I challenge you to name one thing in this world that never changes.  Time’s up!  Did you think of anything?  No, you didn’t – neither did I.  Everything changes…  EVERYTHING!  The foal in the photograph above is now a beautiful full-grown mare.  Living beings are born, they thrive and do what God intended, then they die and go back to God.  It’s the way God planned it.  The Bible tells us that our time is in HIS hand.  So you see, we don’t need to worry because God has us in His hand all the time.

God never changes.  His laws don’t change.  His justice doesn’t change.  His unending love never changes.  His peace is real.  The joy and happiness He bestows on our lives can only be described as dependable.  It’s honest and there’s no hidden agenda.  If He puts a rug on the floor in front of me, then asks me to stand on it, I know without a doubt He will not pull it out from under me, causing me to fall.  Can you say that about any person on this earth?  Get real – of course, you can’t!  

This body of mine has changed from the time I was in my twenties.  Anyone who is honest will say a great big AMEN to that!  These chan.ges are a huge challenge – but God’s got me, so I’ve got this!  

Changes are inevitable in this life, but it gets dangerous when we as people try to “overrule” God.  Do we rely on our wisdom more than we seek God’s laws?  We simply cannot say that some behaviors are not sinful when God has already said they are.

When pastors are motivational speakers instead of providing instruction and direction according to God’s Word, it’s not a favor to us poor sinners – any of us.  We all need to hear and know God’s truth – all of it.  I don’t hate anyone and care for everyone’s eternal soul.  For Pete’s sake, I’m not perfect and I don’t judge anyone.  God offers redemption for ALL through His Son’s death on Calvary’s cross.  He offers forgiveness for sin – any sin – take your pick.  They’re all alike in God’s eyes.  

Change.  God causes the seasons to change.  He helps sinners to change.  We find Christ, learn what He wants for us, and turn from whatever is not pleasing in His sight.  He patiently helps us to live a life that is pleasing to Him.  Our lives can be so rich and full of Christ when He’s in the center of it.  🙂





FREEDOM is something to thank God for everyday!  He has blessed this nation so abundantly with His grace and mercy.  God is good to America and today we need to thank Him for being so good to us!

Precious Father, You have ensured our freedom here in America.  We know that without You we are nothing as a country.  Thank You for freedom to practice our faith as we believe is right, freedom of speech.  Under a dictatorship I could not be posting prayers in a blog, or saying them aloud.  Thank You that I am not oppressed, but free to express my love for You without fear of punishment or worse.  The press in our country is free – to be left of center, right of center – or to be on target with You.  We are free to agree or disagree with others on facebook or in person.  We are free to unfriend a friend on facebook if things get too intense.  We are free to read the Bible in public.  We are free to choose right or wrong.  You gave us a free will – that came from You.  America is great but You are greater.  May we wake up and realize that our freedom to do what we want and choose to follow You – that freedom comes from You, not from laws on the books in the U.S.A.  Our laws are based upon the fundamental Christian values we hold dear.  I pray that as a country we never stray away from that truth.  If we begin making laws that support sin, we are surely in dangerous territory and we will lose Your blessing.  We know You cannot look on sin.  You will always forgive us our sins, but You will not tolerate sin to continue in Your presence.  We don’t want to lose Your blessing in America.  May we have the wisdom to know right from wrong and make laws that support the right and shun the wrong.  We want our nation to please You always.  Thank You for our freedom.  It’s in Jesus’ matchless Name we pray, Amen.






Dear Heavenly Father,We come before You today asking that you bestow Your wisdom and good judgment upon our local county officials.  May they exercise common sense in their decision-making and keep the people of their county in mind at every turn.  If there are those in office who do not know You as their personal Lord and Savior, we pray that they would come to a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus, Your only begotten Son.  May America begin to turn back to You, starting with our county officials.  By name we pray for Your blessing on our County Commissioners:  Dave Unruh, Tim Norton, Karl Peterjohn, Richard Ranzau and Jim Howell.  We ask this in the Name of Christ Jesus our Lord, Amen.


