The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.”  – Genesis 2:23

I could just leave this one alone and it’d be fine, right?  You know better…  I won’t do that.  Before I delve into this, I want to say that I believe if a woman does a man’s work, she should be paid the same amount of money for the work she does.  I’ve never disagreed with that.

Why do some women try to be men?  I don’t understand why there are women who think they have to dress and act masculine – when they are so uniquely female.  We’re women because we can do miraculous things that men can’t – well – most women can.  I can’t have babies, but that’s just me.

We’re unique in our emotions.  I’m convinced that we have that extra “sense” – you know the one I mean…  when you say “I have a feeling” – and you were right about something.  Guys don’t do that.  They just stumble around without a clue – sorry, but they do.

A man’s woman – his wife – is his helpmate – his sounding board – the one he depends on to tuck the tag of his shirt in when it’s sticking up in the back – you know the one I mean.  I cut them out – permanent solution – it’s how I roll.

It’s not even so much about the roles in the house – in our house my husband is the cook because I don’t know how to boil water.  I can write a five-page essay on why dogs have certain habits – but I can’t do a thing in the kitchen.  So guys…  just because a person is female, it doesn’t mean she’s automatically a good cook.

One thing women LOVE to do is…  STAMP.  Yes…  we love to stamp!  I typically do everything digitally these days, but I did find this to be very interesting.

Women are just here to help.  My husband doesn’t need as much help as some men.  He was a bachelor for 15 years before we married, so he’s pretty self-sufficient.  He does his laundry and I do mine.  But I’ve had opportunities to help him through the years – and I think those times bring us closer together.

Women are uniquely qualified for many things because God made us special.  God did not want man to be alone.  He knew they needed help.  Take that any way you want…  they do need us.  They know it – we know it.  We need them too, but we don’t want that to get out, right?  🙂







Oh the adventures in coffee I’ve had!  The coffee break stories I could tell you…  hmm.  I have some favorite coffee breaks, like the one I took back in 1985…  but I digress.  This day is to teach you how to take a coffee break.  What’s that?  You didn’t know there was a right way and a wrong way?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s begin.

Here are some suggestions about how to celebrate NATIONAL COFFEE BREAK DAY:

It doesn’t take much to entertain me, especially on the internet!  I found a really cute place where you can design your own coffee mug!  I put my “Wanted” poster on a mug, and a photo of the very handsome Cary Grant on another one (let’s face it, looking at him first thing in the morning would not be a bad thing).  Here’s the link if you’d like to design your own mug.  http://www.nationalcoffeebreak.org/new/design.php

If you click on some of the other tabs there, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about coffee and coffee breaks!  Down through the years, I have seen folks do coffee breaks all wrong.  For example, I used to work with a girl who would take her laptop into the break room and continue working through her coffee break.  Hmm…  what’s wrong with this picture???  The idea of a coffee break is to take a BREAK from working for just a few minutes.

Another coffee break disaster has to do with the one who actually put the coffee pot on.  You can tell which people engage in serious coffee drinking and which ones just dabble at it.  It’s never a good idea to have the dabblers make the coffee.  You don’t know what you might end up with.  You could end up with grounds in the bottom of your coffee cup! Eeeewww…  that has the potential to wreck the rest of your otherwise happy day.


So leave the coffee prep to the professional coffee drinkers!  You might want to put a sign on the coffee maker at work – COFFEE DABBLERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THIS COFFEE MAKER.  If it’s anything like our office, you’ll have everyone claiming to be a dabbler because nobody wants to make the coffee.  Sigh!  That’s when the office needs a COFFEE HERO – that one person who admits they are a professional coffee drinker and they are qualified to make good coffee for the rest of the office.  In our office that person was me.  While everyone stood around the coffee maker arguing about who would make the next pot, I walked in and physically removed all of them and just did it.  I made the coffee – and you know what?  It never hurt me to take the time.  My productivity was not in any way impaired for stepping up!  Strange, huh???

I also observe the people who take a coffee break with a cell phone in the other hand.  Again, unless it is an emergency, put the phone down, sit in your chair and enjoy your coffee undistracted by outside forces.  Coffee breaks are a time to kick back and let the caffeine kick in.

There are also the donut / pastry / junk out of the vending machine dunking people.  I like to watch them in action.  If I could join them I would because it would be fun to be a dunker.  Since I’m diabetic it’s really not something I should even get started, but I enjoy watching someone dunk their sweet whatever in a piping hot cup of java!  I think they must enjoy their coffee break the most.

So, to recap (or is that recup – get it, coffee cup?  Oh never mind):

  • Design a coffee mug at  http://www.nationalcoffeebreak.org/new/design.php
  • Click on other tabs to learn more about coffee and coffee breaks
  • No dabblers should be allowed to make coffee – professional coffee drinkers only
  • No cell phones should be allowed during your coffee break
  • Dunking is allowed only if you are healthy

I hope this little tutorial has been helpful.  It’s only Tuesday, so you may need more than one cup of coffee when you take your break.  You have my permission…  Wink!  😉