When you pack a suitcase, do you roll or fold?  Rolling causes more wrinkling but takes up less space.


Folding does not cause wrinkling but takes up more space.

16291949977_ee9891f8c7_qLet me introduce you to a third method that does not wrinkle and takes up less space – I call it filing.

IMG_1322It’s fold – and flip!  It’s not purty, but you can fit a bunch of stuff in there!  I know it looks like this would be a wrinkled mess – but trust me, it really isn’t.  Think of it this way – if you put the luggage in the vehicle handle-side up, then the clothing is basically folded and stacked – facing the way it would in a drawer – right?  See what I’m sayin’?  I have room to fit two pairs of shoes there in the upper R.H. corner of the bag.  I put the shoes there so the WEIGHT of the shoes won’t smush the clothes.  So I can fit ten days worth of clothes plus two pairs of shoes in one suitcase.

Everyone has a certain item that goes with them on vacation. For me, it’s my pillow!  Most pillows in hotel or motel rooms leave me with a sore neck and cranky disposition – just what you want while you’re trying to have a good time, right?  I tote my pillow in its carrying case, so that’s probably the only item that is a total no-brainer.  Everything else is trial and error.  There are two of us trying to use two bags for a ten-day trip.  It’s insane, but we worked it out.

The trick is to convince your suitcase that it can hold more than it thinks it can.  Bring out the best in it.  It has so much potential…  talk nicely to it.  Suitcases have feelings too, ya know.  Whoa…  I think I need a vacation.angry-suitcase-doe-eyed-suitcase

Do you usually fold your clothes and stack them like you would in a drawer?  Most of us do that – and that’s great if you’re going on a short trip or if you’re packing one person’s stuff.  We packed ten changes of clothes each – in two suitcases – yep.

If you fold the clothes but put them in the case as though the clothes were “files” and your suitcase was the “file cabinet” – you can get 22 items packed without smashing it too badly.  We never wear anything that is very high maintenance – in other words, we wear a lot of cotton / poly instead of 100% cotton.  That bit of poly can make a big difference in the wrinkle factor.  Most hotels have hangers and drawers, so if you are overly concerned about wrinkles, you can take things from the suitcase and hang them up or put them in the drawers.  Then hope you don’t forget anything when you leave.  :-/

When all the clothes are packed in the largest suitcases and our toiletries go in the smallest case – we just have those three and my pillow bag to mess with.  We rarely fly, but I would think that would be the way to go if you are flying.  We just don’t like to carry a lot of luggage around – and the file drawer way of packing works best for us.  🙂









My husband hides his bubble wrap from me (for obvious reasons).   I can’t be around it – it’s just too much of a temptation.  Those little air bubbles must be popped, and I’m just too willing to be the one to do it!  Sometimes I pull it through my fingers and make it sound like a cap gun.  Often I just pop individual bubbles in a row across – starting at the top, working my way down (never from the bottom working my way up).  Am I the only one who is disappointed when I try to pop a bubble and it is under-inflated to begin with?  You don’t get that solid POP from it – barely a release of air – it’s a total waste of effort when that happens!  Oh come on – you know what I’m talkin’ about!

You think I should get a life, don’t you?

Oh card makers…  did you know there is a bubble wrap technique you can put on your handmade greeting cards?  Check this out:

Let’s see what else we can do with bubble wrap.  Hmm…  this looks interesting, and by interesting, I mean crazy.

Did you hear that guy when he got up – ???  He said he was a little dizzy – um…  really???  Can’t imagine WHY!!!  LOL!

We interrupt this popping good time for an important message:

Well – I know where to go to get my fix – yes – and it’s free!!!

Now back to the fun!

How do you snap bubble wrap???  Is there some psychological significance behind the way we choose to pop it???  I have a preferred size of air pocket.  I wonder what that means?  The clear bubble wrap is fine, but I really get excited when I find light green or bright pink.  I see those around Christmas time.

Am I thinking too deeply???  YES!!!  I think the fact that I’m addicted to this stuff is reason enough to seek professional help.  Did I write that out loud?  Hmm…

Not long ago I received a gift from a friend through the mail.  It was one of those brown envelopes lined with bubble wrap!  I don’t know which I enjoyed more, the bubble wrap envelope or what was inside!  It felt as though I received two gifts!  That envelope kept me entertained for a long time!  I get so excited when I get my own personal bubble wrap since my husband won’t share his with me.  :-/

Although the average diameter of the bubble is 1 cm, the bubbles can be from 6 mm (1/4″) to 26 mm (1″) or more, to provide added levels of shock absorption during transit.

Did you know that the Torninova Corporation in Italy makes bubble wrap that has heart-shaped bubbles?  Wouldn’t that be a sweet treat for your favorite sweetheart / friend / bubble wrap popper???  You know, some of us are not supposed to indulge in chocolate.  LOL!!!  Heart-shaped bubble wrap – oh, how romantic!!!