Today’s post is a special Children’s story for Palm Sunday, written by Lucinda Berry Hill & Linda Palmer, with beautiful illustrations by Marian Poppy Ballestero.   We are so excited to share with you our story…


Daisy Lou the donkey

Was tied up to a post

Waiting for her master

Right near her little Hope.

Two men had come beside them

And announced, “Daisy Lou,

You need to come with us –

There’s a job for you to do.”


“A job for me?  What could it be?”

Daisy thought and thought.

But soon the momma realized

The job was for her colt.


A journey to Jerusalem

Was what the job would be;

A ride was needed to the town

For Jesus Christ the King.

Before Daisy let the men

Lead little Hope away,

She had a few instructions

She felt she had to say:


“Take firm and steady steps

And always look ahead;

With your ears always up,

Listen closely to what is said.


Follow His directions,

Even if they don’t seem right.

Listen and obey…

You’re gonna do alright.


I’m proud that you’ve been chosen

For this purpose by the Lord.”

And with that, she waved goodbye

To little Hope moving forward.


They reached their destination

And little Hope was quite surprised;

For standing there beside her

Was the blessed Jesus Christ!


The man put clothes upon her back

Where Jesus took a seat;

Then they began a journey –

Little Hope and Christ the King.


They traveled to Jerusalem,

Where they were met with praise.

Hope was feeling honored

To be chosen for this day.


“Imagine such a thing!”

As she walked, the young Hope beamed.

“Instead of a majestic horse,

The King has chosen me!”

People laid out branches

In the streets that lie before them.

“Blessed is the King!”, they yelled –

They loved and they adored Him.


When her mission was complete,

Hope ran back to Daisy.

“I did just what you taught me,

I listened, wasn’t lazy.

To Jerusalem I carried

Our great and mighty King.

Thank you for the lessons, momma,

That you’re always teaching me.


Listening paid off –

The King really is quite smart.

He never once lead me astray;

Now I trust Him with my heart.


Jesus loves me… little me.

He used me on His special day.”

Little Hope leaped through the fields

With a giggle and a bray.


Please do us a favor.  If you decide to print this story and share it with little ones, would you take a moment to leave us a comment below?  We love knowing that our stories are being shared!  Thank you so much.

It’s our hope and prayer that you will print this and share it with the little ones in your life.  Isn’t it wonderful that the Lord has a purpose for everything and everyone – He even had a job for a little colt named Hope.  Peace be with you today.

Oh…  I’ve made a slideshow on YouTube also!  I hope you will watch and read the story and then give it a thumbs-up and leave some love for us in the comments.  Have a blessed day and thanks in advance.  🙂

Thank you Lucinda and Marian – and I know you join me in praising God above for helping us put this together as only HE can!  With me in Kansas, Lucinda in Pennsylvania, and Marian in the U.K. – clear yonder across the pond…  you KNOW this is a real GOD THING!  We love and praise You always, our Lord and Savior, for what only YOU can bring together!  ❤


TL MAY IS NATIONAL PHOTO MONTHAuthor Lucinda Berry Hill and I have had such fun with photos through the years!  We are always on the lookout for that one special picture that will compliment the latest writing, whether it be a poem or a prayer.  WHAT MY CAMERA CAPTURESThe perfect photograph enhances the thoughts we want to convey.  Sometimes we don’t need an actual photograph, but a nice background in soft hues to accent our words.NOW I VOW

Most of the time, I see a photo that triggers a thought and God impresses me to write.  On rare occasions the words come first and I hunt a photo after the poem is written.

It’s fun to write a special poem for a friend or family member.  I like to write special poems for my friends on facebook using photos they post.  ALL THINGS NEW

A GOOD TIME TO SMILELucinda has great friends who graciously let us use their work for poetry designs!  This poem happens to be about smiling for a photograph.  We love Stephanie’s photography!


