TL ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (3)On this day in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed this:


Could you imagine a President of such moral fiber in the White House today?  How refreshing would it be to have a Commander and Chief with values and backbone instead of one who seems to want as much party as possible with no regard whatsoever for the country he represents and supposedly protects?

Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.  – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Hmm…  a day of fasting and humility.  You know – that’s not such a bad idea, fellow believers.  Have you seen the GOP race lately?  Have you seen the horses in that race?  I rest my case.  We need God to help us now more than ever!  This is not a political blog and never will be – but as a Christian who happens to live in America, I naturally have some interest in this election season.

When I saw 19 people running for President, I thought, “no way – this isn’t good!”  We’re still not in a good way with a two-man race and one spoiler.  I’ll let you determine which one is the spoiler – I have my own opinions on that.

If the race doesn’t narrow more, the convention could be dicey to say the least.  We’re gonna mess around and lose the general altogether – let’s pray in unity that God will smack some wisdom into the GOP candidates, and fast!  OK, maybe smack isn’t the right term.  No, wait…  it may be the perfect term.

But back to Abraham Lincoln and legislation.  A day of prayer and fasting.  The actual day is April 30th, but he signed it into law on March 30th.  It was a time when the morals and values of Christianity were not that far away from the morals and values of Americans.  What happened?  Well, people were given the gift of free will, and chose to separate themselves from Christian values and beliefs.  They began picking up their philosophies and lifestyles from other religions – or no religion at all.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, had something to say about little foxes and vineyards filled with tender grapes:

Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.  Song of Solomon 2:15

The King James version says “Our grapes are tender”.  It means that little things that seem almost harmless can be the things that trip us up along the way – like the little foxes that get in the vineyard and eat all the tender young grapes.  The little things that seem so minor can lead to the worst mess.

It seemed so innocent when people started doing yoga, didn’t it?  You do a few poses and clear your mind of everything – but if you clear your mind – of everything, even God – that makes room for the enemy to come in.  It’s true.  But what’s the harm in adopting just that one thing – can I do yoga and still be a Christian?  Some say of course – it’s just a little thing.  It’s just one little fox.  And besides, isn’t it God’s will that we have a healthy body?  I don’t argue that, but it’s not His will that you sit still with an empty mind.  He wants your thoughts to be on Him.  He’s a jealous God – He wants to have first place, or no place at all.

Colorado has legalized pot – but it’s not big deal.  Can I be high as a kite and then get behind the wheel to drive?  Sure, why not?  If you hit someone and kill them, you’ll probably just walk away with minor injuries.  You’ll be so out of it you won’t know what hit you.  Chill out – it’s just a little thing. It’s just one little fox.  And besides, there are people suffering who need pot for their pain.  I don’t argue that, but not everyone is in pain.  Those who are should not be allowed to be on the road driving so that other innocent people get hurt or killed.

Unplanned pregnancy?  Bummer – just get rid of it.  Easy come, easy go – no big deal.  Life is cheap – you can always have another baby when you’re ready, right?  Don’t let anybody take away your rights because you’ve got that power to choose – pro-choice – because that fetus…  well it’s just a little thing.  It’s just one little fox.  And besides, it’s not really a human being yet, right?  It’s not really a life yet.  I do argue that – America condones the killing of innocent life and will not receive the blessing of God until that is changed.  I don’t give a flying flip about the mother’s RIGHTS…  if you’re irresponsible enough to have unprotected sex, then guess what?  If you conceive a life – there are other options – and they are less selfish ones.  Adoption is perfect because there are people who would love to raise that child.  Be smarter about how you deal with unplanned pregnancy – sheesh!!!  Put an end to the murder of innocents – it’s barbaric and so beneath us!

Don’t be such a stick in the mud – don’t be such a square – and really, those Bible verses you quote are giving me one ginormous migraine.  And don’t judge me until you’re sure you’re perfect.

Yeah – well hold the phone…  let’s just get that straight here and now.  Nobody’s perfect.  That’s why we all need a Savior.  WHOSOEVER…  it’s you and me and everyone.  Jesus died for every one of us.  Accept it or deny it…  that’s on you.

God wants better for all of us – He can help us overcome the things we’ve tagged as little things – our little foxes – the things that can appear to be chinks in the armor.  We all get chinks once in a while – and through Christ, God can and will forgive those if we ask with a sincere heart.  There’s not one sin that God will not forgive!

