I am blessed.  How do I know?  God says so!

I know we as Christians don’t have a clue what real persecution is. We may argue with the scoffs once in a while (ok, maybe more often than that), but when it’s all said and done, I am then free to go my way and the scoffer is free to go their way. We’ve both enjoyed the freedom we have as citizens of the greatest country in the world! Here in America we still have a Constitution and freedom of speech. Now, as we all know, that has bitten us on the backside because that freedom we enjoy comes with a little thing called FREE WILL. Even though being scoffed at is not fun, it is not real persecution. Is being a child of God a blessing? On days when the scoffers come a knockin’, it doesn’t feel like a blessing. The truth is, however, it is always a blessing to be God’s kid.

I’m free to talk about Jesus. Hey, He is not surprised at what man thinks of to humiliate Him. Look at all the humiliation and pain and torture He endured before hanging on the cross. He’s familiar with the ways of evil men. God wants us to have free will and he hopes that we will choose to serve Him, but He doesn’t want an army of robots. He wants children who love and worship Him because they want to, not because they have to.

Remember the song that Dottie Rambo wrote called “I Will Glory In The Cross” – ? Well, that’s exactly what I will do! Jesus endured awful agony at the hands of men, but the suffering turned into MY victory – and it can be yours too if you’ll just accept His gift of salvation.

I will weep no more for the cross that He bore… I will Glory in the Cross! – Dottie Rambo

So rejoice as Easter approaches! Rejoice in the salvation you have and in the price that Jesus paid for it. God’s perfect lamb, Jesus, sacrificed Himself on our behalf and how awesome it is that we have the FREE WILL to make the choice to love, honor and serve Him in return! Hold your head high, Christian… you are BLESSED!   ❤