Do you procrastinate???   Well, you’re in good company – so do I.

“You can walk to the corner and back home, just make sure you don’t walk too far because you need enough energy to walk back home”, said the surgeon, a mere day after my major surgery.  “I especially don’t want you to strain and don’t pick up more than fifteen pounds.”  I was nodding as I held on to every word of the instructions he quickly rattled off to me.

An important rule of procrastination: do it today but remember that today will be today again tomorrow.

I remember thinking, “This is so routine for him and so very new for me.”  He was almost bored as he spoke. I think I saw him fight off an urge to yawn at one point (but that could be my imagination).  He had obviously done hundreds of these surgeries in his career.  I felt a peace about things when I realized that just because I was nervous didn’t mean that he was.

Everything went well and I am CANCER-FREE!!!  I think that is the most wonderful phrase in the world – even better than I LOVE YOU, I think.  I was really scared about cancer since I lost my entire family to the big “C”.

So, what will I do with my new lease on life???  I will take better care of myself for a start.  I will eat healthier and have a more positive outlook on life and…  I will…  (wait for it…) EXERCISE!!!!!

Stop laughing – I will.  Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Monday – and what better time to begin a new exercise routine than on a Monday???  All good things begin at the start of the week, don’t they?  I hear some of you saying, “Technically the beginning of the week is Sunday.”  Well, my personal belief is that Sunday is a day of REST and the last time I checked, exercise is anything but restful.

It’s difficult to be in recovery for a month, taking it easy, then suddenly realize that it is time to add some activity (as well as walking) back into your everyday life.  I am basically a lazy person but I will admit, however, that after I exercise I am in the best mood and feel so much better!

So tomorrow my life changes for the better!  I’m getting stronger every day and I want to be the best me I can be!  The plan is to hop on my stationary bike and use my free weights…  TOMORROW!!!

Today – I’m just chillin’ in front of the TV eating a salad! Ah – yeah!!! Enjoying this while I can!!! ❤