TL A COMMENTARY FROM THE HEART (20)It’s time to organize for the new year!  There is a pile for donations, sell and keep.  I’m going from room to room sorting it all out and putting it back in a more organized way.  I know it sounds like an easy thing to do, but as I’m doing this one room at a time, I’m not finished yet!

I don’t typically make prayer requests a part of my blog post, but I believe in the power of prayer, so I’m just going to ask for prayers.  As a child, my parents took quite a few 8mm videos and they were on reels.  We had a projector for years, but then it stopped working and eventually we could not find anything to play the reels on, so we had the reels transferred to video tape.

The video tape became obsolete, so we took the tapes in to get them transferred onto CD’s.  A lifetime of 8mm film was reduced to two CD’s.  I type this with tears in my eyes – but I have lost my CD’s!  My home movies – my childhood memories – are gone!

Please pray that I find them because although you would find them to be a bore a minute, they mean so much to me!  I know they are in this house somewhere, I just don’t know where.

I keep praying that as I take things out of cupboards and shelves, the CD’s will appear – oh how great that would be!  It hasn’t happened yet.  I will certainly let you know when it does.  Thanks in advance for joining with me in prayer.  Where two or three are gathered (even in cyber space…) He is there.

As I told my husband just today, whether I find those CD’s or not, my memories are intact in my mind.  It won’t bring mom and dad back if I find them.  It won’t change anything at all – but I’d just sort of like to find them.

That’s not dirt in my house…  it’s ANGEL DUST!  – Unknown (but I wish I could say I said it!)

Well…  I’ve reorganized two rooms so far and at this rate I may get to the basement by…  I don’t know – MAY!  LOL!!!  Guess I’d better get with it because it won’t do itself.  🙂



SIMPLIFY – To make simple or simpler: as a :  to reduce to basic essentials 

b :  to diminish in scope or complexity :  streamline <was urged to simplify management procedures>

c :  to make more intelligible :  clarify


It seems to me that it should be simple to simplify, ya know???  No matter how much effort we put into trying to simplify, it seems we work twice as hard to make it happen.  Now, does that make any sense to anyone?  No, I didn’t think so.  :-/
Well, here’s my take on simplicity.  I honestly believe that it begins within.  How high-maintenance are you, and what would you be willing to live without?  I’ve had many friends through the years and have traveled with a few.  I never let them know I was doing this, but I was secretly observing the luggage they carried.  You see, the things we travel with are the things we are not willing to part with.
The more stuff you are willing to live without, the more simple your life will be.  If you truly desire simplicity in your life, it’s necessary to let go of some non-essentials.  I know they seem like essentials right now, but stay with me.  This may make you re-think things.
For example, do you need a ton of makeup when you travel?  I’m not suggesting you go without makeup altogether (oh, heaven forbid) – but there are ways to travel with less.  I take one container of mineral make-up, a tube of mascara, a shadow, brow pencil and lip gloss.  Choose one color of lip gloss and plan your wardrobe around that theme color.  I usually choose red in the fall/winter months or dark pink in the spring/summer months.
I believe simplicity begins with the discarding of extras.  It’s about organization and pre-planning.  To make life easier, surround yourself with less.  It sounds like you would be denying yourself of things, but it is the most freeing experience to rid yourself of clutter and get organized.
Recently I went through my closet and took out pieces that I have not worn in the past year – for whatever reason.  If you have not worn a piece of clothing in the past year, you probably don’t need to keep it.
In the kitchen, organize with cook ahead cookbooks, or go online to find some great recipes.  Here are 20 of my favorites!  http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/recipe-collections-favorites/quick-easy/make-ahead-meals-0
If you cook on the weekend and freeze each serving, that frees up the weeknight to relax and enjoy your family.  Simple.
Teach kids to pitch in and help with things like laundry.  Even boys will need to know how to do that at some point when they get older, so you’d may as well get them involved now.  They will feel like they are helping out and it will take some of the load off you…  get it – load – laundry?  Never mind.
 When you make a conscious decision to make do with less, that is when simplicity will become a reality.  When you organize things a bit and enlist help from the rest of the family, it will pay off in the long run.
Give it a try…  and bask in simplicity!  🙂




Man becomes his most creative during war.  Look at the amount of weaponry that was made in four short years of World War II…  But that’s kind of a sad statement on mankind.  – Clint Eastwood

Here’s the question:  How do you feel when you have a messy desk?



The answers were varied and interesting.  There are clearly some folks who need a clean, organized environment around them to ignite their creativity.  They do one thing at a time and toss it aside and move on.  For those people, I’m here to tell you that it is NATIONAL CLEAN OFF YOUR DESK DAY.

As for the rest of us…  I give you permission (and I give myself permission) to completely ignore this day and be just as messy as you need to be for your personal creative process!  We think differently than other people.  Our mess is our source of inspiration!

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.  – E.L. Doctorow

I can only speak for myself, but when I ‘m working on one project, I always have about fifteen others, all in various stages of completion.  I feel perfectly comfortable with several unfinished projects – and the really strange thing is, I can be working on project #7 and something from project #9 inspires something in me for project #7.

I make truly organized people crazy – absolutely crazy!

Remember the old saying OPPOSITES ATTRACT???  When I met my husband nearly 30 years ago, he was the most organized man I’d ever met.  I mean scary organized…  now, he not only puts canned goods in the pantry – every type of food has to be put together.  I get that – that makes sense – now it gets scary.  All of the labels have to be turned forward – I mean sometimes I put a can in there and the label with the name of the item may or may not be facing toward me.  I never really stopped to think about it before I met him!

