a real friend like that, you are truly blessed!

I’ve joined a lot of groups on facebook. There are groups for nearly everything on there! I joined a group that talks about grief and another that focuses on chronic pain. We are just people trying to reach out and help each other. Sometimes if the pain is too bad at night, I get online and start chatting with some other poor soul who is unable to sleep. It helps to know you are not traveling the road all alone. I like the groups on facebook because they are made up of real people helping real people. I don’t think I’d feel as comfortable talking to a professional, and they charge money. Let’s face it, the groups on facebook are effective, and they are free.

Of course I talk to God. He is my source of strength and boundless humor always! ❤