Inane means lacking sense, significance, or ideas; silly.  This is INANE ANSWERING MESSAGE DAY!!!

The answering machine is a device for answering telephones and recording callers’ messages. On a two-cassette answer phone, there is an outgoing cassette, which after a certain number of rings plays a pre-recorded message to the caller who rang the number. Once the message is complete, the outgoing cassette stops and the incoming cassette starts recording the caller’s message, and then stops when the caller hangs up.

We have a choice to make on this day.  I know, you hate choices before you’ve had coffee – so drink your coffee first and then make your decision.

Ready???  Ok…  (hey, that sounded like a cheerleader!)

You can either use this day to be more professional with your answering machine message – you know, try to not giggle or spew pop through your nose in the middle of it.  This would probably be a good idea if you are leaving a message on your phone at work – or if you are in the process of trying to find a job.  Jus’ sayin… 

If there is too much personal information on your message, like, “You guys KNOW I’m always out for my daily walk at 3pm every day.”  Yeah – well the world doesn’t really need to know that.  Make your message short, sweet and complete without a lot of double-talk.

Yes, I know I’m the queen of double-talk.  I reign proudly, thank you very much!

Under certain circumstances, your message should be as professional sounding as you can make it.

It’s so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to.  – Annie Gottlier

But…  here is choice number two.

If you are out of the workforce and free as the breeze, not waiting for the phone call from a potential employer, you could make your answering machine short and sweet, but creative, funny and silly!

Let’s face it – answering machine messages are dull and boring.  Why not liven them up a bit today???  Although this annual “holiday” was created by Wellcat back in 2001 to encourage us to “change, shorten, replace or delete those ridiculous and/or annoying answering machine messages that waste the time of anyone who must listen to them”, I think making them more creative would do away with the “boring” factor.

You’re the only one who can assess your situation and decide if it’s time to starch and iron that answering machine message – polish it up – or loosen your collar a bit and make it a little more crazy.  The message doesn’t have to go on forever – it can be short and sweet and complete either way.

Here’s an idea…  you could call someone and leave a totally inane voice message for them!  That could be fun!

Today you may change that outgoing message on your machine – and make it a fancy tux or a purple polka-dot frock, or leave a lime green slime message on a friend’s answering machine.  Wink!  😉  It’s totally up to you.  🙂






How much do volunteers add to a hospital?

I was not the patient – therefore, I was the one who observed all of the little “extras” that went on behind the scenes.  What an eye-opener!

We always choose Branson, MO for our vacation destination for one simple reason – Southern Hospitality!  Branson has earned a blue ribbon as far as we are concerned.  The folks there have a genuine gift for displaying “down-home charm”.  Frankly, I always wondered if it was just “put-on” as part of their “show”.  After we spent a week in their hospital, I was convinced, these folks are not “put on” – they are the real deal.  They really care.

The volunteers at Skaggs Hospital go above and beyond the call of duty.  A few times during our stay I saw them make my husband smile.  That was priceless to me. 

I first noticed the volunteers while I was sitting in the waiting room.  A lady wearing a little blue jacket adorned with all sorts of pins and an identification badge came into the waiting room.  She was carrying a rather large basket.  It struck me as cute, because I’m sure the woman must have been a grandmother.  She looked happy and upbeat as she meticulously arranged the contents of the basket on a tray.  They were cookies!!! They were not cookies out of a package from the grocery store either. They were HOMEMADE cookies!!!  

My curiosity got the better of me and I had to go check them out and start talking to her.  She was more than happy to take a little time to talk with me.  She told me that every morning she brings in a large basket of homemade cookies for the families of those going in for surgery.  I could tell immediately that she understood how important the task she performed was, and how far-reaching it was. 

She said, “Folks who are waiting for someone they love to come out of surgery need a little taste of home, not some packaged cookies from the grocery store!”

What a sense of purpose.  Such a seemingly small thing to do – but wow, what an impact it made on those in that waiting room!  I got the sense that she poured her all into what she did.  She obviously loved and cared for others.  This was her mission and her way of showing love and concern for the families.  

Later in the week, another lady wearing a little blue jacket came into the hospital room carrying a guitar.  “Is there a song you would like to hear?”, she asked.  We requested a couple of hymns and as she played we listened.  We had a chat about music and she joked that what she did would be much more difficult if she had to push a piano around with her instead of carrying a guitar!  Again, the love was felt. 

The healing properties of love outweigh any other medicine known to man.

All of these “little things” added up to one very successful outcome!  Healing through positive feedback and prayer – and love.  Just love.

Since we were there for such a long while, I silently watched the interaction between the staff and the volunteers.  There was a mutual respect that I had never seen anywhere else.  The doctors, nurses, volunteers and other staff – they had a common goal and worked together to meet it.  Their main goal is to help the patient heal.

Their secret weapon to make that happen was…  love!!!

Everyone at Skaggs in Branson was wonderful, but the volunteers in blue jackets were my favorite!  They made the entire experience bearable for us. 

One positive stepping stone at a time, we keep walking.

Thank you to the ladies in the blue jackets – you made everything better!

I wish you joy for your journey today…  and love.  Just love. ❤



To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.  – Reba McEntire

If you’re going to go to work every day, wouldn’t it behoove you to make it as pleasant as possible?  Think about how much time you spend working.  You are at your job more hours than you are at home if you work full-time.  Of course to find full-time employment these days is almost a novelty, but we won’t discuss that today.

Are you miserable at work?  Does it leave you less than fulfilled?  It can be a great temptation to hop from job to job, but it is possible to make your work environment better.  I didn’t say it’s easy – I said it’s possible. 

How can you make things better in the workplace?

  • PRAY a quick prayer to the Father.  It’s amazing how God will lead you as you begin conversations in the workplace.  His wisdom trumps your intuition every time.
  • SMILE the next time you make eye contact with a co-worker.  As Mother Teresa said: “We’ll never know the good that a simple smile can do”.
  • LEAVE NEGATIVITY AT THE DOOR and shake it off before walking into the office.  Nobody wants to hear that your battery went flat in front of the gas pump this morning and AAA brought you to work.
  • HANG ON TO A BIBLE VERSE because God is the only one who can help you be the shining beacon you need to be in this dark world.  My favorite verse is Psalm 56:3 WHAT TIME I AM AFRAID I WILL TRUST IN THEE.
  • LOVE TRIUMPHS OVER JUDGMENT especially in the diverse environment of the workplace.  We are Christians and have our personal beliefs, but all we can do is live the life in front of others, we can’t change anyone – that’s God’s job.  We love – it’s part of being in the world but not of it.
  • BE SENSITIVE to the vibes coming from co-workers.  Everyone has moods and if someone snaps at you, don’t take it personally.  Maybe their battery went flat in front of the gas pump this morning too.  Forgive quickly.
  • BE PROFESSIONAL but not aloof.  It’s okay to be human, but don’t wear your feelings or your lunch on your sleeve.
  • BE PLEASANT in your attitude, your manner, your tone of voice and don’t get caught up in any office gossip.  Remember if a co-worker will talk to you about someone else, they will talk about you to someone else.  Gossip is poison in the workplace – stay away from it.

Life’s too short to be miserable. If others can have fun at work, so can I!   🙂