TL 8-19 WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAYThe Bible teaches us that physical needs are to be met first, then people are open to dealing with spiritual needs.  That’s what witnessing is all about.  As we go we need to be armed with compassion, love and be quick to forgive.  Not everyone will be receptive to the gospel and they may lash out at us.  If we can have a good attitude and know we’ve met a need and shared God’s good news (planted a seed), it makes it easier to take rejection.  We did our best and that’s all God expects of us.

God led me to some wonderful words today:

The power of forgiveness transforms us from ‘victim to victor’ removing the power the hurt had over our life. Forgiveness allows us to no longer be defined by how we’ve been hurt. In the process of forgiving we find happiness, emotional and spiritual healing. – Barbara Dunn

This is the message being taught to this congregation in India by pastor David Brainard. He tells me that the need for Christ in India is great. The enthusiasm and hope he feels for the Indian people is contagious. I pray for pastor Brainard’s ministry every day and hope you will join me. They have planted seven churches in their region already and have plans to plant more churches.

Pastor David



Pastor David would like to have friends on facebook to share his vision for the people of India. The need is not only financial, but he wants prayer support as well. He and his staff want to spread the gospel of Christ and forgiveness to all the people of India.

Once you catch a glimpse of the vision you can’t help but offer up prayers every day for this wonderful ministry. The need for Christ is world-wide, but there are still those in India who have never heard the name of Jesus, according to pastor David. In our western culture that’s difficult to fathom, isn’t it? We do know that Jesus will come back to take us home to heaven one day, but that can’t happen until everyone has heard the gospel of Christ.

God bless the ministry of pastor David and all who work with him. May they plant many more churches and spread the Good News of Christ even farther. Forgiveness is the cornerstone of our faith. Christ forgave our sins and we must in turn forgive each other. That’s the design God wanted for mankind. That’s the way it should be.

There are two immediate needs. The congregation is praying for a church van. They also need help to fund the congregation’s television ministry. Please prayerfully consider what part God may want you to play in this wonderful outreach to the people of India. Thank you.

If you would like more information, please email pastor David at:

Pastor David Brainard, mail id,

I hope you will send a friend request to pastor David and learn more about the great things happening in India. God bless you! ❤



 Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend.  – Bill Watterson

If I have to dress in my best clothes, style my hair and put make-up on before you come to my door, we are probably not best friends.  If I have to work for a solid week cleaning my house to prepare for your arrival, no, I don’t imagine we are best friends.

The one I can relax with, be my sloppy self with is my best friend.  And my best friend feels just as comfortable around me.  It’s funny because when we’re tweens we learn how to socialize.  We have slumber parties and make cinnamon bread in the oven and sit around chatting all night long.  Even at that age we knew who we could be “real” with and who we had to wear the mask around.

“You’re the average of the five people you associate with the most.”  A wrestling coach told this to me in high school.  I’ve never forgotten it.  – Tim Ferriss

It’s sad that a mask has to be worn sometimes, but it does.  We all have them and wear them when we don’t feel comfortable around a person or group of people.  I was blessed to be a band geek.  I got to hang out with the coolest girls in our Junior High School and most of us went on to High School together.  Nobody felt like they had to put on a mask.  For us it was all about music.  We played it, enjoyed it and didn’t think about anything else.

Best friends share common interests.  They can chat until the cows come home because that spark of interest is there and they have just as many questions as answers.  It’s easier to be yourself before life gets so competitive, but even as we got older we stayed sweet.  That’s what best friends do.

I had a very good friend in my eighth grade English teacher.  She and I would spend many lunch hours talking about literature, art – and yes, music.  She helped me so much with my dyslexia.  I knew how to sound words out, but she went a step further and taught me how to strengthen my sight through exercises for my eyes.  You can train your eyes to some extent although dyslexia is a sort of trickery of the mind.  I don’t mind having it because it has lit the fuse of my imagination every day of my life.

Best friend: someone you can only stay mad at for so long because you have important things to talk about.  – Author Unknown

I’ve always made friends with older people.  Teachers, other kid’s parents, the librarian, the school bus driver.  I’m so much more comfortable conversing with older people.  Experts in child psychology will tell you that an only child tends to communicate better with older people because as a child they were subjected to adult conversations.  It’s true, I sat with my mom and aunts many a sunny Saturday while my cousins went outdoors to play.  Mama dressed me in frilly dresses and I wasn’t about to go out and get it all dirty.

The other day I was counting up all of the girls named LINDA that I was friends with – and the tally is 14.  My life has been touched in some way by 14 other LINDAs.  Hmm…  interesting.  I recently got in touch with a LINDA friend from High School via facebook.

Most of my LINDA friends are Christians.  You know when Jesus is in the center of any relationship it makes it extra-special.  He is my best friend – and yours too.  With that knowledge, those masks don’t stay on very long.  We’re just sisters in Christ, thankful for His love, mercy and matchless grace in our lives.  ❤