Why did I post a poem about guardian angels with the subject of dancing?  If you could watch me dance, you would know the answer to that question.  I need my guardian angels every minute of every day, but if I have to get out on a dance floor…  I need them more than ever!!!  I have two left feet and neither of them have rhythm!  My feet serve two purposes.  1) They get me from point A to point B and 2) They keep my chin off the floor!

Some of us (clearing throat) need dance lessons.  :-/

I have compassion for everyone who has ever been a player upon the stage of my life.  – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

On NATIONAL DANCE DAY, I want to remind you that life, for better or worse, IS a DANCE!  Weren’t we reminded of that a few years back by Steven Curtis Chapman?  Yeah, head on over to You Tube and watch “Lord of the Dance”.

My husband’s generation did The Twist, The Locomotion and The Hop.  No, wait – I think they called the event The Hop – as in…  sock hop!  There’s one dance from the 1950’s I think I could handle – the stroll…  I think I could keep up – maybe.

Dance to the music of your dreams – the steps will give you JOY!  – Unknown

What couple has not dressed up in tails and gowns (don’t forget the tiara) to dance around their house to admire their lovely appliances?  After all, these machines make our lives so much easier – we have the time to get all dolled up to dance around the house, don’t we?  If you haven’t done it, we need to discuss your time management skills.  LOL!!!

Brake a leg!  – Unknown

When my parents dated, they danced to Big Band music from the WWII era.  There were also a lot of movies with great dancing.  Remember Fred & Ginger?  Yep!

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.  – Faith Whittlesey

And how about the flappers from the roaring 20’s???  If you are a fan of “Downtown Abbey” then you are familiar with that era.

Dance like nobody’s watching.  – Unknown

How will you celebrate today???  Will you be part of a flash mob at the mall or dance around the house with a dust rag in one hand and a can of lemon-fresh furniture polish in the other???  Yeah, that sounds like my day!  Have fun!!!  Wink!    😉