Of course when I think of coffee beans, I think of the You Tube video where Mr. Bean is late for work and trying to make coffee in a big hurry – it is so funny!  Go over to You Tube and watch it – it’ll make your day brighter.

Yes, yes, yes… I have a very active imagination! Guilty as charged!

Haven’t you ever learned a lesson on the spot from an inanimate object? You learn a lesson if God wants you to learn a lesson!

I was making coffee. This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me. I scooped the beans to put in the grinder and one little bean jumped out of the scoop. He rolled around on the counter for a while then fell to the floor. He rolled around on the floor for a while – then rolled underneath the little area rug in front of the sink.

My eagle eyes followed it and as I raised the mat to pick it up, I said, “Ah ha! You thought you could run and hide, didn’t you?”

As a Christian I’ve done that, haven’t you? No, we don’t roll around and hide under carpets, but we try to run and hide, unsuccessfully. You know, the prophet Jonah thought he could run from God too. Yep, and we all know where he ended up! I don’t wanna live in the belly of the big fish, do you?  Yeah – now the song BIG FISH is running around in my mind – it’s on You Tube also – go on over and listen to it.  That’s your ear worm for the day.  You’re welcome!

No doubt about it, disobedience is not an option. Well, it shouldn’t be an option. When we make it an option, we set ourselves up for a big fish experience. It’s not pretty, but God does what He has to do to get us on the path He wants us to be on. He’s picky about what His prophets do because they are to do specific work for God.

God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline. – 2 Timothy 1:7

We just have to believe that God will give us the tools we need to do the work He wants us to do. If He gives us the tools, will He not also give us the intestinal fortitude so we can forge ahead with the job He has purposed for us? Indeed. We don’t have to be like the coffee bean that tried to escape. 🙂




The most obvious reference about almond blossoms is the famous group of paintings made in 1888 and 1890 by Vincent Van Gogh. The blossoms represented awakening and hope for good reason. The famous artist had just become an uncle! His brother and sister-in-law named their little bundle of joy after Vincent. The paintings were done with great joy. It’s no accident that he used this subject. Almond blossoms are the first to appear and announce that spring has arrived.

There are also a couple of references in the Bible about almond blossoms. Keep in mind that in the mind of the artist, the blossoms represented awakening, hope and renewal. The parallel between the Biblical and the secular applications is astounding to me.

Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, “Jeremiah, what do you see?” And I said, “I see a branch of an almond tree.” Then said the LORD unto me, “You have seen well: for I am ready to perform My word.” – Jeremiah 1:11, 12.

Jeremiah was just a teen when God called him to be a prophet. He didn’t volunteer for the job, but he was faithful. He was known as the weeping prophet. God had a specific purpose for Jeremiah. He was a prophet during the reign of 5 different kings. But this was the beginning of the long road. This was the awakening, the renewal. Before Jeremiah spoke, he needed to see.

God doesn’t use visions to help us much anymore – or maybe I should say He hasn’t used visions or dreams to help me. But the beautiful almond blossoms helped the young weeping prophet learn the lessons he needed to learn at the beginning of his journey. What lesson is God teaching you right now? What is He using to help you learn the lesson? 🙂