tl-12-1-adventToday is the fourth Sunday of ADVENT.

I so want to know PEACE more than anything…  peace on earth, peace in families, peace in the workplace, peace in traffic, peace on social media.  I just want PEACE.  When did people forget how to agree to disagree without sparking a debate in the process with as much tact as a bull moose?  I’m just asking…

Is there hope for peace in our lifetime?  There is definitely HOPE for PEACE…  and the source of both HOPE and PEACE is Christ.  Apart from Him we are not able to live in peace and we won’t have hope.

Lucinda reminds us that the PEACE that God gave us will never run out.  Aren’t we thankful?

the-name-of-peaceFor so long we’ve seen photographs of stables and have just thought of the visual – I don’t know about you, but I never thought about the stench in the manger.  When I read this I thought, “I need to design this one, not with Advent candles, but with a photo of a Nativity scene.”  I wanted us to have the photo to look at as we think about just how lowly it was for the King of Kings to be born – there.peace-prayer

He came to bring us peace – it’s a peace that passes all human understanding.  If you try to explain it to a non-believer because they won’t get it.  They won’t grasp the concept of going through turmoil in life with God’s peace on the inside.  It will seem so strange and weird to them.  But to those of us who know the Lord – we know that peace, don’t we?  We know how God has brought us through rough patches in the past and we are confident that He won’t let us down now – or in the future!  I pray that as we go and tell others the good news of Christ, they will understand with spiritual eyes as we do.  🙂





As I watched this fun video, I thought, “Wichita needs a Town Crier!”   We need to hire someone who really loves the city to introduce people from out-of-town to Wichita!  So many people visit here but don’t really know where to go, so they leave here thinking we have nothing to offer.

Today is INTERNATIONAL TOWN CRIERS DAY!!!  A town crier is also called a bellman.  They are officers of the court who make public pronouncements or announcements as required by the court.  The royal birth comes to mind.

As we saw, sometimes the town crier acts as a tour guide for their city or town.  How much fun would that be?  They get to dress so elaborately (I wonder how warm that uniform would get in the summer?)  The uniform dates back to the 18th century, in a red and gold coat, white breeches, black boots and a tricorne hat.

They carry a handbell to attract attention as they shout the words, “Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!”  What does that mean?  It means “Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye!”  That is a call for silence and attention.  Oyez literally means listen. 

The World Town Crier Tournament in England is coming up next month.  There will be many competing for the top spot, but only one will be honored to hold the title.  Here’s a clip from the tournament in 2013.

In North America, the office of town crier persisted into the early 20th century in some places. At least as recently as 1904, Los Angeles and several adjacent towns had official town criers.


The loudest crier recorded a cry of 112.8 decibels!  So I would say the qualifications for being a town crier are that you have a loud mouth and can stand to wear that very heavy uniform (or is it a costume?) in degrees over the century mark.

If I was the Town Crier for Wichita, I’d say this:

I still think we need to have a town crier here in Wichita.  That would let everyone know that there’s more here than just prairie grass.  :-/






Christmas in the secular progressive world is a lot of smoke and mirrors. It is blown out of proportion and a great deal of hype with very little satisfaction in the long run. It’s a season of tacky over-indulgence. It’s an excuse to go big and be loud and put a decoration on everything that will stand still – and a few decorations on things that won’t stand still. For example, my neighbor likes to dress her little dog in Christmas sweaters. I appreciate that she wants to keep her pet warm, but the poor baby looks as though it’s heading for the North Pole to pay Santa a visit! I have no evidence of this, but I suspect the dog has more sweaters than the owner. Hmm… what’s wrong with this picture?

Over the top decorations and happy happy happy emotions that are based on nothing. I find it interesting that non-Christians are celebrating a Christian holiday in a pagan fashion. How empty their souls must feel. What foundation is set? Oh yes, toys for children and adults alike. But the toys will break or rust. They celebrate not the birth of a Savior – but the brief moment of happiness they can bring to a child with a toy or two. It could be so much more than that, you know. Christmas for a Christian is not fleeting. For us, it is year-around because we have accepted Christ into our hearts and lives – not just at Christmastime, but for all time.

Do you want the faith, hope and love that only Christ can give you?  Would you like to recalculate your course? You can. It’s simple.

Take a moment to meditate with God’s Holy Word, The Bible. Listen to this recording of the book of Luke or read it for yourself and think about the account of the birth of Christ, the Savior of the world. Let the truth sink deep into your heart – into your spirit. Then you will understand the depth of what this Christian celebration is all about! Meditate.  Then recalculate in prayer… Christ is waiting.