What is Yad Drawkcab???  Well…  it’s BACKWARD DAY!!!  This is the time to do everything backward.  It’s so much easier for kids in school to do this.  Adults have been conditioned and need to literally make themselves do things backward.  Oh to be young again – and have the ability to be silly.

Write backward, talk backward. Wear your shirt with the back in the front. Eat a steak dinner for breakfast, and pancakes for dinner. Play a board game from the finish line to the start. Put a masking tape line on the floor and practice walking backwards.  Whatever you do, make it fun!

Just remember to post every selfie you take today – you can’t pick and choose which ones you put on facebook!

To see a person’s true face, look at the photos that do not get posted.  – Brandon Specktor

Use your imagination!  The sky is the limit.  What sort of backward things can you think of???

 Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.  – Faith Whittlesey

This would be so much fun to celebrate with your kids or grandkids – and make sure you have the camera handy because you will definitely make some great memories for that scrapbook!

If you do decide to celebrate, make sure to share your photos with me on facebook!

Some parent is very talented with their video camera!  I really like the game of pool.  The spaghetti…  um – not so much.  I wonder how they did that.  

 To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward.  – Margaret Fairless Barber, The Roadmender

For one day, bond with your children in a most unusual way.  Live life to the fullest with your little ones while you have them.  You want to look backwards in time and remember more laughter than tears.

Again with the food…  LOL!!!  Oh well…

 In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.   – Friedrich Nietzsche

Today I read about a mini-golf place that advertised they will celebrate Backward Day.  They will have everyone play the course backwards from hole 18 to hole 1.  Admission is also backwards – adults pay as children.  How fun would that be?

 Happy is he who still loves something he loved in the nursery:  He has not been broken in two by time; he is not two men, but one, and he has saved not only his soul but his life.   – G.K. Chesterton

That looks like fun.  The goal is to spend time with your kids and be happy!  May you and your family have a lovely Backward Day!  🙂








When I talk to my friend, sometimes she begins expressing the things she’s thinking out loud and very loudly in an effort to drown out whatever it is that I’m saying. Sometimes this is funny, but most of the time it makes me sad and feel as though what I have to say does not matter. I know she probably does not even realize she’s doing it. It’s okay.

I have a heavenly Father who listens and speaks to me in turn. He hears my entire thought. He answers my prayers and never wants to have a shouting match with me. What I have to say matters to Him. What I think and how I feel matter. He loves me and cares about me because He knows me better than I know myself. He created me!

When I gave my heart to the Lord some 40 years ago at the tender age of 13, I had no idea it would be such a great journey! I would not go back and change a thing! In this time, Jesus has become my very best friend and prayer has become a refuge for me. I don’t feel so alone or so unheard because there is a constant conversation going on between my Lord and I.

The value of consistent prayer is not that He will hear us, but that we will hear Him.  – William McGill

No matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, The Holy Spirit and I are communicating! Some people refer to that small voice as conscience, but it’s more than that. If you have not accepted Christ into your heart and life, it is the Holy Spirit speaking a need for you to come to a saving knowledge of Christ. If you have accepted Him into your heart and life, then it is Him letting you know every moment of every day what is best for you.

Even in the most difficult times, you can rely on God’s Holy Spirit to help you. Sometimes he calms the storm around you, but most of the time, He uses that storm to make you stronger and calm your spirit. I hope in this new year you will listen to that small voice and obey Him. May you decide to pray without ceasing. It is the best conversation you will have throughout your lifetime. ❤