This is just a reminder that things are not always what they seem to be.  It’s meant to be a pepper-upper for ones who may feel discouraged.  Some things are enhanced, others are hidden.  Some facts come to light literally years after the person is dead and gone.  The take-away here is that no matter what things look like on the surface, they are never that simple.  People do what they do for a reason.  People say what they say for a reason and last but not least, people believe the way they believe for a reason.

How would these people’s lives and careers have been different if they had not experienced these events or wanted to change their look or ventured out in some way to try something new?  If you thought that celebrities somehow get to walk on easy street from day one – think again!  Some of these people overcame some major obstacles before they got their big break:

  • James Earl Jones had a severe stutter as a child and was silent for nearly eight years.  Aren’t we thankful he got over it?  He has one of the most distinguished and iconic voices in the world.
  • When Stephen King was 2 years old, his father went out to “buy a pack of cigarettes” and never came back.  This has influenced him tremendously.
  • Elvis Presley was a natural blonde.  The familiar black hair was dye he used from the time he got into high school.  He wanted his hair to look like the truck driver’s hair – and most of them had dark, slicked back hair.
  • Vangelis, a pioneer in electronic music, performed soundtracks for movies and won an Academy Award for the score in “Chariots of Fire”.  He can’t read music.
  • Mel Blanc, the voice of Looney Tune characters, got into a near-fatal car crash in 1961 that resulted in 3 skull fractures and a 3-week long coma.  His doctor could not get a response, so asked, “Bugs, can you hear me?”  Blanc, in the voice of Bugs Bunny, responded, “What’s Up, Doc?”
  • At 35 years of age, Harrison Ford was fitting a door for Francis Ford Coppola when a studio executive, testing actresses for a new film, asked him to help out by reading the lines written for the male lead.  The film was “Star Wars”.

It’s also a reminder – God really does have a great plan for your life.  Now, it doesn’t mean that you will be a movie star or become famous at all, but remember that you will always be God’s STAR because you belong to Him!  Wink!  😉



Is there anything my God cannot do?

If the answer is NO then why do I still have Type 2 Diabetes? The world tells me I have it because my diet is not perfect and my extra weight needs to come off. According to them this mess is all my own doing. How crazy does that make me? Pretty crazy, I admit.

Look, the fact is, this world is so very imperfect by its very nature, isn’t it? There is bad stuff and there are diseases here. Why has God not healed me? I don’t know. It’s not like I’ve not asked! I know there are people around the world praying for a cure for diabetes – for sure, regardless of “TYPE”. It’s an evil, vicious, frustrating disease for all of us!

What gets me is when I’m accused of having less than mustard seed faith. I’m told if my faith was bigger I’d be healed. Really? Well, I don’t think it’s always God’s WILL to heal. I know I’m probably going to lose some blog followers over this one, but that is what I believe. I don’t think it’s a lack of faith on my part. Maybe, just maybe, God is using this predicament for His glory.

If I didn’t have diabetes, I would not be a part of the Diabetic Online Community on facebook. If I was not dyslexic, I would not be equipped to encourage other dyslexic folks like I do. If God did perform a miracle and heal me of these diseases, you bet I would shout about it from the mountaintops!!! I’d be shouting and I would not need a megaphone either! People in China would hear me!

My mind is open for whatever God sees fit. Whatever He wants me to go through, it’s okay with me because I don’t know whose life it may impact. It’s about God, not me. THY WILL BE DONE. Amen.