We used to sing that chorus every Sunday of the world!  I remember looking out at the congregation as we sang – and people were smiling!  It’s very difficult to sing that chorus and not feel joy!  Have you thanked God for this day?  Will you rejoice and be glad in it?

So, when a Sunday School teacher is late getting to church because her curling iron accidentally melted her hair clip and she had to find a replacement at the Dollar Tree on the way to church, and she feels all bummed and stressed out and knows she won’t have time to set her classroom up the way she planned to, does that mean she is not rejoicing and being glad?  Well…  yes.  Yes, it does.  And yes, that really happened.  You can’t make that up!

How about those times when you’re sitting in church service trying to concentrate on the sermon, but you keep thinking about all the paperwork that is waiting for you at work on Monday morning?  Oh, don’t tell me that’s never happened to you.

This verse does not tell us to dwell on anything that happened last week.  It doesn’t tell us to think about things that haven’t even happened yet – but will next week.  This verse is saying THIS is the day the LORD has made.  Today.  Now.  Present.  Live in this moment and rejoice in it.  Yesterday is over and tomorrow isn’t promised.  Leave all the rest of the days where they belong and rejoice.  Praise God because He inhabits our praise.  He delights in our praise.

We rejoice because of the blessings of grace, peace, pardon, righteousness, and salvation.  None of these things have anything to do with us, and everything to do with God.  He gives us His grace.  He is our peace.  He offers us pardon.  He is the root of righteousness.  He alone is the path to salvation.

This is the day the LORD has made.  Here.  Now.  Rejoice and be glad in it.  Look in the mirror and know that you’re seeing salvation from the hand of God.  You have to feel joy when you realize that truth!  🙂



It began when my jeans didn’t fit anymore.  I’ve been good – I really have!  Okay, I had 2 slices of pizza this week, but that should not have done that much damage.  Then I found a zit.  What am I, a teenager???  Is this how it works – you hit 50 and start reverting back to all the things you hated the first time around???

Then I tried to upload two slide shows on my You Tube account and neither one of them would upload.  I was unable to publish them because You Tube failed to process them.  Technology is so great until it isn’t.

I was trying to make iced tea (yes, I know it’s crazy to do that in the wintertime) and accidentally squirted lemon juice in my eye.  Now, that’ll wake you up fast!  So I spent a great deal of time flushing my eye out with water.  I’m pretty sure I smell lemon fresh from the neck up though.  Note to self:  Wear goggles when juicing lemons for iced tea.


Some days just run like silk.  They are seamless moments of perpetual joy and bliss.  Today ran like a Brill-O pad.  I remember saying out loud at one point, “I’m just gonna call it a day and go back to bed!”

Once I could see out of both eyes clearly, I got on facebook and did a little venting to my group.  You know, those folks are great!  They not only read but they responded with funny stuff and the support that all facebook groups should show.  We have a wonderful group and I cherish every one of them.  We are able to lift one another up and lift ourselves up in the bargain.  I feel so much better after I’ve chatted with them.

The one thing that convinced me that tomorrow will be better and brighter was the reassuring words from my Savior.  He instructed me to rest in Him.  That’s what I’m doing.  I’ll leave this day, confident that the Lord will lead me to a better day tomorrow.  It’s just like His great love.  🙂





Do you procrastinate???   Well, you’re in good company – so do I.

“You can walk to the corner and back home, just make sure you don’t walk too far because you need enough energy to walk back home”, said the surgeon, a mere day after my major surgery.  “I especially don’t want you to strain and don’t pick up more than fifteen pounds.”  I was nodding as I held on to every word of the instructions he quickly rattled off to me.

An important rule of procrastination: do it today but remember that today will be today again tomorrow.

I remember thinking, “This is so routine for him and so very new for me.”  He was almost bored as he spoke. I think I saw him fight off an urge to yawn at one point (but that could be my imagination).  He had obviously done hundreds of these surgeries in his career.  I felt a peace about things when I realized that just because I was nervous didn’t mean that he was.

Everything went well and I am CANCER-FREE!!!  I think that is the most wonderful phrase in the world – even better than I LOVE YOU, I think.  I was really scared about cancer since I lost my entire family to the big “C”.

So, what will I do with my new lease on life???  I will take better care of myself for a start.  I will eat healthier and have a more positive outlook on life and…  I will…  (wait for it…) EXERCISE!!!!!

Stop laughing – I will.  Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Monday – and what better time to begin a new exercise routine than on a Monday???  All good things begin at the start of the week, don’t they?  I hear some of you saying, “Technically the beginning of the week is Sunday.”  Well, my personal belief is that Sunday is a day of REST and the last time I checked, exercise is anything but restful.

It’s difficult to be in recovery for a month, taking it easy, then suddenly realize that it is time to add some activity (as well as walking) back into your everyday life.  I am basically a lazy person but I will admit, however, that after I exercise I am in the best mood and feel so much better!

So tomorrow my life changes for the better!  I’m getting stronger every day and I want to be the best me I can be!  The plan is to hop on my stationary bike and use my free weights…  TOMORROW!!!

Today – I’m just chillin’ in front of the TV eating a salad! Ah – yeah!!! Enjoying this while I can!!! ❤