ROMANS 10:8 ON 10/8

TL ROMANS 10 8 ON 10 8

But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith that we proclaim)…  – Romans 10:8

When life is difficult and the stress level is almost too much to bear, this is the truth we need to lean on.  God’s Word, the Bible – the infallible, unchanging, reliable Promises of our Lord.  The word of faith that we proclaim…  yes!

God and His Word are near to us – and we feel a comfort that is not understood by the world.  He loves us so much and wants us to know He is with us to sustain us through bad times – and He is also there for our good times.  He sends us angels often as well to help as well.

Angels are God’s messengers whose chief business is to carry out his orders in the world. He has given them an ambassadorial charge. He has designated and empowered them as holy deputies to perform works of righteousness. In this way they assist him as their creator while he sovereignly controls the universe. So he has given them the capacity to bring holy enterprises to a successful conclusion.  – Billy Graham

I’ve noticed a trend in recent years of angel worship.  Here’s the thing about angels…  they are real, but they are not to be worshipped or prayed to.  God and His Son, Christ Jesus are to be worshipped and prayed to.  Angels are God’s secret messengers – secret agents.  Created by God to help Him help us.  They have a role but are never to be put in a higher priority than God or Jesus.  They are not that high – they are higher than we are – i.e. they can fight Satan when we, by ourselves – cannot.  Always call for help before taking Satan on…  humans can’t fight him without supernatural reinforcements.

If we had open spiritual eyes we would see not only a world filled with evil spirits and powers―but also powerful angels with drawn swords, set for our defense.  – Billy Graham

I have Billy Graham’s book about angels.  He explains their role in the spiritual realm with great precision.

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We catch ourselves referring to our loved ones who have gone to heaven (especially children) as angels.  They are not.  Angels are created by God – they are created to be angels.  They are to help God, but it’s not because God cannot be everywhere at once.  Let’s remember that our God is omnipresent!  People ask me all the time – If God is omnipresent, why does He need help from angels?  My favorite answer is – Because He wanted to. 

We each have a guardian angel.  Have you seen yours in action?  I believe I have watched my guardian angel in action on more than one occasion.  There have been a few times when the prayer for traveling mercies were answered – and I believe my guardian angel interceded just in time!  I also believe that my guardian angel once had beautiful black hair, but now has gray hair.  He or she earned each one of them!

I have a stepping stone in my garden that says ANGEL LANDING ZONE.  I invite them to land at my house and stay close to me and my family.  I don’t worship them – I worship the same One they worship – God.  By faith, I proclaim that He is near me.  His Holy Spirit is near me.  His Word is near me.  His angels are close to me and I know no matter what happens, God, Jesus and the angels will never leave me.  It’s going to be alright.  🙂




As the weather gets warmer, we tend to travel more often.  Today we took off down I-135 heading north.  I captured this photo of an oil well pumping early this morning.  The colors are so beautiful at dawn.  Isn’t that blue just amazing?

I hope you dance…  – Lee Ann Womack

When you are traveling, are you ever entwined in your own thoughts and silently thank God for the day and for your safety? Do you wonder why you are sometimes on a wild goose chase as you try to find the right highway? Maybe God is protecting you from imminent danger. Don’t be discouraged or angry the next time you have a difficult time finding the right road. We don’t know what lies ahead, but God does.  That delay could be for your protection.

You will probably be heading out for vacation soon. Don’t forget the essentials: SPF 15 or more, snacks for the road, and pray for traveling mercies. Trust that the times you get sidetracked or held up on the highway or just plain lost, God has a reason for allowing those delays and they are for your own good. Your days are in His keeping.

Mapquest really needs to start its directions on number five.  Pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.  – Aaron Karo

Only God knows if I’ll get to travel to all the places on my bucket list.  One thing I do know, as I travel, prayers for traveling mercies will be said and I believe God will keep me safe.

Even though we have modern technology to help us get where we need to go, may we not forget or refuse to seek divine guidance. Nothing takes the place of that prayer in the driveway before you begin the journey. May God keep you in the palm of His hand as you travel this year. ❤




Until it’s time for us to travel ON… we just travel. There is one simple joy in being a childless couple. We are free to take flight at a moment’s notice if we want to! My husband and I have been known to suddenly take off for parts unknown and drive all night to get there.

One such night I noticed the sky was darker than usual. We were parked at a local convenience store and I decided to get out and stretch my legs one last time before we did some serious traveling. I grabbed the camera and got a shot of this beautiful thumbnail moon. As I pointed the camera to take my shot, I said a little prayer for traveling mercies – again. Hey, you can’t over-pray these things!

I took the photo around 3am, which lets you know that we travel at strange times to be sure. I just kept thinking about how dark it was with that bit of light glowing in the sky. Other than being dark, it was beautiful weather. There was not a lot of wind (which is unusual for Kansas) and as I recall we wore long sleeves, but did not need coats.

The darkness was a little spooky. I’m not afraid of the dark, but it was just a different sort of night. It’s actually better to travel when there is not a full moon because that’s when strange things happen. So with that thought in mind, I embraced the little thumbnail moon and decided that God would see us safely to our destination.

The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe. – Proverbs 29:25

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41:10

The giant known as FEAR disappeared through prayer and reminders from God’s Word. It was a lovely trip. ❤




The debate began… the weather guys were all saying that highways and overpasses were dangerous because of possible “black ice” on bridges and over passes. Should we try to drive up to Abilene to take advantage of some bargains at the antique stores, or just forget it and let this great opportunity pass us by?

If you frequent antique stores, you know that they have sales on occasion but they usually don’t have any real deep discounts. There’s usually a 10% percent off if you pay by cash or check. Don’t get me wrong, every bit helps, but when the big yearly sale rolls around in January, that is when the real savings happen!

We missed the big sale last year because of bad road conditions and it looked like we would be missing it again this year. The more we watched the weather reports, the more gloomy the news got. We thought and of course, prayed about it. We decided to go for it. If the conditions looked too bad we could always turn around and go back home.

I never drive, but it would not be an exaggeration to say I was in the passenger seat praying. My husband and I are both type 2 diabetics and as he gets older he’s more prone to have lows. The last thing we need is for him to be driving and have a low. It’s my job to notice signs and symptoms of a low and have crackers handy.

Northern Kansas got about 2″ of new snow overnight, but once we got out in it, we quickly realized that it was powder and not at all wet or heavy. There was no ice associated with it and the wind blew it off the roads! By about 10:00 am the sun was shining and the snow was melting! We had fine conditions for travel today and we praise God for that!

Bargains? Oh yes we found a few. Every antique store in Abilene was having a sale! I’m thankful to God for His traveling mercies and for the fun times my husband and I enjoy together. We’ve been given this time and we choose not to waste it. ❤




We left Wichita, KS around 11:00pm this evening under a little thumbnail moon, aware of the fact that we have a very long journey ahead of us. We will drive through the night and reach Columbus, OH in time to sleep tomorrow night. That is our plan. Before we head out on the road we pray for traveling mercies. We invite God on the trip – actually more to the point, we invite Him to call the shots because maybe doing things our way won’t work out too well.

I learned how to pray when I was very small. My mom used to pray every time she got behind the wheel of her car. I think part of it was because she was afraid to drive, but I think she realized the sovereignty of Almighty God and knew that she needed His help. If it was important to ask God to help my mom drive to the grocery store, then I think we should probably invite Him to help us get through 3 states on I-70, right?

We all have close calls when we’re driving – and some of those can just shake you to the core. But it gives me peace of mind to know that God is in control and that He will take care of us on the road. I’m so thankful that God watches over us while we are traveling. 🙂