What was happening in America on Saturday, September 18, 1909???

The largest crowd to ever watch a baseball game, up to that time, turned out in Shibe Park as 35,409 spectators watched the Philadelphia Athletics beat the visiting Detroit Tigers, 2–0, on the pitching of future Hall of Famer Charles “Chief” Bender. The A’s were second to the Tigers in the American League pennant race.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1909

Guess what else happened???  My Grandpa married my Granny!  I don’t have wedding photos – I’m not even sure there are any – this plate is my precious possession to remind me of my Grandpa Frank & Granny LaVella’s wedding day.  Mama told me that it was hand painted by a family friend and neighbor.  It’s not valuable – but it sure means a lot to me.  Granny kept this plate hanging in their bedroom on the farm.

People really do get married at an older age these days.  These two crazy kids were married at 16 years of age!  I think they were married at a judge’s house, if I remember the story correctly.

They had a piece of farmland willed to them, built a little house on it and started growing wheat, horses, cattle and children – by the time it was said and done – EIGHT kids!

Grandpa Frank also drove a truck to supplement their income.  Granny did some sewing and took in washing to help out.  They didn’t have to buy stainless for the kitchen or even entertain the notion of indoor plumbing…  but they were two of the happiest people ever!  They had the same beliefs and the same dreams for their family.  They embraced faith in God above all and were faithful to each other until the end.

I get to thinking about that sometimes.  In their life, they were so firmly rooted in family and values, the fancy stuff wasn’t important.  I loved everything about staying at the farmhouse when I was little because something as simple as snuggling down in one of Granny’s quilts meant more to me than anything fancy and showy.  That squeaky bed was the best, and using homemade soap every morning and eating farm fresh eggs…  well those are memories that will never fade from my memory!

You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.  – Billy Wilder

In our day, it seems like we place so much importance on possessing the best of things and less emphasis on growing a strong family.  In the end, what difference does it make if we have a hardwood floor or linoleum?  I wouldn’t want to have an outhouse…  let’s not get nuts!

I miss that farm in Oklahoma…  I felt so safe and secure there in that squeaky bed with Granny’s quilt tucked around me.  It gives me such comfort to know that Grandpa, Granny, mom and dad are in heaven waiting for me.

Happy Anniversary in heaven, Grandpa & Granny!!!

They are with Jesus, and one day I’ll join them.  Maybe I could have that squeaky bed and one of Granny’s quilts in my mansion.  I may not need it since there is no night there and I won’t get tired.  Hmm…  I have to re-think that, don’t I?  Wink!  😉





When I think of Palm Sunday, I’m reminded of years past when I taught children’s Sunday School.  There is usually a children’s program scheduled on this day that consists of kids of all ages waving palm branches and singing songs of praise to Jesus.

You may think that we teachers just stand up there coaxing the children to sing louder because we have nothing better to do.  Sorry to disappoint you, but as teachers, we hope and pray that the seemingly ritualistic Palm Sunday children’s program stays with the kids and that they will remember the meaning behind it.

We also hope that something in the presentation will soften the hearts of the parents and help them to come back to a solid relationship with the Lord.  As teachers, we hope and we pray that our efforts will be blessed by God and produce results.  Palm Sunday children’s programs are a seed-planting mission of sorts.  That’s why we practice those songs over and over (and over…)  sigh.

We teach the children simple songs like “Jesus Loves Me” because we want them to remember throughout their lives that no matter what happens, they have a Savior who loves them and wants them to lean completely on Him every day – to keep them safe and help them make good decisions.


What are the benefits of becoming a Christian?  Let’s review…  the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 is a perfect example of how God provides for His own.  We never have to worry about being left alone or lonely.  Our needs – all of them – are supplied every day.  We see the hand of God all the time.

We give, but we will never out-give our Father in heaven.  His limitless resources are ours if we will just ask.  He has provided His Holy Spirit to protect and guide us.  He has promised us a home in heaven where streets are pure gold and gates are made of pearl.  Down here we see gold as so precious, but God uses it to make the streets!  I mean, if that doesn’t give you some perspective…

He promises us a mansion – again, something that people spend years saving and sacrificing to buy on this earth – is just given to those who call Christ Lord once this life is over.  I’ve got it on good authority that we won’t even have to mow or trim the lawn either – no maintenance with this mansion.  No property taxes…  that alone – well – it’s a good thing.  You might say…  it’s HEAVEN.

