TL MARCH IS NATIONAL CRAFT MONTHI’ll begin this post with a disclaimer:  I am not crafty in any way, shape or form.  I do a little scrapbooking, but it would not win any prizes.  Mama taught me how to embroider, satin stitch and make French knots – and as a young girl I cross-stitched every Precious Moments pattern I could find on to my mama’s sweatshirts with waste cloth.  I embroidered tea towels with my mom.  She had one for every day of the week.  Scratch that…  I had one for every day of the week.  I am the one who dried the dishes.  😉

Those were the days when my eyes worked better.  It’s been years since I’ve done any of that stuff.  My arthritis won’t let me hold a needle anymore either, so it’s too much of a chore to try to cross-stitch or embroider.

I bought a Precious Moments wall hanging the other day for the laundry room.86a7504048b0dfb9495033f8d7c9c406

IMG_0002Pretend that photo is not so blurry!  Yikes – I didn’t think I was that nervous.  :-/

I do appreciate crafts so much.  I have a few hand-made quilts around the house.  The most precious quilt I have is, of course, the one my grandma and mama made.  It’s draped over Grandpa Frank’s rocking chair.  ❤IMG_0004Excuse my blurry photo – I’m not sure if it’s the camera or operator error – maybe a little of both – lol.  The quilt on the right is my very special quilt – the one on the left is one I bought at an antique store.  As you know, I really like bargains – and hold on to your hat – that quilt was $50.00.  It was in a booth that was selling everything not marked FIRM for 1/2 price!  I looked very closely – and the quilt was not marked FIRM.  It was a happy dance moment. 

I love all sorts of crafts – stained glass is so beautiful, especially when the light shines through it.  I enjoyed making my own Longaberger basket at the Homestead in Ohio.  A sweet sister in Christ crocheted me a beautiful throw for cold winter evenings.  I especially like it because I got to choose my yarn for it.

Have you been to Silver Dollar City in Missouri?  When we go there, I try to pick up a hand-made treasure.  One thing that means so much to me is my hand-made vanity from SDC.  For our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with it!  What a sweet thing for him to do.  I appreciate craftsmanship, I suppose because my daddy was a master carpenter.  I understand the work involved from start to finish.HAND MADE WITH LOVE

Is it just me, or do you think of the person who made your gift when you see the gift?  I think of them and whisper a prayer.  There’s something so special about people sharing their talents with others.

How will you show appreciation for a crafts person this month?  🙂





Hey there!

Around Christmas time, people who are not diabetic always ask me if it’s okay to BAKE GOODIES for those who are diabetic.  It seems they are fine with baking all sorts of cookies and candies for everyone else, but feel a bit put off when it comes to the diabetics.

Well, we enjoy getting goodies too – but we just can’t have things that make us SPIKE – spiking is not a good thing!   I try to share diabetic-friendly cookie, cake and muffin recipes here on the blog – so you no longer have to leave us out of the BAKING LOOP.  We can be on the list – but we need something with less of a sugar kick.  

For example, I was looking at a recipe for healthy oatmeal muffins and found a recipe using protein batter – take a look!  Look ma – no flour!  These are made with Whey Protein powder!  I suppose you could make these for a diabetic friend, if you happen to use Whey Protein powder yourself.  I doubt that you’d want to purchase it just to make these muffins.

If you cut back on the fat in muffins by substituting unsweetened applesauce and eliminate the sugar by using Splenda or Stevia, that is definitely a more healthy way to make muffins!  For type 2 diabetics it is a challenge to eat low-sugar, low-carb and low-fat.  I’d go so far as to say the following is a recipe that you could be comfortable baking and giving to a diabetic friend.  I wouldn’t recommend giving fudge or divinity, but these muffins would be a lovely homemade gift for a person with diabetes.

 Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.   – Peg Bracken

Most of us appreciate gifts from the heart instead of a present that is purchased in haste with little or no thought put into it.  When we give of our time and make something by hand, it means more because it has a bit of us in it.

For the spirit of Christmas fulfils the greatest hunger of mankind.   – Loring A. Schuler

It seems like the more we love someone, the more time and effort we are willing to put into their present.  For many years I made my mama a cross-stitched sweatshirt every year.  I remember making some pretty intricate designs for her – and it didn’t matter if it took the entire year to complete – I did it because I loved her.  I remember one particular project –  MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE – the famous Precious Moments design that depicts a goose making a joyful noise.   I started that project on December 26th and it was not complete until December 24th the following year!  I had to stay up late working on it toward the deadline – but I did it! 

I can’t cross-stitch anymore because my eyesight is not as good as it used to be and I have arthritis in my wrists, so I don’t buy waste cloth or threads nowadays; however, I can still follow a recipe (if I make the text extra-large print!)  Once in a while I like to eat a muffin for breakfast with a cup of coffee (I’ve even been known to dunk – but shhh…  don’t tell!)  :-/

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift, may I suggest a new devotional book by Lucinda Berry Hill?  Everyone needs a new devotional book to begin the new year!


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