Dear Heavenly Father, We pray that You would guide and direct our Wichita City officials in their capacities as part of our local government.  We pray for Mayor Jeff Longwell and Council members Lavonta Williams, Pete Meitzer, James Clendenin, Jeff Blubaugh, Bryan Frye and Janet Miller.  May Your blessing be upon them as they discuss and vote on vital issues here in Wichita.  We lift USD 259’s Board of Education to You today and ask that You will guide the decisions made there.  We pray for each district member by name:  Betty Arnold, Joy Eakins, Barbara Fuller, Jeff Davis, Mike Rodee, Lynn Rogers and Sheril Logan.  Children are the future of our city, our state and our country.  Please help the BOE to make wise and common sense decisions regarding their education.  In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.


Dear Heavenly Father, We humbly ask that You keep Your mighty hand on our state government.  Bless the Kansas executive branch, led by the Kansas Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and the Kansas District Courts.  May their decisions reflect the values learned from Your Holy Word.  As they uphold the rights of individuals and businesses, leaning on the Kansas Constitution, may they also take into consideration Your will in every case.  We pray today for Governor Sam Brownback.  Lord please help him to see the best decisions to make are the ones that uplift the people of Kansas and not the ones that burden them down even more.  We pray for Lieutenant Governor Jeff Colyer as he performs his duties.  We pray You will guide Secretary of State Kris Kobach in doing his job.  Please be with Attorney General Derek Schmidt as he continues to work toward a gang-free Kansas.  Bless his efforts to keep our state safe.  We pray today for Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer and State Treasurer Ron Estes.  Father, please bless the economy of Kansas.  I pray that every person who needs a job will find one here in the great state of Kansas.  I pray for our educational system and that common core, which is not so common and makes no sense, will soon be a thing of the past that we can look back on and laugh.  Help all the people of Kansas to do their part to conserve resources so that the state as a whole can preserve our resources.  Father, what our leaders do, what they say, how they vote, it all matters and affects all of us.  Please lead them to do the best things for Kansas.  If any do not know You as their personal Lord and Savior, we pray that they come to a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus.  Thank You for all the many blessings You have bestowed upon our state.  Our people trust in You and love You.  We ask all these things in the matchless Name of Christ Jesus, Amen.






cropped-GEE_0012Wear pink or blue today to support this special day in the U.K.

Of course, when I think of a disease that goes undiagnosed, my mind immediately goes to type one diabetes.  It goes undiagnosed, or more commonly, it is misdiagnosed.  Reegan comes to mind.

Reegan Karice Oxendine was a toddler when she died in September 2013 from undiagnosed type one diabetes.  She was sick from the age of 14 months, so her parents took her to the doctor many times.  She was misdiagnosed with acid reflux disease and put on a prescription to treat it.  It didn’t work and her condition worsened.  She was finally taken to the emergency room where they checked her blood glucose.  The test came back with a reading of over 1,000 mg/dL- !  She was air-lifted to the Children’s Hospital at UNC in Chapel Hill.  Come to find out, her blood sugar levels had been at near fatal levels for at least 3 months – she died 2 months later.

It’s sad that this is still going on today. If more Dr.’s made a simple blood test part of the routine check up, maybe they would be able to catch it sooner, and could prevent them ending up in the hospital.  – John Manganiello

The truth is, as Americans we like to think our medical community is on top of these things, but I’ve read account after account where young children succumb to type one diabetes.  They don’t get diagnosed and begin treatment in time.  Why does this happen?

There should be a law in place that says doctors MUST perform a simple blood test as part of the routine check up!  It’s not pleasant to think of a blood draw, but it’s surely better than the alternative, isn’t it?

Today’s post is a reminder that there are children who go undiagnosed with not only type one diabetes, but many diseases that lead to horrific consequences down the line.  It’s such a shame that there are not laws in place – not state by state, but from coast to coast here in America, that protect our children!

It’s my hope and prayer that these children will not be INVISIBLE and forgotten anymore.  A case like Reegan’s should never happen!  It’s unfathomable that she went undiagnosed for such a long time.  Rest in Peace, sweet baby.

