Do you know the song called “Every Praise”???  I can’t post it here because of copyright infringement, but it is over on You Tube if you want to hear it.

Did you hear about the little boy in Georgia who was abducted? Sadly, that’s not news, but this part will make you think… he reportedly sang this song of praise to his GOD and to the kidnappers until they could not take it anymore and let the boy go! So, if you don’t think God works in the lives of His own – even the little ones with great faith, think again! Teach your children hymns and gospel songs that they may have it committed to memory and stuck in their heart. It will be there when they need it!

There’s an old saying for people who tend to mess up quite often… like me. My family used to say, “Buy ya books, and buy ya books…” In other words, even though I know better than to do something, I do it anyway. Does that strike a chord with you?

You know, the sin is not in failing, but in not getting back up and trying again. If the Christian life was perfect from the day we accept Christ into our hearts and lives, wouldn’t that be great? The fact is, we are works in progress until the day we cross over into heaven. We need to keep learning from life experiences. Learn from them, but don’t give up because of them.

Our faith gets tested by our Lord once in a while and it’s usually not fun and there is sometimes pain involved. God will test but He will never tempt us. The enemy of our soul will tempt us – and often.

Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. – 2 Corinthians 4:16

But wait – when a verse begins with the word THEREFORE, we need to back up and see what the verse is THERE FOR.

Paul is talking about eternal benefits here. We know our physical bodies are getting older and slower, but our spirits (the inward man) is being renewed by reading God’s Word and praying every day. We keep learning, trusting, believing and exercising our faith . Wisdom comes as a result of life lessons. The longer you live, the more you put your faith and trust in God, the stronger you get in Him.

I love looking back on past situations and knowing without a doubt that GOD brought me through. That is what strengthens my faith most!