Help people where they are.

God is not the author of confusion. If we allow His Holy Spirit to guide our lives, He is clear and concise in directing us. When I see someone in need I’m usually prompted to either say a prayer before taking action. A long time ago I heard God whisper to me and there was no doubt about what needed to happen.

She looked disheveled and frightened standing just inside the grocery store. The weird thing is, it wasn’t the grocery store I usually shopped at.  I recognized that demeanor because not long before I had been where she was. When I saw her I just knew I was looking into my own tragic past.

I didn’t always make great choices in life. I used to have a tendency to pick up strays – dogs, cats, men. I thought I could “fix” them. Who knows where that came from – but it was what it was. Oh, in case you’re wondering, you can change animals to some extent – but men?  Forget it!  Only God can change a human being.

I introduced myself and asked some questions. She was clearly cautious, which I can understand. You can’t be too careful because there are wolves in sheep’s clothing around every corner of this world – sadly. If my Lord would not have given me such a prompting to approach her, I might not have. She could have played me. But since I felt led to help, it was okay. I was praying as I talked with her.

With no mode of transportation, she had two choices. She could go with me or stay at the grocery store. I’m guessing she didn’t have anything but the clothes on her back, so she went with me.

It was late and I didn’t really want to take her home with me just yet. I drove us to a nearby fast food place so we could talk a little more. I had not let on that I knew her story even before she shared it – but as she told me what happened, it was as if she was reading my story back to me.

At that moment I realized that God had allowed the things in my life to happen so that I could help her. God sees the big picture while we’re stumbling around asking the big question – “why?”

She ran out of her house – no bag, no jacket (and it was pretty chilly outside), and no idea where she was running to. She ran without a plan. I asked if she had family and she indicated she didn’t have family that lived close by. When I was sure this was legitimate, I phoned my parents and asked if they would mind having her stay with us for a while. Mama said she thought that would be fine, so we headed there.

We helped her get back on her feet. She made arrangements to go live with her sister and promised she would divorce her husband. She’s doing well now and has found a good man (not a stray) and enjoys a better life. When God whispers and we obey, great things can happen! ❤