How many children have to fall through the proverbial cracks before we get smarter about the diagnosis process?  Seriously – if laws need to be passed, let the passing begin because, it IS our future we’re talkin’ about here.  If we really value life like we say we do…  let’s FIX this!  Jus’ sayin’…  🙂








When I share God’s Word, I share all of it.  There are parts that are not easy to hear (for any of us), but we can’t just pretend it’s not there.  Christians are the only people who are not tolerated in today’s society.  We’ve been labeled haters and intolerant toward those who openly embrace a lifestyle that contradicts Biblical teaching.

What about the rights of Christians?    Are they still protected under the first amendment?  We still have a Constitution here in the United States, right?  Christian faith-based businesses are being backed into a corner.  I used to have a cat that was generally a docile pet, but there was one thing you really didn’t want to do.  You never wanted to back that cat into a corner where she didn’t think she had a way out!  If you did, you only got to do it once.

What exactly IS an abomination?  According to the dictionary, it is defined as something that causes disgust or hatred.  The Bible says that fools have done abominable works.

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.  – Psalm 14:1

As I sat in front of the television set last evening, listening to the ongoing debate about the now famous RELIGIOUS FREEDOM bill in Indiana – and the spin that sprang forth, I had to laugh.  Nineteen such laws are on the books already – so what’s the big deal?  Indiana’s Governor, Mike Pence, is in my prayers.  He has really taken a lot of heat over this.  I have to wonder if the bill had been called the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION bill, would it have drawn such attention???  I doubt it.  The word RELIGIOUS gets some people’s dander up.  In this case it is completely unfounded.

Every prudent man dealeth with knowledge: but a fool layeth open his folly.  – Proverbs 13:16

The only thing this would do for folks is give them the right to fight in court.  It does NOT say that they have any right to turn anyone away for any reason.  It just says that if they do, they can present a case in court.  Nobody gets to discriminate so just calm down, fools!  All this spin is ridiculous!!!

Oh wait…  Christians are getting trampled and backed into a proverbial corner – but who cares about them, right?  Hey, just keepin’ it real.

It’s funny, (not ha ha – but sad), when other special groups want FREEDOM, that’s okay – when they want equality, that’s fine.  There’s something about the religious community…  when we want protection, i.e. the right to defend our personal religious beliefs against abomination – well, that’s somehow different.

A few years ago I wanted to be a professional photographer.  I changed my mind after I saw how the ceremonial trend was moving.  I truly believe that some Christians will be forced to get out of the business they are in if that business could possibly run into a conflict.  Yes, I know it’s not fair and Christians who believe every word of God’s Word have rights too – or we should.  Do we now?  Nope.

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have a business that you spent money and sweat equity on, as well as every minute of your life – just to be ruined because you are asked to go against your fundamental beliefs.  If you say no, you will be sued – and you will lose.   

Remember when florist Barronelle Stutzman was taken to court because she wouldn’t sell flowers for a same-sex couple’s commitment ceremony?  She lost – and had to pay a $1,000 fine plus $1 for court costs and fees.  She violated Washington’s nondiscrimination laws and was told by Judge Alexander Ekstrom that she was not to discriminate against anyone again, including but not limited to goods, merchandise and services for weddings and commitment ceremonies.

Up until now, we have been so very blessed to live in a county where we have the choice to believe as we choose and respect each other’s beliefs and have a Constitution that protects our right to do so.  – Barronelle Stutzman

True religious freedom does not exist because tolerance does not cut both ways.  One would think that a mutual level of respect and maturity would come into play, but that’s apparently too much to hope for.  See, I don’t know why if a business owner is asked to do something that goes against their beliefs, they cannot just politely recommend another place.  Why is that offensive?  I don’t get the level of insensitivity.  I’m not going to go into a Kosher deli and eat a ham sandwich!  Why are the beliefs of some business owners not just respected?  If someone tells you no and recommends a different place – just go to the other place and leave it alone!  Grow up, people. 

In this day – face it, there is no religious freedom, so the name itself is misleading.  Now the Indiana law will get tweaked, so it’s really a joke.  In the 20 years this law has been around, no one has ever won a case using it – oh, except that dude who wanted to use an eagle wing in his religious ceremony – and he was told by the government that he couldn’t.  Yeah – he went to court and won using this law – they are giving him his eagle feather back so he can use it in his religious ceremony.  Good for him. 

