On June 22, 1942, Congress passed a joint resolution, later amended on December 22, 1942, that encompassed what has come to be known as the U.S. Flag Code.


They call Chicago the windy city, but we have our share of high wind in Wichita.  Awhile back, I was sitting in the truck waiting for my husband at a McDonald’s.  You know how it is, you don’t have much to look at and you notice things that you probably would not pay attention to if you were not bored and waiting.  I took a good look at the American flag and the McDonald’s flag.

Maybe this bothered me so much because we just celebrated FLAG DAY.  The flags looked absolutely horrendous!  They were tattered and torn.  There were strips of fabric hanging off the edges of both flags.  The American flag looked as though it was time to burn it and replace it.  I don’t think the McDonald’s flag has to be burned – does it?  Maybe just toss that flag with no ceremony.  Eat a Big Mac in its honor, or something.  😉

But as I said…  it’s probably not something that anyone else (including the employees) would even take notice of.

I went beyond mumbling under my breath about it.  I decided to go back to the McDonald’s and speak with the manager.  Amazingly, I was greeted with a great deal of respect.  I’m sure he thought I was there to complain about the last happy meal I ordered – but no, this complaint is of a more serious nature.

He remained engaged and interested even after learning of my concern.  He appreciated me pointing out the condition of both flags and agreed that the employees get so busy they rarely look up at them.  I told him I totally understand that everyone gets busy and focused on the task at hand.  We forget to look up, don’t we?

Now I’ll wait and see if anything changes.  I will see if the flags get replaced or if they continue to disintegrate on the pole.  I did what I thought was right.  What more could I do?  🙂