16507871_10208305925788410_7103125311010103263_nThis is Allyson & Jim…  and a story about one dreggy day.

So here’s the deal…  every woman is different and their needs and wants are different.  There’s a magical time in a marriage when a husband “gets” his woman…  that is, he understands her and realizes that, while she may be different from any other, that’s okay, because she’s the only one he absolutely has to get to know very well.  In the marriage vows, I believe it’s worded like this:

forsaking all others and cleave only to her.

Married people leave all others…  and cleave to one.  Forever.  It can be a long time if you’re with the wrong one – but time can fly by with the right one.

About a week ago, I stumbled upon a post from Allyson on facebook.  It was a photo of Jim.  I laughed…  it was a good fifteen minute laugh, which as everyone knows, is like doing 100 sit ups.  Okay I think it’s more like 60 sit ups, but anyhow…16708458_10206359702110139_8345702575977823596_n

The post said:

Jim wearing his geezer glasses and squatch hat because I needed to be entertained after the dreggy day I had.

After I regained my composure, I asked Ally if I could use this photo in my blog, (half expecting her to say no).  What a sport she is (and he is too, I might add)…  because they gave me permission.  To Jim I say – WELL DONE!  Does he know how to cheer Ally up, or what?  ❤

You know, young people think it’s all about the bedroom – but guess what?  As your marriage matures and deepens, it’s so much better and much more meaningful. ❤

We’ve all had “dreggy” days, haven’t we?  We need that partner in life who understands that a little comic relief can go a long way to making it all worthwhile.  Our jobs – how we make a living – that’s not our life.  The happiest couples are the ones who understand that simple truth.  I see posts from many friends on facebook – posts that reflect family fun and adventures.  Those are the families that will be okay because they know how to really enjoy one another.  ❤

I guess today I’d encourage everyone to lighten up and learn to enjoy the members of your family.  Life is fleeting and uncertain.  If you see that your significant other has had a “dreggy” day, step up and make it better!  You have that power as the life partner and soul mate to do that – you’re the only one who can!  Actually, as the life partner – it’s in your job description, if you want the truth about it.  As Nike says…  JUST DO IT!  Be the life partner who does funny stuff to make life more fun for the rest of your family.  ❤

Take the creative romance challenge…  and remember – it doesn’t have to involve much – sometimes it just takes a pair of geezer glasses and a squatch hat.  I don’t know about you, but I call that CREATIVE.  ❤

Keep posting those cute photos, you guys!  God bless you – and keep laughing.  ❤






I believe the personality and the soul is what makes a person beautiful, it does not always have to be the physical appearance.  – Unknown


Christian author C.S. Lewis was given credit for saying that human beings are not a body that possesses a soul, rather a soul that possesses a body.  It was later reported that he never really said it, but personally, I think it’s an excellent observation!

What makes the person I love attractive to me?  I can’t even tell you how little it has to do with anything physical.  The criterion is strict, don’t misunderstand me.  A man has to be many things – but physical attraction is at the bottom of my list.

My man has a beautiful soul, and he is without a doubt my soul mate.  This does not happen for some women in their entire lifetime.  I am happy that God gave the right one to me.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.  There are so many strengths that my man has (strengths I admire and wish I had).  He is headstrong, like a bull.  He knows what he wants and to put it simply – he goes after it!

I’m more of a wait and see what happens type of a person.  I don’t want to take risks or chances.  I am not a poker player or gambler of any kind!  If I really want something then I usually find a way to get it, but if it involves going beyond my comfort zone, I get a bit apprehensive!  I do a lot of research beforehand – and pray! 

He can teach me so much about how to live without fear.  He’s done so much with his life – and I’ve really done very little.  His soul is big – his generosity toward me is amazing!  There’s not a thing he would not do for me.  He’s shown me time and again what love really looks like and what it means to put another’s needs before your own.

He walks humbly with his God.  He does the very best he can to give every good thing to his family.  He is the man of my dreams and I love him with every fiber of my being.  I always will.

Love.  Just love.