Thank you, Veterans

On this day in 1782, General George Washington created the Purple Heart.  The Continental Congress had forbidden General Washington from granting any promotions or commendations to recognize merit.  Washington felt strongly that some token should be given, so his general orders established the Badge of Military Merit.

It was not until the 20th Century the name of the badge became The Purple Heart.  The entire design changed except the shape – it remained in the shape of a heart.  In the center of the purple heart is a profile of George Washington to honor him for creating it.

Why purple?  Why not blue or green, or my favorite color – yellow?

Obviously, yellow stands for cowardice, so…  that color is automatically eliminated.  Does it matter that purple was chosen for this great badge of merit?  I think so.

The color purple combines the calm stability of blue with the fierce energy of red.  It’s a color known for royalty, nobility, pride, peace, devotion, grandeur, dignity, wisdom, creativity, and power.

A moderate shade of purple can brighten a mood, calm the mind and nerves, enhance the sacred and bring about a general state of confidence.  I always feel more confident when I wear dark purple.  In fact, when people ask me what they should wear to a job interview, I suggest they buy an eggplant suit and accent it with a bright white shirt.  It lets your perspective employer know right away that you are confident in your abilities.  I have an “interview” suit, and yes, it is eggplant purple.  I got any job I wanted in that suit and an updated resume.

If a hue is too bright, it suggests you are wealthy and gives an air of royalty.  That is not an impression you want to give at a job interview.  That would leave the perspective employer thinking you don’t really need the job – that you are independently wealthy and think you are a little better than everyone else.

Choosing a hue that is too light can have the opposite effect.  It can make the perspective employer think that you are flighty, absent-minded or not serious about getting a job done.  A light purple is delicate.  If you are interested in romance, light purple is a perfect color.  It conjures up nostalgia and whimsy.

If the purple is very dark it can convey feelings of depression, gloom, sadness and frustration.  Again, this is not a good vibe to give to a prospective employer.

Mauve is just pink trying to be purple.  – James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Yes, a moderate shade of purple is the perfect color for the purple heart.  Brave acts of heroism should be honored in some small way.  We appreciate our military and the purple heart is just one way to let them know how much we hold them in high esteem for the sacrifices they make to ensure our freedom here in the United States of America.