For it is written, “Be Holy for I am Holy.”  – 1 Peter 1:16

O Holy Night was not a song at first, but a poem.   In 1847 it was written by Placide Cappeau, a wine merchant, mayor of the town, and an occasional poet, who was asked by a parish priest to write a poem for Christmas mass.

It most certainly was a blessed Holy night, when Christ was born.  You might say, it was the birth of Salvation.  Actually, that’s exactly how Lucinda referred to it.the-birth-of-salvation

The birth of Christ was just the beginning – for Him and for mankind.  He came to offer us more than we could imagine – and surely more than we deserve.  He came – He gave – He made the ultimate sacrifice for God’s creation.  Was it easy?  No it was not.  I cry when I read about how He prayed and sweat drops of blood in Gethsemane – no it was not easy!  He asked His Father if there was some other way – some easier path that could be taken to save man.  He would not have had to willingly give His life for us.  He could have said no and gone back to Heaven with mankind lost for all time.  He chose to take those nails and die for us.

Heaven’s Lamb is worthy of all honor and praise.  Let’s celebrate that most Holy of nights.

She’s only 7 years old!  Isn’t that great???  When I was 7 I was playing in mud puddles…  true story.

A birth of joy, peace, light, love, hope and everlasting life for you and me.  If that’s not a good reason to give praise and worship to the King – then I don’t know what is.  He came to earth as a baby, was raised as a human, was ultimately given a death sentence and was tortured in a horrific manner before being hung on a cross.  He went through with it – because He loved us.  He loves you more than anyone ever has or ever will.holy-night-prayer

Is living a life of holiness too much to ask?  It’s probably the least we could do in return for all He went through for us.  He wants us to live for Him and to love one another.  With His help, we can do that.  🙂






In Nazi-occupied Holland, 13-year-old Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family are forced to take refuge in a secret sealed-off area of an Amsterdam warehouse.  They took with them a strong faith that everything would be alright.

Why are morning devotions so important? I mean, I don’t tell my husband I love him every morning, but he knows I do. Doesn’t God just automatically know that I love Him too? Sometimes I think we look at the concept of devotions the wrong way. We think it’s for God, but guess what? It’s for our benefit. It’s something we do for ourselves.

God already knows the standard – He IS the standard. He never changes and He never moves. We, on the other hand, do the hokey pokey, turn ourselves around and change is as constant in this world as can be! Do we need to be reminded of God’s standard? Ya think???

I can only speak for myself, but some mornings it’s difficult to look at myself in the mirror. Aside from the ten hours of sleep in which I toss and turn and who knows what else, which makes me look funnier than a circus clown, I see other things. I see the imperfections in character. The bad things are magnified in my reflection. I need to read God’s Word. I need to be forgiven, restored, assured that I am as close to my heavenly Father as I can possibly be.

We may argue that those negative things are amplified in the mirror because our enemy makes them larger. That may be the case, but regardless, I still need to meet with my Savior every day. I prefer to meet with Him in the mornings, but I understand a work schedule and how difficult that can be. I’m not critical of anyone who does not have morning devotions. For me it just gets my day off to a great start. I need Jesus. I need His love. I need His wisdom. I need His assurance and His strength.

A large cup of coffee and God’s love through His Son, Jesus.  As I study His Word and lean on Him it strengthens my faith.  It’s going to be a great day!




I would go so far as to say that practicing gratitude even as you complain about your aches and pains is acceptable and proper. God understands.   – Linda Palmer

There are days when diabetes is difficult, or fibromyalgia is frustrating, or migraines are mischievous – but this is one of those rare days when it all hits at the same time! WIPE OUT!!!  My fasting blood sugar was horrible because my other conditions are present. The second I woke up I felt my head playing “Wipe Out” and knew that Excedrin Migraine would be among the morning drugs I’d take.

When my first foot hits the floor I say ‘Thank’ and when my second foot hits I say ‘You’.  Then I say ‘Thank You’ all the way to the bathroom.  A grateful heart is the key to happiness.  – Roma Downey

On days like this, when my health is such a challenge, I’m still grateful to be alive – to be living. I’ll admit that I wanted to go back to sleep – and I really wanted to lie back down when I tried to get out of bed and every joint in my body felt like burning coals. I will practice gratitude – yes, even today. God is good – all the time!

We have a storm moving into our area. I do not watch the weather – I don’t have to. When I feel this bad I know the humidity is very high and we have some rain moving in. I’m more reliable than any weather man. I should get the weather man’s paycheck. LOL!!!

I’m alive to complain – praise God!!! I am grateful.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. – Psalm 46:1

Now – I have to stop looking at this computer. The light sears my brain – right behind my right eye. Tomorrow is a new day. I will find comfort today in the knowledge that God is my refuge and strength!  🙂