A Summer of Psalms

God will not deal with you the same way He deals with me.  Whatever is going on in your life, good or bad, the LORD will accomplish what concerns you.  You can have friends close by, go on a rant, beat on your desk and make a dozen whiny posts on facebook – but if you want something accomplished in your situation, you need to hit your knees and talk with your Shepherd.

I’m a sheep too – I have issues!  I’m raising my hand – I’m raising it really high!  I HAVE ISSUES!  I have concerns and people, I have some problems.  Even with all that baggage, I have a God who loves me and cares enough to not only hear my prayers but bring comfort and courage and build character in me as He helps me through my difficulties.  I can see the works of His hands along the pathway my life has taken.  I trust His answers to all the questions I have in life.

If I had a recording of my life and played it back, I could detect exact moments in that movie where I knew for a fact that Jesus intervened and helped me.  I’d take my little red laser pointer thing and circle certain parts of the movie and say, “I prayed for help in this situation, and God came through!”  Knowing the Lord makes my life richer and I place my total confidence is in Him.

His strength has made my soul undaunted.

I love that lyric in this song!  Not only do I love the Lord for helping me, but I love Him for being so patient and kind to me while I was going through some self-inflicted painful times.  We do bring some of our pain on ourselves by doing stupid sinful stuff.  In the beginning, I thought God was really angry at me after that and I could never be made “right” in His sight again; however, I eventually concluded that it was the enemy who wanted me to think that – and give up.  

Now, when I think back, I believe God was weeping for me during those times.  I had strayed so far away and I knew it but didn’t know how to find my way back home to God.  Once I stopped behaving so horribly, it was amazing how quickly it was put under the blood of Jesus and God forgave me!  I haven’t looked over my shoulder.  I keep moving forward, knowing that Jesus is my Lord and there’s no longer any known sin between my Lord and me.

If you have known sin in your life, it’s getting in the way of a relationship between you and God because you see, He’s perfect and cannot look upon any sins.  It’s His desire that you repent of your sins and ask Him to forgive you of them.  To repent just means to turn away from the sin and turn toward your loving Savior, Christ Jesus.  He will come into your heart and life and save you, just like He saved me.

To be saved means you will have a personal relationship with Him and live in Heaven with Him when you die.  You see, just being a good person in this life is not enough.  Your name must be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  Only Jesus can save you, through the blood He shed on Calvary.  A Holy God won’t accept a sin-filled soul.  I hope and pray you will accept His pardon and trust Him to help you with your issues today.  🙂





There are some fantastic Christmas Carols, and I love most of them but for different reasons. For years when I was younger, I went Christmas Caroling with the youth group in my church. I do not have a strong voice, but I must admit there was one phrase in one Carol that really got me excited and my little alto voice could belt those words out with ease. The 4th and final verse of “Joy to the World”. Please read this slowly and allow it to sink into your heart this Christmas. If ever we needed to know this truth, it is now!

He rules the world with truth and grace, and makes the nations prove the glories of His righteousness, and wonders of His love, and wonders of His love, and wonders, and wonders of His love.

Those words were penned in 1719 by Issac Watts, but how perfect for the United States in the year of our Lord, 2013.

We live in such a strange time. Technology can be used for so many good things, yet you can fall into temptation and become involved in something that is neither godly nor edifying. If you have to ask if something is going to lead to sin, then you should probably turn from it early in the game. Don’t wait for it to become sin. It could be too late by then. Use every tool for good. Shun evil and keep your eyes on the prize. It’s so easy to be sucked in to something online that seems so innocent at first. We need to be careful.

As Lucinda Berry Hill reminds us, our Salvation was born on Christmas. We are not ever out of the reach of the Father’s forgiveness through His Son, Jesus. We will never be perfect beings, but we have a loving heavenly Father ready to help us get back on the narrow path we need to walk on.

The fact is – He does rule the world – and to the Christian heart, that is very comforting and reassuring. I’m so thankful that we serve a God that never changes. If things move it’s because we moved them, not because He did. Let that be your Christmas meditation. Merry Christ-mas everyone! ❤ ❤ ❤