We used to sing that chorus every Sunday of the world!  I remember looking out at the congregation as we sang – and people were smiling!  It’s very difficult to sing that chorus and not feel joy!  Have you thanked God for this day?  Will you rejoice and be glad in it?

So, when a Sunday School teacher is late getting to church because her curling iron accidentally melted her hair clip and she had to find a replacement at the Dollar Tree on the way to church, and she feels all bummed and stressed out and knows she won’t have time to set her classroom up the way she planned to, does that mean she is not rejoicing and being glad?  Well…  yes.  Yes, it does.  And yes, that really happened.  You can’t make that up!

How about those times when you’re sitting in church service trying to concentrate on the sermon, but you keep thinking about all the paperwork that is waiting for you at work on Monday morning?  Oh, don’t tell me that’s never happened to you.

This verse does not tell us to dwell on anything that happened last week.  It doesn’t tell us to think about things that haven’t even happened yet – but will next week.  This verse is saying THIS is the day the LORD has made.  Today.  Now.  Present.  Live in this moment and rejoice in it.  Yesterday is over and tomorrow isn’t promised.  Leave all the rest of the days where they belong and rejoice.  Praise God because He inhabits our praise.  He delights in our praise.

We rejoice because of the blessings of grace, peace, pardon, righteousness, and salvation.  None of these things have anything to do with us, and everything to do with God.  He gives us His grace.  He is our peace.  He offers us pardon.  He is the root of righteousness.  He alone is the path to salvation.

This is the day the LORD has made.  Here.  Now.  Rejoice and be glad in it.  Look in the mirror and know that you’re seeing salvation from the hand of God.  You have to feel joy when you realize that truth!  🙂



Today is NO DIRTY DISHES DAY!!! This is the perfect day to begin your own “appetite check”.

Have you ever found that you reach for food instead of reaching for that which can do you the most good – God’s Word?  Boy, I sure have!  It doesn’t take long to have a little quiet time with God every day instead of grabbing a second cup of coffee in the morning.  Try to take just a few minutes with your Bible and a good devotional book. Be still before Him and listen to what God wants to say to you.  Once you become refreshed and renewed in your spirit, that gives you the energy to pay it forward – to refresh someone else’s spirit (which refreshes yours all over again).  You can’t out-give God, and when it comes to the blessings He bestows on you – that is especially true!

It only takes a short time to get a Word from your heavenly Father, but the impact it can have not only on you, but on those you come in contact with, can make all the difference!  It’s amazing what just a few encouraging words on facebook can do to help somebody have a better day.  Maybe just helping a member of your own family with something will get them off to a good start.  Find somebody to refresh after God has refreshed your spirit with His Word.

If the Holy Spirit prompts you to Write a little note to a friend, do so.  Make a phone call or offer to help someone in some way as you are inspired to.  Above all else, do not keep the blessing to yourself.  As the Holy Spirit refreshes you – go and refresh someone else!  Don’t be so consumed with your own world that you don’t see the need outside your window – or even those in your own home.  Depression begins when people get too introspective.  They begin to see just their own little world – and it is a small place.  If you ask God to help you get your mind off of your own food issues and put it on the needs around you, He will honor that prayer.  He will make known to you what needs to be done for whom.  It’s your job to heed the nudging of the Holy Spirit and obey.

Others have food issues just like you.  How great would it be if we all came out of our little shells and actually united and began to refresh one another as brothers and sisters in Christ?  That would start the best wave of healing ever, wouldn’t it?  With tools like facebook, we can make that happen – the question is no longer “what if we could”?  Now, the question is “why are we not”?

Let’s let the Holy Spirit refresh our spirit – then go refresh others struggling with food addictions around us.  We need to help one another with strength from encouraging words.  Who can you refresh today? 😀