… and meanwhile, back in Kansas – What is John Coyote up to?  Let’s take a look at his latest videos!


He said this video was taken at Little Walnut River, ten miles southeast of Augusta. Kansas.  There is a unique beauty here in Kansas – or maybe I’m just biased in my opinion – ya think? 


I want today’s post to serve as a gentle reminder that we should get outdoors while we still can.  Before long the weather will be too bad and we’ll be stuck indoors – and you know what that means…  CABIN FEVER!  What will you do before the first snow of the year?

If you live in or around Kansas, you might want to take in the 16th annual Homemade Holidays Craft Show in Ottawa on November 14th.  It’s held at the Ottawa and Franklin County Visitor Information Center at 1230 S. Ash from 9am – 4pm.  I believe it’s free – (at least I saw no mention of a charge).  For more information you can call them at 785-229-8030.

Are you in the mood for some relaxing music and a bunch of friendly folks?  THIRD SATURDAY is also going on in Ottawa through December 19th when everyone in the community comes together for a fun relaxing day.

November 21st is the annual Christmas Festival and Parade of Lights in beautiful downtown Salina, Kansas.  I didn’t see what time it begins, but I’m guessing it’s around 10-ish.

The Downtown Holiday Parade in Hutchinson, Kansas is also on November 21st at 10am.  Good luck being in two places at the same time.  Why do they do that?

Kansas has a Swedish community not far from Wichita called Lindsborg.  It’s a college town and they have unique shops and restaurants.  Every Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat from November 8th – January 24th they will have the Birger Sandzen Holiday Gift Show at the Memorial Art Gallery at 401 N. First St.  For more information about that you can call them at 785-227-2220.

An evening stroll may be a little brisk these days, but in Wellington, Kansas they have the First Friday Art walk at the No. 7 Coffee House at 115 S. Washington from 5pm – 7pm.  I guess you grab a cup of their coffee to keep warm before you walk – or even while you walk – good thinking, No. 7!  For more information you can give them a call at 620-326-6777.

There’s still time to get out and go before we get stuck indoors!  These are all fun activities – but I think my friend John has the right idea – just go out and enjoy nature!  You never know what you may learn.  🙂



The timing could not be better! It’s the first day of Winter and it is snowing! Wichita has its first white Christmas in a very long time.  Sure looks like a mess according to that video, huh?  Will I be driving in it – um…  nope.

 Winter bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail.  – Montenegrin Proverb

I’m not going to admit that I prayed for it. No, I won’t cop to it – but neither will I deny it. I plea the 5th on the subject.

That’s in St. George, KS, which is about 140 miles NW of Wichita.

When I heard ice pellets falling onto our roof and saw the roads begin to get slick, I wondered if praying for snow was such a good idea, for you see I don’t mind the snow – it’s the ice I could really live without.

Nature has many scenes to exhibit, and constantly draws a curtain over this part or that. She is constantly repainting the landscape and all surfaces, dressing up some scene for our entertainment. Lately we had a leafy wilderness; now bare twigs begin to prevail, and soon she will surprise us with a mantle of snow. Some green she thinks so good for our eyes that, like blue, she never banishes it entirely from our eyes, but has created evergreens.  – Henry David Thoreau, Nov. 8, 1858

Isn’t this a gorgeous view from the sky???  This is in Oklahoma, just north of Tulsa.  Ice storms are so pretty as long as I don’t have to be out in them.

The fun part of snow is watching the neighborhood kids playing in it – building snowmen and having snowball fights. It keeps older people young to watch a good old-fashioned snowball fight. Sometimes I’d like to go out and join them, but I’m just sure I would be taken away to the funny farm if I got caught out there.

Christmas is just four days away and they tell us it will not get warm enough to melt the snow by then. Well, if we’re going to have snow on the first day of winter, it may as well stick around for Christmas day, don’t you think?   😉