Angels singing and no more night because we won’t have to sleep – we will have new bodies that won’t get tired.  They won’t have chronic illness or joints that wear out.  There will be no Alzheimer’s, no Diabetes, no Parkinson’s or any other affliction in heaven – it will all be behind us and we can just be with the LORD forever.

You can’t see me (and I can’t prove it), but I’m waving my palm branch today for KING JESUS.  I’m thanking Him for all the promises that He has made, has kept, and will keep in the future.  He is worthy of our praise.  Hail King Jesus!  ❤








Today we celebrate HOMEMADE BREAD DAY!  There is not a better scent in the world than freshly baked homemade yeast bread!  Awe – it is so wonderful!  Unfortunately, it is chock full of carbohydrates, so I don’t bake bread very often.  😦

Frankly, I am intimidated about baking bread.  I did find one link that makes it look so simple – I may try to make homemade bread yet!


Years ago I was part of a circle of friends at Park City Nazarene Church.  These women would not have had to take me in, but they did – with open arms!  I met with them to do crafts.  I’ve slept a lot since that time – I think we quilted – but don’t quote me on that.  What we did is not as important as the fun and laughter we shared while doing it – does that make sense?

Carolyn opened her home to us and never met a stranger.  Her hospitality was amazing and I cherished her friendship.  These were my husband’s friends – I was the stranger – but not for long! 

One day at the quilting bee, we were discussing what heaven would be like – because as the song reminds us, here on earth we can only imagine.  But we like to think about it because although we don’t know many things for certain, we trust that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for each one of us – think about that – He is preparing a special place – just for you.  Your place will not be like my place.  Just to think about the building materials He uses makes my head spin!  Streets of gold – solid gold???  We use asphalt down here – imagine what kind of materials he uses to build mansions!

I smile when I think about that day – I’ll never forget the look on Carolyn’s face.  It was as if she had transported herself to the pearly gates.  She had a look of longing on her face – I watched her and I think there may have been a tear welling up in her eye.  She gently smiled and said, “My corner of heaven will smell like freshly baked bread!” 

You know, I believe it probably will.  When I get to heaven I want to see Jesus first.  But I think then I’ll visit Carolyn’s mansion and enjoy some freshly baked bread with her.  Breaking bread in heaven will be so great, won’t it?  ❤



On this day in 1776 in Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell rang out from the tower of the Pennsylvania State House.  It summoned citizens to the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence, by Colonel John Nixon.  As an American that naturally makes me feel proud because it was the beginning of our country’s freedom.

The freedom I look forward to in the future is heaven.  The older I get, the more attractive heaven sounds because God’s Holy Bible promises that there will not only be no more parting, but there will be no more pain! I will no longer have to buy Mineral Ice at Wal-Mart and take a bath in it. I won’t have to walk with a cane. Blood sugar? What’s that???

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away. – Revelation 21:4

Not long ago, we were shopping at an antique store and I found a beautiful decorative plate. It was solid black with a stream of bright colors running through it. I was mesmerized by it and intrigued with the intricacy of the pattern. For some reason, it reminded me of heaven’s brightness in the shadow of death.

In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? – John 14:2

I like to think that my dad is in heaven planning and designing mansions. I know it is God who has already prepared my place, but I like to think that maybe dad is building little extras for my place, much like he did down here for me. My mansion will be yellow and blue. After all, surely the colors there will be the most vivid ones – and the Lamb of God is the light – so it will be very bright! We will praise Him forever for all He’s done for us.

This is from 1948, but it’s as true today as it was back then.  May we never take our liberty for granted.  May we always be grateful to God that we live in America.

I read an article about what a good blog is made of. They said a good blog post should be researched thoroughly and written with a great degree of accuracy and no beating around the bush. They said the average blog reader has a goldfish’s attention span – about 9 seconds. People scan and if it “catches” them, they read, if not, they move on.

Well, research, hmm… God’s Word is my source and God’s Holy Spirit is my inspiration. Written accurately? I pray before I write, so I sure hope so. Wow, if the subject of heaven does not “catch” you, I feel sorry for ya!  Wink!   😉