We wait and we seek the Lord continually.  We don’t do it just to be rewarded, but God is good to us in return, isn’t He?

As we wait on the Lord, seeking Him through prayer with diligence, with our whole hearts, He is good to protect us and provide for us in ways that are so creative.  How many times have you wondered how things would work out – and God makes a way that you would not have imagined?  It’s happened to me so many times!  His grace and mercy are given freely, and He assures us daily of our place in Heaven with Him when our life is over on earth.

Our God will never forsake us and He sees the work we do for Him.  We find His favor when we earnestly seek Him on a daily basis.  The world around us seems to be chaotic and crazy, but we believe that it’s all part of God’s big plan, so we don’t have to fear the future because we know God’s in control.  We choose God’s peace, love, gentleness and hope.

Will you choose the hope that God gives today?  Look to the Lord – the God of all answers.  He knows the future and He will guide you along if you ask Him to.

Dear Father,  As my Creator, You know me even better than I know myself.  Patience doesn’t come easy for me, as if I have to tell You that.  God, I’m so sorry for rushing ahead when Your hand hasn’t opened the door.  I’m sorry for complaining of boredom when being still is much more than sitting quietly.  You shape my spirit through the still and You mold my heart in the quiet.  Only then, am I ready to follow Your will.  Will You change my perspective of this season?  Will You rekindle my love anew?  For I know the wait is not without reason; may it draw me closer to You.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

God bless you as you sit quietly, pray, trust and wait on Him.  🙂




I look forward to spring for so many reasons, but I think my favorite one is that we will start grilling hamburgers outdoors!  I don’t mind turning the stove on when it’s cold outside because it heats up the kitchen; however, in the spring and summer I’d rather not cook indoors because, well, it heats up the kitchen.

How many hamburgers do you eat at one time?  There’s no right or wrong answer – it’s not a trick question.  The calorie police are all at the donut shop – so don’t weigh your answer.  Be honest – do you have one hamburger, or maybe a few?  What is your portion of ground beef on a bun?

I’m a career dieter…  that is, I’ve been on one meal plan or the other since I was about five years old.  I was the poster child to represent the one who could not climb the rope in P.E. class.  I’ve learned lessons through the years – the primary one being – you must use portion control when you eat anything – no matter what diet you follow.

When it comes to spiritual portions…  there’s never too much of God’s Spirit!  I’ll tell you, if I eat too many hamburgers (or anything, for that matter), it will show up fairly quickly.  When I depend on God to be my portion – every moment of every day…  it shows up also, but in a positive way!  He is so faithful to me, and I depend on His love and kindness to renew my soul – over and over again.

It’s taken a lifetime, but I’ve learned to rely less on the portion control in a diet, and more on the PORTION that is the Holy Spirit of God.  I’m not as quick to pick up a cupcake to deal with stress like I used to.  I choose to take a deep breath and seek God when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.  It’s His will for my life – and it’s a healthy and good way to deal with stress.  The Lord is my portion…  and there are no calories or carbohydrates to count.  🙂





Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  – Psalm 27:14
Wow…  WAIT???  Huh, that brings to mind my favorite word – PATIENCE.  Ugh…  sets my teeth on edge.  I’m not big on patience and I don’t like to wait for anything.  Does anyone like to wait?  We don’t have to wait for much these days.  I mean, we can shop in our jammies, so…  seriously – we’ve gotten to the point where it’s pretty much instant whatever you want.  And when I say shop in our jammies, I’m not talking about the new socially acceptable dress code at the local Walmart.  I’m referring to online shopping in the privacy of my own  home.
We’re not only to wait, but we are to be STRONG and TAKE HEART and wait.  That sounds like multi-tasking to me.  Isn’t it good enough to just wait?  Must I be strong while I wait – and take heart?  Sigh – I have to have a good attitude and wait.  This may be too much to ask of me.  Does God have a reason for the specificity in this passage?  Yes – because if we wait but have a bad attitude, we will most likely miss the big picture.  Waiting and being strong and taking heart…  will assure that we will be better people as we look back.  Once we receive what we are waiting for from God…  and if we’ve had the right attitude – faith increases and that translates into more confidence in what GOD can do in our lives!
Sometimes the strength within you is not a big firey flame for all to see; it is just a tiny spark that whispers ever so softly, ‘You got this.  Keep going.’  – Linda Lou
That inner strength is God’s Holy Spirit.  He’s the One who encourages us as we wait for His best blessings in our lives.  A strong heart that gives and shows love to others and prays, expecting God’s best with a good attitude…  it’s what I want for 2017!
If you had to choose an animal that is strong and loving – what animal would it be?  I’d have to say it’s a DOG.  So I guess one of my goals this year is to be more like a dog.  Yep.  Pretty much.  Patient, strong, loving and loyal.  I always want God’s Holy Spirit with me, helping me every day.  🙂



We all have dreams.  Today is MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE DAY!!!  Maybe there is one small, attainable dream that you can make come true today.  But God knows all about that big dream – you know the one.  That’s the one that you think may not happen, but you have entrusted it to God’s hands and backed away.  It’s the dream with a prayer attached that goes something like this:

Dear God, You know the desires of my heart and the wish that lives deep in my spirit.  I’m working toward making this dream come true as much as is humanly possible, but it feels unattainable.  Your Word tells me that all things are possible with God – so Lord, I’m claiming that promise and asking for You to help me do this.  I’m laying my big dream at Your feet and taking my hands off.  I’m backing away as I sing praises to You because I know You make paths where nobody else can.  Your provision is so much better than what I could get for myself.  You not only care about the needs in my life, but the dreams and desires I have as well.  I know You will make a way for me, but if it doesn’t happen it’s only because something better for me is waiting.  I will wait for Your perfect timing with joy in my heart.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

How badly do you want that dream to become a reality?  What are you willing to do to achieve a goal?

My seventh-grade football team had just been soundly trounced.  Our opponent was a bunch of raging kids from an Oklahoma City Salvation Army shelter.  Their helmets didn’t match.  Some wore jeans.  The kid across from me had put his number on his shirt in masking tape.  But when we snapped the ball, that kid hit me so hard, my left shoulder still hurts when it rains.  After the game, my dad told me, “Boy, you just got a lesson in the power of desire.  The difference between winners and losers is that winners do things that losers just don’t want to do.”  If I want something bad enough, I better be willing to work however hard is required.  If not, a boy with a taped-on number might take it away.  – Phil McGraw, PhD

Cinderella says a dream is a wish your heart makes, and nobody knows your heart better than God.  The tough part about putting a dream in God’s hands is the waiting.  It’s tempting to rush God’s perfect timing.  I’ve done that in my life a few times and it was always a major life event.  God showed me a couple of times that I should have waited on Him instead of rushing ahead.  Patience is really not my strong suit.  The good news is, as I get older I’m building character and learning lessons.  I’m much more patient than I used to be.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.  – Henry Stanley Haskins, Meditations in Wall Street, 1940

May God richly bless you as you lay your dreams at His feet and wait for Him to help you make them come true.  Wink!   😉