Since we just have a few short days before winter officially sets in, let’s spend the day enjoying some real maple syrup!  NATIONAL MAPLE SYRUP DAY is the perfect time to enjoy and appreciate this delicious American treat.  Native American Indians were the first to harvest and boil the sap of the maple tree into a thick syrup.

It’s a common misconception that maple syrup is harvested at this time of year, but it doesn’t take place until late winter, from February through March, when the sap is flowing.  It’s recommended that maple syrup be poured over pancakes, waffles or on vanilla ice cream.  Some folks drink the sap straight from the tree!

When you buy maple syrup, make sure it is not pancake syrup – most syrups labeled pancake syrup do not contain any maple syrup.

I haven’t enjoyed “real” maple syrup for many years – so of course when I go into a restaurant and order blueberry pancakes, I have to request sugar-free syrup.

So – how do I plan to celebrate?  Oh – don’t worry – I have a plan!  I found the most wonderful flavored coffee at a cozy little boutique in Belleville, Kansas called “The Feathered Nest”.  It’s called GOOD MORNING MAPLE and when I pair it with some fat-free, sugar-free pumpkin flavored coffee creamer, it turns into Autumn Morning Magic in my coffee cup!  While everyone else is moving on to the scents and tastes of peppermint for winter and Christmas, I’m hanging on to my fall scents and tastes until it is officially winter – on the 21st.  I still have a few more days to enjoy the spicy flavors of maple and pumpkin!  I’m still using my pumpkin coffee mug.  I won’t rush the season.  I’m stubborn like that!


I do admit that when I think of maple syrup, I think of Buddy the Elf…  yeah.

This is my favorite scene – I can stay???

And while he’s on a sugar high, the announcement that SANTA will be in the store is made.  I don’t like the OMG, but it is what it is I guess…  sigh.

Before that movie came out – maple syrup was totally autumn in my brain – ELF changed my way of thinking.  It’s like a really cool ADOPTION STORY…  sort of twisted, but cool.  LOL!  😀

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