Father, we yearn for the satisfaction that only You can give. Help us discard the things that leave us empty and thirsting, and exchange them for the satisfaction of the living water You offer.  – Bobby Fulks


Been prayin’ for a shower???

Have you felt thirsty lately?  You take more time to workout at the gym.  Nope, that isn’t what you needed.  You take more time to relax and watch television.  Huh…  nope, that didn’t help either.  You are just thirsty and something is missing.  Then you decide that it’s time to take a little road trip – surely that will do the trick.  You know what?  Your thirst is still not quenched.  Now you’re beginning to get a little ticked off – and frustrated.

You sit quietly in your living room, wondering what it’s going to take to fill that longing inside.  You try some of that flavored carbonated water they sell at Walmart for 68 cents a bottle.  Nope…  that’s not the kind of water that will satisfy the kind of need you have.  You walk into your study – and there you see your old friends – your Bible and favorite devotional book.  It dawns on you that you’ve got the bookmark stuck on the page that says April 16th.  Well…  it’s not April 17th today, is it?  You haven’t opened the book or your Bible for a while.

It’s a special kind of water you need…  God’s LIVING WATER.  His special water – filtered through the Holy Ghost filter with letters in red spoken by Christ Jesus Himself.

thirstyDid you read the last stanza???  DON’T IGNORE YOUR SOUL, WATER IT AND SEE.  What good advice.  We run toward all sorts of things we can see with our eyes, convinced that those are the things that will satisfy.  Maybe those things make us happy for a short while, but the happiness is short-lived and the feeling of longing for something better is back.

Hey – I’m not perfect – far from it.  You know where I got that example about the devotional having a bookmark placed in it on the April page?  I got that example from personal experience!  Life gets busy for all of us.  There is a lot of competition for our attention, isn’t there?  We have games to go to and jobs we have to do.  We have kids that need things – and grandkids that need to be spoiled.  The list is endless – but our souls do thirst if we don’t make it a priority – a matter of our WILL to set aside time to study God’s Word and commit it to our hearts and minds.taking-the-plunge

The truth is, we will be lied to in this world – by people we never thought would lie.  The only reliable place to find counsel is not social media (oh…  gag!)  It’s found in God’s Holy Word – your Bible is where you can go for counsel and honesty.  You will be filled with God’s peace and joy.  You will know His principles and gain wisdom for practical application in your everyday life.  🙂

1 JOHN 3:22 ON 3/22

1 JOHN 3 22 ON 3 22

…and whatever we ask we receive from him, because we keep his commandments and do what pleases him.  – 1 John 3:22

You’ve heard the definition of insanity, right?  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome.  Take a look at this verse.  First we are assured of the outcome, the effect – whatever we ask we receive from him.  Hey, we all like that part, don’t we?  But wait, there’s a condition attached as we read on – a cause – because we keep his commandments and do what pleases him.  OH…  well, in that case…

It’s cause and effect.  You can’t ignore the cause and expect to receive the effect.  It just does not work that way.  Throughout Scripture it’s clear that we are expected to hold up our end of the bargain, so to speak.  Now I’m not saying that good works save you – it is only through the shed blood of Jesus that your sins are forgiven and your eternal salvation takes place.  We keep commandments and do what pleases God because we love Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.


Is pleasing Christ a priority in your life?  If He means everything to you, He deserves to be a priority.

I once interviewed a woman named Theresa Daytner, who owns a construction company and has six kids, including twins.  she told me that she never tells herself, “I don’t have time.”  Instead she says, “It’s not a priority.”  I could say I don’t have time to make handmade valentines for all my children’s classmates, but if you offered me $100,000, I’d do it quickly.  Since that’s not going to happen, I can acknowledge that this is a matter of priority, not time.  – Laura Vanderkam

We take the time to care for the ones we love.  We make them a priority.  Do you want to receive blessings from God?  You know what to do.  I know sometimes other activities get in the way of me having a great devotional time or prayer time.  Stuff just happens – it happens to all of us.  We can all do better.  Today is the first day to make Christ our number one priority because He has obviously made us His number one priority, right?  🙂