If you met a pregnant woman who was considering abortion, what would you say to her?  While I would not want to judge her in any way because I am not walking in her shoes, I would like to be compassionate and kind as I listened.  I want to help her sort through the lie of the world and the truth of God’s Word.

I believe in families.  God had a good idea when He came up with that concept.  To accept abortion as an alternative is sad because it is basically embracing failure.  I know you think you will just get rid of the baby (the “problem”) and go on with your life, but it’s really not that easy.  That fetus is a part of you.  Please don’t buy into the lie that once the baby is aborted, life will just pick up where it left off.

It’s bad enough to miscarry a baby – believe me.  I think about those babies every day.  I know how old they would be and I know that now I would surely be a grandma.  But no…  it just was not meant to be.

Maybe I feel so strongly about Pro-Life because of the losses I’ve suffered.  I don’t understand why a woman would CHOOSE to kill a fetus (which is a life – because life begins at conception).  I’m sorry but according to God’s Word it is murder.  Last time I looked, that was listed in the Ten Commandments.  And no, I am not going to preach to the pregnant woman considering abortion.  I just want her to know all the facts.  To take a Pro-Choice stand is to be very selfish.  Whose life are you ending and whose life are you saving?  Life is a big deal to God – the biggest of deals!

I do not hate you for weighing your options.  I do pray for you and for the life you have been blessed with.  There is a lie in the Pro-Choice camp that wants you to see this as a choice for freedom.  If you kill this child, you will be tighter bound than ever.  It’s a choice that will haunt you for the rest of your life.  That’s not a lie – that is the real truth.

Have your baby.  Please consider adoption.  Let another couple raise and give that baby everything that you are not prepared to give it.  Adoption is LOVE.  Abortion is HATE.

I’m so thankful my birth mom chose ADOPTION.  May God help you choose LIFE for your baby.  ❤




Didn’t Bob Hope teach us all how to live? With humor, trusting that God will take care of us. He gave selflessly and was a blessing to all around him.

No matter how much I give – God gives back to me ten-fold. Now, let me stop right there. By “give” I do not necessarily mean money. I do not mean that if I give a chunk of change to a charity that God will reimburse me. That is NOT what I’m saying. I am not telling you that you will prosper financially. I am, however, telling you that my soul feels greatly prospered when I give of my time, talents and maybe some treasure. My soul is richer for giving. And God gives to me in a number of different ways. He rewards the good work we do.

I’m also not encouraging anyone to give and give to others and ignore your own needs. I don’t believe God would have us do that at all. We do need to take care of ourselves and our families. God has entrusted us with a precious charge when He allows us to be in a family. It is imperative that you first take care of your family. But we do need to be aware of the needs surrounding us outside our own family as well.

The Bible tells us that the poor will always be among us and that’s why being involved in charity work is such a rewarding opportunity. It’s a chance to do for others and lay your own “needs” (which are sometimes actually “wants”) aside to help someone else.

It’s true, you really can not out-give God. This season of giving could be a great opportunity to share what God has blessed you with. Do you have time to give to a lonely neighbor? Do you have a God-given talent for something that you could do for someone? Do you have a little extra treasure you could share with someone else? I’ll bet if you prayed and asked God, He would put someone on your heart that you could help this Christmas season. ❤