I’m so excited because today is INTERNATIONAL JUGGLER’S DAY!!!

This is so beautiful – you would really have to trust your partner not to drop you!

When I was a little girl, my parents took me to the circus every year.  I remember the overwhelming scent of  popcorn and hay.  There were three rings with non-stop action!  I remember trying to keep up with the activity in all three rings at once.  The jugglers got my full attention.  I’ve always been fascinated with jugglers because it takes so much coördination to keep objects moving like that.  They devote so much time to honing their craft.  Like anything in life a person wants, it takes patience to juggle and a great deal of practice.

They can juggle literally anything – five, six or even seven of almost anything and they have them moving in no time. They make it seem so easy and effortless. 

Sometimes everyday life can seem like a juggling act, can’t it?  Things seem to be going along fine when one day – you drop one of the balls and it messes up the rhythm that you worked hard to get established.  You have to stop, pick them up, and start all over again.

When it seems like I’ve got my routine down and it works, life goes more smoothly than when I find out that something is a bit “off”.  Change is inevitable and a part of life but there are some changes that come along and completely knock you off your game.  Those are the changes that can rock your world – not necessarily in a good way. 

I’m thankful for the joy that comes with juggling everything in my life.  Things can be a little hectic and chaotic but you still feel a sense of purpose in it and experience real joy.  I’m okay when I’m juggling stuff because I know God has me in His strong Hands and won’t give me anything that He won’t help me handle.  

This is not a journey that will ever be smooth as silk – and I know that.  But it’s one that I would not trade for anything in the world.  I’m not a great juggler – once in a while I drop everything, have to go pick it up and begin again.

I try to remember that perfection is unattainable and flawless living is futile.  God is there helping me and forgives the wrong I do when I ask.  I have to pick the balls up and juggle again.  To leave them on the floor motionless is the real sin.  

Keep juggling – joyfully juggling.  Find humor where you can and laugh when you get an opportunity.  Be happy and find joy as you juggle along in life.

When life hands you lemons, juggle them!

Can you juggle with your mouth closed? 
betcha can’t!!! 😉