Carry PEACE in your pocket.  If only we’d all do that, what a difference we’d see in this ol’ world.

I’ve known so many beautiful souls.  I’ll bet you know a few of them too.  The most wonderful thing about them is, they know they aren’t beautiful souls because it is their sheer determination to be nice or good.  They are beautiful souls because of their personal relationship with Christ Jesus.  They know that He gives them the ability to be compassionate, humble, kind, meek and patient.  God is pleased when His children are obedient, and even more pleased when He gets the credit – the glory – for it.

Lucinda has posted a verse about kindness every day – as part of Lent – she’s not giving something up, rather she is giving something – kindness.  What a wonderful idea!  I like it.  I thought this one was particularly nice for today’s post.Notice what words are used…  FILL, SHOW.  You mean these attributes don’t just magically appear once we’re saved?  Does a Father just automatically offer good gifts if their children never speak to him or offer some sort of effort in a relationship?  Well…  not usually.  Our Heavenly Father wants us to ask Him for what we need to be Christ-like in our lives.  We ask for His compassion, His strength, His mercy and then we ask Him to show us where these things need to be shown the most.

I’m not righteous in myself – nobody is.  It’s all about the LORD and nothing about me.  If there’s any redeeming qualities in me – I praise Him because it’s definitely not my nature.  If I was left to my own devices, I’d probably be the least patient person in the world.  I do literally have to ask God to help me when I’m standing in a long line or feel that twinge of impatience coming over me.  Part of it is because I have so much pain when I stand for long periods of time – but some of it is just that human nature wanting to come through.  God’s the only one who can keep it under control and surround me with His way – and His way is so much better.






The birth of our Savior is a prime example of humility.  A feeding trough for a bed and hay for sheets – yet God exalted Him as only God can, with angels singing and a bright star to guide simple shepherds and wise Magi – to bow down and worship Him.  You cannot be humble on your own.  The moment you try, the pride of being humble takes over and you lose.  Ask the Holy Spirit of God to help you develop an attitude of humility.  It’s not about thinking less of yourself, but it’s about thinking of yourself less.  Let God’s Spirit guide you.

God has led His people through example from the beginning. The fact that we are made in God’s image serves as testament to that. The written Word of God, The Holy Bible, serve as a road map for Christians everywhere. One thing I learned when I was very small – God don’t like ugly. It’s not good grammar, but it’s not supposed to be. The emphasis is on the word “ugly”. Ugly attitudes or an attitude that exudes pride or haughtiness of any kind are not tolerated by God. He deals with that sort of thing in short order.

It’s interesting to me that men had no room for the Holy family, but God made the birth of His Son quite special in spite of what men did. God is God – and that’s why I love and praise Him for my whole life. He has everything under control, no matter what stupid things men do. Laws can be passed and we can be forced to put up with the immorality around us, but we just look up – and there is God. We know He sees what we are going through and what is going on in our midst. He keeps us in the safety of His strong loving arms no matter what is going on around us.


Take a deep breath and be thankful that your Lord is in control. I’ve read the back of the Book and it’s going to be okay. Walk humbly with your God. Be a shining witness to those around you and tell them MERRY CHRISTMAS! My Savior was born on Christmas and I’d like to tell you about Him so He can be your Savior too! ❤