Always defend your right to heal at your own pace.  You are taking your time.  You are allowed to take your time.  – Unknown

Isn’t that pretty?

The other day I was at an antique store and spotted some very pretty quilts!  I’m in awe of those who cut material and then sew it back together – of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that.  When I see quilts, my mind goes back in time – to my Granny LaVella.  She was such a sweet soul.  I know heaven is a wonderful place because she is there – and she may be making quilts!

Granny’s Singer

I remember seeing granny at her Singer sewing machine – one that was very ornate and set on a sturdy and fancy wrought iron stand.  She always had scraps to make a quilt for somebody.  Her ministry was to keep everyone warm!

We must grieve

Even though she left us so long ago, when I see beautiful quilts I can’t help but go back in time and think about her.  Her quilts were a labor of love and she personalized each and every one by using the recipient’s favorite colors or if possible, she would use some of their old clothing for the quilt scraps!

quilt-716838 (1)
That’s a nice pattern

I never learned to quilt and certainly did not gain that knowledge through osmosis…  but I sure do admire and respect the art.  Quilts are so beautiful and a reflection of their maker.  By the same token, my Granny LaVella was so beautiful and a reflection of her Maker.  Thank You, God, that she was my granny!

When I see quilts, taste biscuits, or hear an elderly woman laugh…  it’s like I go back in time for just a few seconds – and she is still here with me.  I miss her – but I know God has so much work for her to do.  I would not want to take her away from Him, but one day I’ll get to see her again.  Love you, Granny LaVella!  🙂




I love quilts and really like the name of this quilt. I wish I was gifted in this way, but at least I have the one granny and mama made. It’s my most cherished possession.

The word perfect often brings a note of doubt to mind, but this day came very close to being perfect in my humble opinion. Here’s my recipe for a perfect day.

So often we take the weather for granted when it is this nice. I can honestly say after the long winter months, I do not under appreciate near perfection anymore. I don’t believe I’ll ever take that big bright ball in the sky called the SUN for granted again! The first ingredient in this recipe is serendipity. Begin the day grateful for blessings, you will surely find many wonderful things to be thankful for.

When was the last time you looked at the good and thanked God for it? You can admire and enjoy the good around you, but until you take a moment to bow before the Creator and voice your thanks, it’s just admiration and enjoyment. The second ingredient in this recipe is thanksgiving.

Once you have thanked God for the good around you, is there someone you can remind to do the same? Maybe there is someone in your life who is looking down or so involved in other things that they have not noticed the good around them. How great would it be if you could take a moment to point out the good when they don’t see it before them. The third ingredient in this recipe is sharing.

Once you have mixed the serendipity, thanksgiving and sharing in a large bowl, bake it in the warmth of God’s love all day long. Keep a big smile on your face and your batch of near perfect will bake up nicely. If you make quilts, maybe you’d like to make them a Serendipity quilt! That would remind them to invite God’s goodness into their lives. You know when we are thankful and have a serendipitous attitude about life, it makes it easier to face the more unpleasant things that happen in life.

My little recipe costs nothing to make, it is calorie-free and it won’t raise your blood glucose, blood pressure or cholesterol at all. ❤