It’s so tempting to miss church and enjoy a Sunday at the lake, isn’t it? After all, we rationalize, God made this wonderful creation and it would be a shame not to be outside enjoying it! Believe me, I do understand the rationale all too well.

How strange that Nature does not knock, and yet does not intrude! – Emily Dickinson, letter to Mrs. J.S. Cooper, 1880

Nature is kind and considerate. It does not say or do anything that may upset us and does not care what we do. There are moments when being in a beautiful place on God’s earth is the perfect balm for what ails us.  Being outdoors should certainly be part of our everyday activities. When I taught the Kindergarten Sunday School class a few years ago, I made it a regular part of our lesson plan to go on “nature walks” where the children would find the most unusual things! When a child brings you a gift, you have to act like it is the greatest thing ever. That was easier at some times than others.

If we can remember to invite nature’s sun into our lives to provide relaxation and rest, and God’s Son into our lives to provide instruction, discipline, as well as peace and rest, we have a good formula for life!

Don’t deny yourself of fellowship with other believers.  Some of the most interesting moments of my life happened in the church.  I got to try Welsh Rarebit at a women’s church breakfast one time.  Today just happens to be WELSH RAREBIT DAY!!!  It’s akin to cheese on toast, but is made with cheese and sauce with Worcestershire and different spices.   It was served as a sort of fondue with a poached egg on top.  The name is believed to be a jest at the expense of the 18th Century poor of Wales.

As we enjoy the last few weeks of Summer, let’s take a good look at our SUN / SON ratio. ❤




Every day is full of sunshine in one way or another! – Dave Mock

Parts of our great country are getting slammed with ice, snow and below freezing temperatures. May I remind everyone that Winter does not officially begin until December 21st? I spent the day on facebook reading posts and looking at photos from my friends back East. Then I took a break from facebook for a while. I thought about all the things I read and heard. I wondered what our weather here in Wichita, Kansas was like. Imagine my surprise and delight when I looked out my back window and saw this beautiful sunset!

I had to grab the camera and get a photo of it. Then I looked up and said, “Thank You, God. How great You are and how much I so enjoy Your sun.” Then I wrote a poem – well of course I did! If you are a creative writer, you write! I did what comes as second nature to me. I cried with joy, prayed, and wrote a poem.

Thank You Father, for the sunshine we enjoyed today! Winter here in Kansas has not kicked into high gear yet, and I’m sure we will not be left out. The praises to God will flow from my lips no matter what the weather is like. God already knows me and knows the desires of my heart, but I reminded Him one more time… I really do like it when the sun is shining! On days like this, I look up into the sky and smile and say, “Thanks, God. I KNOW that was YOU!”