Blessings to you today and happy St. Patrick’s day!

Before I get into the message God has laid on my heart, I’d like to share an old Irish song with you.  I wasn’t sure I’d find it on You Tube, but I did.  My daddy bought the music for me when I was very small, and the words have followed me all my life.

Although they have thorns, roses remain my favorite flower. How often are they used as lyrics in songs? I was not able to find an exact number, but suffice to say that roses are used often! I’d say they use the rose or lily more than any other flower.

There is a verse in Song of Solomon 2:11 that compares both the rose and the lily with the Church. Like these beautiful flowers, the church has beauty in color and a sweet fragrance when there is harmony and love inside. The church, like the rose, delights in the bright places and shuns the darkness.

Imagine how pleased Christ is when His church looks and acts like beautiful roses and lilies that are growing strong and tall in the sun. He is pleased with ministries that exist for His glory. He is pleased when there is not any backbiting or criticism of any kind. When the weeds get in the garden they not only detract from the beauty of the flowers, but they can eventually choke them out completely.

What does your church smell like? Is it a pleasant fragrance to God? Does forgiveness come quickly? Is there harmony in the church house?

When the children of God are clothed with the righteousness of Christ and adorned with the graces of His Spirit, how happy the Father is! His children, the roses and lilies of His garden, so beautiful to Him. Believers in God and Christ, filled with His Holy Spirit, we strive to be the people He wants us to be. We perform our best because there’s only One whose opinion counts – our Lord! We do what we do just for Him.

I don’t know about you, but when I reach heaven’s shore, I want my Lord Jesus Christ to give me a great big hug and say the words, “WELL DONE”it will be worth it all when we see Jesus!



There is not a flower that has more symbolism attached to it than the rose. Sending the right color, or combination of colors, or even the right number of roses can send the perfect message – or the wrong one.

Though not readily available, a lilac colored rose is seen as mystical . They symbolize enchantment and desire. The lilac and deeper purple roses send the message that you are attracted to the mystery in a woman and want to get to know her better.

I planted orange roses in my front garden. The lovely light and dark shades symbolize enthusiasm and desire. The message these roses send is one of excitement and underlying passion. They’re so pretty! They look energetic and almost animated when there is a breeze blowing.

The pink rose represents delicacy, fragility and gentility. The feminine refinement of a cameo rose conveys a certain grace and gentleness and is right for letting someone know you’re happy with them but not necessarily in love with them. The darker shade of pink conveys gratitude and appreciation for a job well done with a slight undertone of interest romantically.

One of my favorite roses is the yellow rose. The color yellow is recognized as the color of joy. In Victorian times the yellow rose symbolized jealousy and envy but today it is known as the friendship rose. Yellow roses are perfect if warmth, gladness with a touch of affection is the message you wish to convey. If you want to express joy and happiness at some good news, send both red and yellow roses.

Part of my family’s tradition centers around white roses. In Scotland, when the white rose bloomed in autumn, it was seen as a token of early marriage. Known as the bridal rose, a white rose symbolizes innocence and purity. Humility and loyalty are the message they send – they say “I am worthy of you.” In my family, white roses were used not only in weddings, but at funerals as well. All the white roses represented the family that had passed over, while red roses represented those still living. White and red roses combined mean unity.

Since today is RED ROSE DAY, we should talk some about them. A red rose is the most romantic of all the roses. They hold such rich symbolism and represent such virtues as confidentiality, affection and yes, love. A bouquet of one dozen red roses traditionally conveys a strong romantic message.

Just as the color of rose matters, so does the type of rose you send. A tea rose of any color expresses the sentiment “I will always remember you”. A bouquet of rosebuds means innocent love or young love. One single red rose says “I still love you”. That is the perfect gift to give a woman after a disagreement. If you throw in a box of chocolates you get bonus points. ❤