But America…  seriously – we need to have a day of fasting and humility.  We need to hit our knees and pray like we’ve never prayed before for our beautiful America.  We are at a crossroads and we need God’s help!  I know we are a proud people – but we need to humble ourselves before the Almighty and turn from our sin and ask Him to heal our land.  ❤







For every beast of the forest is Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills.  I know every bird of the mountains, and everything that moves in the field is Mine.  – Psalm 50:10-11


You’ll never guess how many ways God has made me smile, even while I wait in so much discomfort.  He’s also answered so many prayers along the way – and I’m convinced once again that He even cares about the small stuff!

We are reminded of God’s love and care continually.  Sadly, we are often wrapped up in the business of living and don’t recognize His hand in things.  It’s not that I have anything special, but I am not as busy as most folks, so I notice His hand.

I seriously had a very personal problem that needed an immediate solution – and wondered how God would work it out for me.  I didn’t doubt that He’d make a way, because praise His name – He has always made a way – but today – right in the nick of time – He fixed my problem.  Is it okay for me to say I just love it when that happens???

This is my God.  Everything that creeps around in the forest, moves in the field and flies in the air is His.  I’m very happy to say – I am His too.  I belong to the King of kings and He takes such good care of me.

Thank You, Lord, for the way You watch over me.  I’m so grateful for Your timing.  You are never too early, but You are never ever too late!  I know if I keep leaning on Your strong arm, everything will be okay.  I thank You for caring about the little things as much as the big things.

On this Memorial Day, I thank God for being God.  I thank God for America and for freedom to practice my faith.  I’m also thankful for the men and women who fight for my freedom.  All gave some – but some gave all.  We won’t forget.  🙂




How much do volunteers add to a hospital?

I was not the patient – therefore, I was the one who observed all of the little “extras” that went on behind the scenes.  What an eye-opener!

We always choose Branson, MO for our vacation destination for one simple reason – Southern Hospitality!  Branson has earned a blue ribbon as far as we are concerned.  The folks there have a genuine gift for displaying “down-home charm”.  Frankly, I always wondered if it was just “put-on” as part of their “show”.  After we spent a week in their hospital, I was convinced, these folks are not “put on” – they are the real deal.  They really care.

The volunteers at Skaggs Hospital go above and beyond the call of duty.  A few times during our stay I saw them make my husband smile.  That was priceless to me. 

I first noticed the volunteers while I was sitting in the waiting room.  A lady wearing a little blue jacket adorned with all sorts of pins and an identification badge came into the waiting room.  She was carrying a rather large basket.  It struck me as cute, because I’m sure the woman must have been a grandmother.  She looked happy and upbeat as she meticulously arranged the contents of the basket on a tray.  They were cookies!!! They were not cookies out of a package from the grocery store either. They were HOMEMADE cookies!!!  

My curiosity got the better of me and I had to go check them out and start talking to her.  She was more than happy to take a little time to talk with me.  She told me that every morning she brings in a large basket of homemade cookies for the families of those going in for surgery.  I could tell immediately that she understood how important the task she performed was, and how far-reaching it was. 

She said, “Folks who are waiting for someone they love to come out of surgery need a little taste of home, not some packaged cookies from the grocery store!”

What a sense of purpose.  Such a seemingly small thing to do – but wow, what an impact it made on those in that waiting room!  I got the sense that she poured her all into what she did.  She obviously loved and cared for others.  This was her mission and her way of showing love and concern for the families.  

Later in the week, another lady wearing a little blue jacket came into the hospital room carrying a guitar.  “Is there a song you would like to hear?”, she asked.  We requested a couple of hymns and as she played we listened.  We had a chat about music and she joked that what she did would be much more difficult if she had to push a piano around with her instead of carrying a guitar!  Again, the love was felt. 

The healing properties of love outweigh any other medicine known to man.

All of these “little things” added up to one very successful outcome!  Healing through positive feedback and prayer – and love.  Just love.

Since we were there for such a long while, I silently watched the interaction between the staff and the volunteers.  There was a mutual respect that I had never seen anywhere else.  The doctors, nurses, volunteers and other staff – they had a common goal and worked together to meet it.  Their main goal is to help the patient heal.

Their secret weapon to make that happen was…  love!!!

Everyone at Skaggs in Branson was wonderful, but the volunteers in blue jackets were my favorite!  They made the entire experience bearable for us. 

One positive stepping stone at a time, we keep walking.

Thank you to the ladies in the blue jackets – you made everything better!

I wish you joy for your journey today…  and love.  Just love. ❤