I do not discriminate against anyone; however, I expect the same respect in return.  Tolerance needs to cut both ways – it really does.  You can’t force someone to accept you.  Christians are well aware of that fact.  Christ never won a popularity contest for sure, but He is my best friend.  And God’s Word – all of it – yeah, I’m a big fan.  I know not everyone is, but respect me for my beliefs – it’s my belief that abomination against God is sin and God can’t look on it.   It’s not about my beliefs, every person needs to read God’s Word and find out what He says about it.  He is the judge of all of us.

 You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.  – Leviticus 18:22

Man’s laws will come and go.  As Christians we are to be obedient; however, God’s LAW was in place a long time ago and it is steadfast.  If man’s law goes against God’s law…  hmm…  gotta go with God.  That’s no April Fool’s joke…  that’s a fact.  🙂







Today is PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE DAY!!!  I’ve followed the latest story of attack against the Pledge of Allegiance.  High School student, Samantha Jones, with representation from The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, is defending her right to say ONE NATION UNDER GOD.        

What a brave girl!  I wonder if I would have had that kind of backbone when I was in High School?  I know I would now, but back then, I’m not so sure.

The American Humanist Association filed a lawsuit earlier this year against the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District to remove the phrase “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.  The AHA is representing a family who objects to the phrase being recited at one of the schools within the New Jersey school district.

Public schools should not engage in an exercise that tells students that patriotism is tied to a belief in God.  Such a daily exercise portrays atheist and humanist children as second-class citizens, and certainly contributes to anti-atheist prejudices.  – AHA lawyer David Niose

Samantha Jones goes to Highland Regional High School in Blackwood, New Jersey.  The Christian-based Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is defending she and the school district.  They say Samantha has the right to say “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I’ve been reciting the pledge since preschool, and to me the phrase ‘one nation under God’ sums up the history and values that have made our country great.  I think it’s empowering to know that, no matter what happens, I have some rights the government can never take away. No student should be silenced just because some people disagree with timeless American values.  – Samantha Jones

The following quote was published in The Christian Post:

The judge seemed focused on the case, he had prepared well, and he was familiar with the arguments of each of the parties.  He asked tough questions of each side, and it is difficult to predict the outcome, but we are optimistic that he will agree with every other court to decide this issue and uphold the pledge.  – Diana Verm, a lawyer with the Becket Fund

On this day, may we raise up this important case to God in prayer.  May God richly bless Samantha and her family and give them strength and wisdom.

The attorney for the unidentified atheist family goes on and on about his client’s rights – that having the phrase in the Pledge offends them.  The thought of taking it out OFFENDS ME – WHAT ABOUT A CHRISTIAN’S RIGHT TO HAVE THE PHRASE STAY THERE???  I’m sick and tired of everyone else’s rights coming before Christian’s rights!  This country was founded on CHRISTIAN BELIEFS AND PRINCIPLES.  If you don’t like the phrase, you don’t have to say that part – but don’t take it out because there are many (including me) who will say it regardless!  It calms my spirit to know that the God of creation has this mess of a country in the palm of His hand.  There’s no better place it could possibly be!

They already took prayer out of schools – they booted God clear off campus – and wow – that’s really working out well for us, don’t you think?  We never had shootings at our schools – but our teachers taught us to respect our Country, our elders, and our Higher Power!  It’s my RIGHT to pray – it’s my RIGHT to say UNDER GOD when I recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  Anyone who is uncomfortable can make a choice to either not say the Pledge or not say the part that is offensive to them.  There are plenty of things that non-Christians do that I’m uncomfortable with – and you know what?  I don’t make them stop – I just don’t join in.

No matter what the official outcome is, the powers that be will never force me to leave out the words UNDER GOD from my Pledge of Allegiance.  Instead of having more of a separation between church and state, there needs to be a knitting together of the two.  I’m praying for this country – now more than ever.  And – by the way, I’m praying about the part of the Pledge that follows – INDIVISIBLE.  Uh-huh – yep – I’m praying about that part too.  ❤





And the verdict came in – here is an update – 2-5-15


We need more young people like Samantha.  Well done, sweetheart!  ❤

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