He tells people I’ve relaxed his OCD behavior.  I take that as a compliment – LOL!

Please don’t try ANY of these methods for cleaning off your desk!

It’s not that I’m really messy – I just have a lot going on.  There is a pile for every project and I know what I’m doing.  It’s my system and nobody (not even my husband) messes with my messy system!

I’m inspired by my piles of stuff.  If a desk is too clean, my brain goes blank!  Yikes!  :-/



The past should be a springboard, not a hammock.  – Ivern Ball


My daddy was the most superstitious person ever, so of course I will eat some black-eyed peas for luck in the new year!


No no no…  not THESE black-eyed peas – the kind you eat!!!  LOL!!!

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions – but I do set goals.  You may think it’s the same thing, but it’s not.  When I resolve to change, it just will not happen.  There’s something about calling it a goal.  It feels like I’m being more kind to myself – not so restrictive and demanding.

My goal this year is to finally get organized.  If you know me personally you are laughing – quit it.  I’m seriously going to get it together this year.  I’ve already put a pegboard and some hooks in my clothes closet to hang my jewelry on – that’s a good start!  I have put a bag in my closet for any articles of clothing that don’t fit – no more saying I’m going to keep them because one of these days I’ll lose all kinds of weight – I’m only going to keep the clothes that fit – anything else is just taking up space for no good reason.

I need professional help – calling the Christian Professional Organizer!


I’ve kept my scarves folded neatly in a drawer, but I will get a small ladder to hang them on in my closet.  If they’re hanging up they won’t get caught in the drawer or develop permanent folds in awkward places.  I’ll move my sweaters to the drawers.  They won’t get caught up if I only put a couple in each drawer.

I’m going to buy larger jars for things like Q-tips and cotton balls.  The ones I have are alright, but I don’t like having so many left in the bag to store.  It’s a small change, but it matters.

I save the little bottles of lotion from hotels.  We travel so much and I have so many!  I’ve designated some cute Longaberger baskets to hold them.  Another basket holds the little bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  That keeps the drawers in my bathroom from being such a mess.

There is some personalized stationery and a pen in my key basket on my vanity.  Well, I’m beginning to make some progress – like I said, it’s just a goal!

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how things can be organized.  Maybe I’ll have a place for everything by the end of the year.   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   🙂

It’s not too late to order your copy of Lucinda Berry Hill’s new devotional book!  Everybody needs a new devotional book to begin this new year, right?


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Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.  Alexander Graham Bell

How many irons can you have in the fire and effectively manage them?  Remember when everyone was all about multi-tasking?  I’ve never been a fan of multi-tasking.  It’s a better idea to do one single task and do it very well.  Today we celebrate SINGLE TASKING DAY!!!

Administration Assistants pride themselves on being proficient and accurate.  If I was to tell you there was time to do just one thing at a time, I’d be lying.  However, if you can prioritize the tasks, you can perform them more efficiently.

Accomplishing the impossible means only that the boss will add it to your regular duties.  – Doug Larson

It’s such a great feeling to know I’ve completed one project in its entirety before beginning another one.  To write one good post, edit it and make all applicable changes before moving on is the right way for me to work.

I’m reminded of how the character Charles Winchester, M.D. describes his abilities as a great surgeon on the hit T.V. series M.A.S.H.  As he’s scrubbing he explains that he does one thing, he does it very well and then he moves on.  That clip is on You Tube.  I can’t post it here.  LOL!

A study was done at Michigan State University with 300 students to test their ability to persevere through interruptions while taking a computer test.  The interruptions came in the form of pop-ups that required the students to enter a code.  In one case, the interruption lasted a little more than four seconds.  In another, the interruption was 2.8 seconds.

With a 2.8 second interruption, the students made double the errors when they returned to the test.  With the 4.4 second interruption, the error rate quadrupled!

Haste makes waste.  – Benjamin Franklin

I think it’s safe to say the days of multi-tasking are over.  🙂








It amazes me that the day after Christmas, people are still shopping at the antique mall.  LOL!!!

I am a self-proclaimed neat freak. I do not think straight surrounded by chaos or clutter of any kind. I do not tolerate anything but complete order in my environment. There is one exception – one very special exception to that rigid rule of thumb. Christmas morning.

It was the most wonderful mix of gift bags, tissue, wrapping paper, bows, odds and ends from boxes like bubble wrap (yes, I popped it – ALL of it!) It is the only time of year I allow a mess and consider it a real blessing. I always take photos of it for the scrapbook. One day these pictures will remind me that we enjoyed Christmas. We felt love and was able to share in gift giving and remembering once again the best gift ever given to us – Jesus!

That was yesterday – and it was wonderful. Today I sought a sense of order in my environment once again. I’m slow getting back into my routine, as I have lost a number of things, including a freshly brewed cup of coffee! How does one lose a cup of coffee? I don’t know, but I have managed to do just that! I know it’s around here somewhere! It will obviously be cold and less than fresh by the time I find it. And this is what microwaves were made for!

Maybe I’m in a “beautiful mess” afterglow of sorts. I enjoyed watching wrapping paper fly and land on the floor – and being okay with it! I do eventually need to regain the order I once had, but I’m just not ready yet. It’s too soon to let go of the mess. The paper was immediately removed, of course, but I’m not ready to go into full organization mode yet. Oh, I know I will and I know that it will happen somewhere around New Year’s Day. But for just one more day I will bask in the Christmas afterglow and embrace the mess. This mess means I have a family that loves me enough to include me. It means that I am not alone. It means that God has once again made provision for us. It means so much. Please, Lord, bless this BEAUTIFUL mess! ❤