Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. – Inscription NYC Post Office

Some have a walking route and others drive the all-too familiar looking vehicle, but every one is an important link in the chain of the USPS.  Today we tip our hats to the amazing people who make sure our mail gets to the right location – today is THANK A MAILMAN DAY!!!

Women too – for sure – I have a few friends who work for the USPS – women who are optimistic and positive and real go-getters.

I ran across some interesting facts about the delivery methods in my research today.  There’s apparently a mule train delivery in Arizona.  Each mule carries about 130 pounds of mail, food, supplies and furniture down the 8 mile trail to the Havasupai Indians at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, averaging 4,000 pounds per day.

I caught up with a couple of those mules – and they were all too happy to pose for a photo.  Actually, they were a bit hammy…  LOL!

12650516_1716307285280401_284835294_nThere’s also a boat delivery on the Detroit River in Michigan.  The JW Westcott is a 45′ contract mail boat out of Detroit that delivers mail to passing ships.  The JW Westcott has its own ZIP Code – 48222.

There’s dock-to-dock delivery on the Magnolia River in Alabama.  A 15′ contract mail boat delivers to 176 dockside mailboxes on a 31 mile stretch of the river.

Much of Alaska’s mail is delivered by bush pilot and much of the mail in the lower 48 is also delivered by plane.

Sometimes we think the USPS consists of that one individual that either walks or drives to our mailbox and puts the mail in it.  There is so much more to the big picture.


So today – to all the links in the USPS chain…  including our own mailman – we say THANK YOU!!!  🙂