In December 2014, I’ve seen images of perceived injustice and true injustice.  I’ve heard speeches that are a transparent attempt to pull the races further apart.  I’ve always been a Caucasian woman so I see the world through my gray eyes, but I do not wear rose-colored glasses.  I do not pretend that everything is perfect in this world, in this country or in my community.  I know as well as anyone that there is work to be done by everyone.  As a Caucasian woman I refuse to shoulder all of the responsibility but I am more than willing to meet anyone halfway.  I am prepared to do as much as I can to get along with anyone with the understanding that they will make that same effort with me.

I am not a hater.  I am not a divider.  I am not any label that anyone wants to stick on me.

I’ve prayed throughout the month of December, and I have been led by the Lord to write this post.  I know it’s not giddy and fun, but when I began writing this blog I promised God that I would do so with my ears open to HIS leading.  This is HIS blog and always has been (it always will be). 

Hear me people – my civil rights END at the tip of my nose and so do yours.  Once I begin making demands that make my rights seem more important than yours, I am treading on your rights and diminishing them.  True equality will not come to pass with violence of any kind or with harsh speeches that make others feel less protected and more threatened.

I want nothing between my Lord and I in 2015.  I want to be just as close to Him as I can get.  There is no room for judgment, hate or evil when God is with me and His Holy Spirit is guiding me.

That’s the bottom line – if it is peace we want in our country – an INDIVISIBLE country, as we say in the Pledge of Allegiance – then it comes down to each person deciding to chase after it with a sense of real purpose.  I want that and vow to pray for America and be the person I know God wants me to be in the upcoming year.

Remember the GOLDEN RULE???  It seems to be a bit tarnished nowadays.  Let’s shine it up with the cloth of God’s love and let HIS LOVE shine through us to everyone in 2015!

I’m just one voice – one Caucasian woman, writing what God laid on my heart to write.  I was obedient.  I can’t change a heart or a mind.  THAT is up to God.  ❤

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Remember in school when we had tornado drills or fire drills? We learned what the response was to be when we heard certain sounds. Well, I suppose you could say that I learned a programmed response when I was little that has to do with the sound of a siren. I learned to pray.

If we were enjoying a nice afternoon and suddenly heard a siren, my mom would say, “I wonder if their family knows they are in danger? I’ll bet they don’t, so we’d better pray for them.” Of course, this was before cell phones were around. But if I hear a siren to this day, whether it is an ambulance, fire truck or police car, I pray for whoever needs help. Hey, even if someone is getting a ticket – I think they need to be prayed for. I would want someone praying if the roles were reversed.

It’s all part of the Golden Rule. We all remember that little rule, don’t we? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I think some of us have forgotten it, or we think it is “Do TO others before they do TO you.” I’m pretty sure that is out of context big time.

You know, your conscience is more clear and you are happier if you know you’ve done all the good you can for another human being. Maybe you don’t think it’s a big deal, or maybe you just think it’s a dumb idea. Well, my mama didn’t think it was dumb and neither do I. We all need a few more prayers to help us along, whether we realize it or not.

Did you think to pray?  The next time you hear a siren, stop to whisper a prayer for that person because you may be the only one able to help in that way.

There’s very little we can do for someone in need, but we have a God with unlimited resources who can do far more than we can ask or think. He has the answers. It’s up to us to ask for them. Next time you hear a siren, pray for the people needing help and for the people responding. It only takes a few seconds to pray on their behalf but it could help someone you don’t even know.