Color television! Bah, I won’t believe it until I see it in black and white.
– Samuel Goldwyn

I found something interesting. This is a home movie of the 1949 Tournament of Roses Parade! I think it’s interesting that this person’s home movie is in color, yet millions of folks watched this parade on black & white TV’s.

On December 30, 1953, the first color television was purchased for a hefty $2,000! The set was built by the Admiral corporation. The first coast-to-coast television broadcast was The Tournament of Roses Parade on NBC in January, 1954.

Today we celebrate COLOR TV DAY!!! Television has evolved so much since those first days. The television we had when I was a kid was always having issues and I remember wondering if Buddy the television repair guy was my brother, he hung around our house so much!

When My parents got their first color television set in the late 1960’s, I felt so grown up because they put their small black and white set in my bedroom so I could watch TV in bed. So you see, this is a habit that formed many years ago. I didn’t say it was a good habit – I just said it was formed many years ago.

Some of our neighbors still had black and white TV’s and would happen to come over to our house about the time their favorite program was coming on. They came on the pretense of borrowing something and stayed to watch our color TV.

Nowadays everything is in HD and we can choose cable or satellite. To see a television that is not flat-screen is unusual these days.

I still remember feeling very grown-up with my little black and white TV, complete with rabbit ears. There’s probably no way any of us would go back to a black and white TV anymore, but I must admit, when I’m watching a horror flick I wish the blood was in black and white.

I have every Doris Day movie on DVD. I enjoy all of them and they still make me laugh. Somehow back then they could get a laugh out of the audience without foul language or nudity. Uncanny. 🙂