I'LL MEET YOU AT THE BANQUETMarian Poppy Ballestero has graced Lucinda’s poetry from time to time.  She uses such vibrant colors in her artwork and she captures moments from the Bible and brings them to life!  We appreciate her so very much!  Thank you, Marian!   https://www.facebook.com/Inspirational-Paintings-By-Marian-Ballestero-1087234674632050/?fref=ts&__mref=message_bubble

A WORKING BOUQUETOur sweetheart artist, Candy Waters, is an inspiration to us!  She captures our hearts with interesting shapes and vivid colors.  God has given her a very special talent indeed!  Thank you, Candy, for sharing your gift with us!  Please visit her facebook page!


A HUG SHOWS KINDNESS LIVESI’ve had fun using Lucinda’s own photos on her poem designs!  Isn’t this a cute picture?  If this poem doesn’t bring a smile to your face and make you want to go hug someone, your sense of obligation needs a tune-up.

Lucinda’s poetry has inspired me every day!  To see more of her poetry and purchase her books, please visit http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Flucindaspoetry.webs.com%2F&h=gAQGT-fnf

If you are a Christian artist or photographer and would like your work to be featured with poetry or prayers, please message me on facebook with information.


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It’s been a great adventure designing posts for our facebook pages and groups!  It’s amazing how God opens doors when we wait on Him!  🙂



COMMENTARY FROM THE HEART 35friday-706915_1280Since today is Friday, I thought it would be fun to show you some FRIDAY FACES.  If you have to ask what a Friday Face is, then you obviously have not had to endure a job you hated for a long time.  A Friday Face is that look of pure joy that washes over you when you realize that you have finally completed a week and will have two days all to yourself to do what you really enjoy doing. 

There are many weekend warriors out there – I have been in the ranks in my life.  For the most part I enjoyed my work, but there were a couple of jobs that I didn’t think I’d survive – yet with God’s help, I did.BEAUTIFYING WITH THE TEENAGER

Happiness really is an inside job!  We have choices to enjoy the ones we live with or spend time fussing with them.  I choose to enjoy my loved ones because life is just way too short (so am I, but we’ll save that subject for another post).

Here’s my FRIDAY FACE!  WHAT CAN MAN DO TO MEHere’s my FRIDAY FACE!  Bring on the weekend…  I’m sleepin’ in!BE AT REST ONCE MORELOL…  a different Friday in a different year.  🙂  Spa days are so much fun!!!

girl-453096_1920She’s just a little ready for the weekend…  I’d say so!chipmunk-pig-1182230_1920I can dig the pig in the tote…  say that five times fast… LOL!!!

feet-767045_1920During the week he wears shined shoes with an expensive suit and tie.  This weekend he will put on hiking boots and work off some stress on a familiar trail that seems to be calling his name.  This is the man he really is, not the stuffed shirt people see during the week.  By Monday he will be ready to do what they pay him to do, but he won’t think about that until Sunday night.  He’s a good man and does what he has to do to take care of his family – but he dreams of a time in life when he can live in the hiking boots and walk the trail anytime he wants to seek adventure outdoors.girl-102829_1920

She works in a flower shop all week inside a local grocery store.  Every Friday she puts a freshly cut flower in her hair, thanks God for seeing her through yet again and leaves the store with a big grin on her face, knowing that she has the weekend to recharge her batteries so she can get up on Monday morning and do it all over again.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.  – Proverbs 3:5-6

Yes I know there are so many things on your mind right now.  The election and other assorted divisive issues have all of us feeling a burden like never before.  But for today – just for this one Friday…  I want to let it go – give it all to GOD – and bask in the blessings from God – on this day and in this weekend.

If you want to be happy, be.  – Leo Tolstoy

Marian’s photo reminded me that we need to take moments with our family members – and laugh – and take selfies to post on facebook!  YES!!!

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.  – Isaiah 55:9

God gave us these marvelous people to weather life’s storms with – and it’s not that we are in denial of what is happening around us, but rather it is an awakening of sorts, a realization that our family and friends – they are our blessings…  God’s wonderful gift to us.  Have a blessed and happy Friday!  Enjoy the weekend!  🙂