Today is NATIONAL BIKE TO WORK DAY!!! What advantages are there to pedaling your way to the office instead of driving your car?

1. Save hundreds of dollars. How much do you spend going to the gym? Think about it. You drive to the gym (my car uses gas, I’m guessing yours does too), park in the closest stall to the door (admit it – you do), then do your workout and on the way home, you swing by the Dunkin’ Donuts (coupon in hand), scarf the donut down with a coffee chaser and hope your husband doesn’t smell it on your breath.

OK – I may have embellished. But the point is, if you do your workout on the way to work, you can come home and enjoy the rest of the evening with your family. The Dunkin’ Donut sign won’t be calling your name either.  You’ll be too tired to give in.

2. There is a psychological benefit to exercise. It’s been proven that exercise is the best way to relieve stress. Imagine feeling on top of the world and ready to get crackin’ once you step into the office! When you get into a car to drive to work there is always the rush hour traffic and some bozo who doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing, or they are texting, putting on make-up, painting their fingernails or eating their fast-food breakfast all while driving! Those are the people who cause road rage in me. For some reason they are the ones that found me every morning on my commute to work. So, riding a bike could cut all that. Just make sure some idiot doesn’t hit you. Jus’ sayin’…

3. You could be the “Cool Co-worker! Admit it, if you rode your bike to work, you would be the “cool” co-worker! There’s a pride factor involved in this too. How great would it make you feel to accomplish the ride, do the work, then ride back home again? I’d be flyin’ high, I’m tellin’ ya! That would be awesome!

I always wanted to be the “cool” co-worker. The only time they thought I was cool was when I brought some of my husband’s homemade cinnamon rolls into the office. Then I got blamed if any of them gained an ounce. Oh well… I just bring ’em. If you eat ’em, that’s on you. Literally.  Wink!   😉