Do you ever feel like you are sitting in the middle of virtual reality? Every day there is a NEW SCANDAL in Washington. There are evil acts with absolutely NO consequences! People everywhere are scrounging just to survive. Full-time workers are being cut down to part-time because employers can’t afford to carry their insurance anymore. That puts a stress on the paycheck to be sure, and then you have a bunch of worried, stressed out people. Then some stressed-out person gets ahold of a bomb or a gun or…

Well, you get the point. It’s just a maddening scenario, isn’t it?

In the midst of all that we do have hope. That hope is Christ Jesus. I’ve heard Christians say they don’t know how people get by if they don’t have Christ in their hearts and lives. Well, I’ve seen the outward signs of what they do. Have you ever watched “Hoarders”? Some people cling to stuff. Some people turn to alcohol and others to drugs. There are tons of habits to choose from. Emotional eating is another addiction that people use to cope. These are all self-destructive behaviors and the “high” only lasts for a short time. It’s followed by a feeling of remorse and guilt.

People make fun of me and this blog because I talk about my Lord. Honestly, though – He is always there for me and He has never caused any ugly side-effects. I’m just sayin’ – maybe you should give Jesus a try. He will help you through anything life throws at you. The problems don’t vanish, I won’t lie. The struggles of living on this earth will be here, but Christ and God’s Holy Word, the Bible, will be there too. It’s a lot better than eating a box of Twinkies and hoping that will cushion the blow. All it does is add a little cushion… well – you know. 😉