I had an amazing opportunity to attend a WOMEN OF FAITH conference in my hometown.  To describe the wonderful energy in that place would take every word in the dictionary!  It was definitely a highlight in my life and I felt so blessed that my very good friend saw to it that I got a ticket.  God makes my path cross with so many great people!

I was standing in the line for the restroom (well, of course I was – duh!)  I was not eavesdropping on purpose…  really I wasn’t.  I could not help but overhear a conversation between the lady behind me and her friend standing behind her.  Then I heard it – OH MY GOD!!!

I cringed…  I hear it in the “WORLD” all the time – and I deal with it because that’s what has to happen.  I’m not a baby – I know there are ignorant people in the world who don’t know they are offending a real person.  More than offending actually – taking His name – His Holy, Righteous, Name above all Names…  IN VAIN.  It’s a COMMANDMENT – one of the BIG TEN, in fact.THOU SHALT NOT

I expect ignorance OUT THERE – but I was IN HERE – in this meeting with WOMEN OF FAITH.  I wonder if people in the church remember that we’re supposed to be DIFFERENT than the ones outside the church?  Yes, I did think for a split second that maybe it was a non-believer who was invited by a believer – in hopes that she would come to know Jesus as her personal Savior.  That certainly could have been the case.  I hope it was – and I hope she did.

It just seems like so much of the world seeps into the church instead of the other way around.  It’s difficult to have to live IN this world and not be OF it.  Things slip out – oh I totally understand.  When they do, God’s Holy Spirit checks us – we repent and we go from there and do our best to keep it from happening again.  God is quick to forgive our transgressions – even when we take His most Holy Name in vain.

It’s just scary to think that the OMG has found its way into the church – and when it’s said there is no shame – no remorse – no regret.  Just because the world accepts it, doesn’t mean that God’s people should accept it.

I try to say OH MY WOW…  I get very strange looks when I say OH MY WOW…  but oh well.  I sorta kinda hope it catches on inside the church doors… because people of GOD don’t need to be saying OMG – we can say LOL all day long – but adopt the OMW.  Seriously – we need to be separate from the world – give it a try – you might like being different.  OH MY WOW!!!  🙂






Hey there!

Around Christmas time, people who are not diabetic always ask me if it’s okay to BAKE GOODIES for those who are diabetic.  It seems they are fine with baking all sorts of cookies and candies for everyone else, but feel a bit put off when it comes to the diabetics.

Well, we enjoy getting goodies too – but we just can’t have things that make us SPIKE – spiking is not a good thing!   I try to share diabetic-friendly cookie, cake and muffin recipes here on the blog – so you no longer have to leave us out of the BAKING LOOP.  We can be on the list – but we need something with less of a sugar kick.  

For example, I was looking at a recipe for healthy oatmeal muffins and found a recipe using protein batter – take a look!  Look ma – no flour!  These are made with Whey Protein powder!  I suppose you could make these for a diabetic friend, if you happen to use Whey Protein powder yourself.  I doubt that you’d want to purchase it just to make these muffins.

If you cut back on the fat in muffins by substituting unsweetened applesauce and eliminate the sugar by using Splenda or Stevia, that is definitely a more healthy way to make muffins!  For type 2 diabetics it is a challenge to eat low-sugar, low-carb and low-fat.  I’d go so far as to say the following is a recipe that you could be comfortable baking and giving to a diabetic friend.  I wouldn’t recommend giving fudge or divinity, but these muffins would be a lovely homemade gift for a person with diabetes.

 Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.   – Peg Bracken

Most of us appreciate gifts from the heart instead of a present that is purchased in haste with little or no thought put into it.  When we give of our time and make something by hand, it means more because it has a bit of us in it.

For the spirit of Christmas fulfils the greatest hunger of mankind.   – Loring A. Schuler

It seems like the more we love someone, the more time and effort we are willing to put into their present.  For many years I made my mama a cross-stitched sweatshirt every year.  I remember making some pretty intricate designs for her – and it didn’t matter if it took the entire year to complete – I did it because I loved her.  I remember one particular project –  MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE – the famous Precious Moments design that depicts a goose making a joyful noise.   I started that project on December 26th and it was not complete until December 24th the following year!  I had to stay up late working on it toward the deadline – but I did it! 

I can’t cross-stitch anymore because my eyesight is not as good as it used to be and I have arthritis in my wrists, so I don’t buy waste cloth or threads nowadays; however, I can still follow a recipe (if I make the text extra-large print!)  Once in a while I like to eat a muffin for breakfast with a cup of coffee (I’ve even been known to dunk – but shhh…  don’t tell!)  :-/

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift, may I suggest a new devotional book by Lucinda Berry Hill?  Everyone needs a new devotional book to begin the new year!


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As you know, I’m a conservative.  Yeah – not gonna change me.

Extremism is so easy.  You’ve got your position, and that’s it.  It doesn’t take much thought.  And when you go far enough to the right, you meet the same idiots coming around from the left.  – Clint Eastwood

Whether we’re talking about food, packaging or leaving the water running while you’re brushing your teeth (yeah, that’s a pet peeve of mine), it’s just smart to use less if you can get by on less.  A few things were drilled into my head growing up.  My daddy used to come into a room and if the light was on and nobody was in there, he would ask in his booming and authoritative voice, “WHO’S PAYING THE LIGHT BILL?”  Well – duh – HE was! 

Out in the country we didn’t have a garbage disposal.  My daddy dug a big hole out in the back yard – near the back fence, where we dumped our garbage (banana peels and the like).

We had a septic tank so we could not use a lot of toilet paper at one time.  Yeah, that’s probably more than you needed to know.  Ah, the joys of country living!

It’s USE LESS STUFF DAY!  Honestly, we could all do a better job of conserving just about everything, couldn’t we?


Conservation was the theme in the Turner household, yet we always had enough.  Waste of any kind has always made me just a little crazy and I suppose it’s because of my upbringing.  I’m not for a minute suggesting that we live on less than we need to have a happy and fulfilling life, but to drown in excess seems…  well – excessive and unwise.

I’m sorry but I just laughed my way through this video – speaking of excessive and unwise (might I add – STUPID).  There is not one item in this video that would enrich my life or make me happier than I am today without it.  I’m not tempted by any of it – but I think it’s fun to watch.

For those of us with normal bank accounts, we can find ways to conserve and preserve in order to make our money go further and it also helps the environment in some cases.  So many times it’s just a matter of putting thought into what you do.  If you have a light on in a room and you are in there and need to see, that’s fine.  When you get up and leave the room, it’s time to flip the switch off.  It seems like common sense to me.  The water does not have to run while you are actually brushing your teeth.  Turn it off until you are ready to use it.  It’s so simple, right?  Well…  we know common sense is not a flower that grows in everyone’s garden.

Speaking of gardens, does anyone remember canning everything from the vegetable garden back in the day???  When I was a kid, we not only had a vegetable garden, but fruit trees as well, so we always had fresh cherries, apples, pears and apricots.

The family that cans together, stays together!
The family that cans together, stays together!

Try being conservative – just for today.  Use less stuff and you might be surprised at what you can do without.  😉