It’s not too late to laugh! In case you are in a situation where you feel life is a bit hopeless and there will never be any laughter in your future, I’m here to tell you that’s not true! If you can find just one good friend who does not confine your thoughts and make you stifle the giggles you would love to set free, you are blessed in this life.

I have one good friend who does not mind that I speak freely or laugh randomly. What a blessing! Sometimes I laugh so hard I begin to cry. What good does laughter do?

Laughter can give you an instant workout, physically and emotionally. The “core” benefits when you laugh. A minute of laughter equals about 10 sit-ups. Emotionally, when you laugh, endorphins release. Those are the “feel-good” hormones that keep us from being down and depressed all the time.

Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  – Proverbs 27:17

Have you ever heard two people engaged in a conversation and one says something, then the other “feeds” off of them and says something else that makes both of them laugh even harder? Well, that is what iron sharpening is all about. It’s a type of “feeding” – but in a good way. If you have a friend who understands how important that kind of relationship and conversation is, you have hit the jackpot! God has provided the best thing ever with that kind of friendship.

Those who bring sunshine to others can not keep it from themselves.  – Sir James M. Barrie

Count your blessings if you have a good friend; someone you can be yourself with; someone who will neither judge you nor scold you for the things you choose to say. Life can seem so long if you have to guard every word that proceeds from your mouth. There should be one soul in this world who will let you be yourself, no holds barred, and no walking on eggshells.  Wink!  😉







Remember when fat-free Newtons came out in 1993???

We were recently in a town about 20 miles North of Wichita called Newton.  I was in a weird mood (yes it does happen often, thank you for asking) and said, “Wouldn’t it be a hoot if I ate a Fig Newton here in Newton, Kansas?”  I was met with one of those, “I cannot believe you just said that” looks – and the subject was dropped…  temporarily.

Between shopping and talking and walking around, the subject of Fig Newtons was a million miles from my mind.  Then we walked into one of those mom and pop drug stores – you know the kind – they have everything and a few odd things that you would not expect to find.  Then my mind was jogged…  I spotted a package of – yes, Fig Newtons! 

When you’ve been married as long as I have, no words have to be spoken.  We just exchange glances and know what the other one is thinking.  This time I was met with an eye roll and a shrug.  Well, I didn’t take that as a “no” (exactly), so I walked over and grabbed a package and paid for them.  I noticed my husband had quickly moved to the other side of the store.  I wonder why he did not want to be seen with me?  Huh…

Maybe he was afraid I’d embarrass him.  LOL – who, ME??? 

I found a bench outside and tore the package open.  Drumroll…  I ate a Fig Newton…  in Newton, Kansas!  Yep – I did!!!  I was going to take a selfie, but I forgot the camera, so…

If nobody likes your selfie, what is the value of the self?  – Brandon Specktor

I only wanted one – I bought one of those single-serve packages that are kept close to the cash register because they weren’t sugar-free and I didn’t want to spike my blood sugar – just have a little fun.

 Dieting is wishful shrinking.  – Author Unknown

There’s no harm in a little innocent spontaneous behavior, is there???  The only thing that would have made that day better is if it had been Fig Newton Day.  Ah…  welp – maybe we can plan better next year.  We’ll see…  Wink!  😉








Ah!  The joys of summer…  swimming, biking, walking, painting the house, playing in the dirt anytime I want to.  And there are certain foods that just go with summer like strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and of course, watermelon!

Today is WATERMELON DAY!!!  I have to be very careful about portion control with watermelon since it is very high in natural sugar!  I keep asking God if He would please make a watermelon just for me with Splenda in it – I haven’t heard back yet – I’ll keep you posted.

In my family it’s the little things that bring happiness.  We like watermelon, but the fun part is the seed spitting contests.  You have to be careful not to inhale with that seed in your mouth.  Don’t ask me how I know that.  :-/

Is it just me, or did some of that instructional video seem like TMI???  Uh…  whatever.

Finding happiness is a lost art. People today feel as though other people owe them happiness and that’s not necessarily the right attitude to have. Happiness must be pursued – not expected. It will not just drop in your lap and certainly no one will just hand it to you. Your happiness will not be a gift from anyone but you. It is inside you – but you have to want it and make it happen. Happiness is not magic and will not just “poof” appear to you. It is not an accident waiting to happen, but a choice that you will either make, or you won’t.

I am determined to be happy in my life and make the most of every moment I’m given. Life is short and I’d rather spend my time laughing and smiling than crying and frowning. It is a choice – a purposeful decision I make every single day – and no one will stand in the way.

Now – if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for dessert.  I think we will have some small slices of watermelon!  🙂




Today is FIND YOUR HAPPY DAY!!!  I have to laugh because I’m reviewing the way my day began…

If you are a pet owner you will understand this. The first thing I hear every morning is the sound of my dog tapping a piece of furniture in the bedroom. Just leisurely tapping… tap… tap… as if to say, “Excuse me, but it is morning and I am hungry. No hurry, but until you get out of that bed I will continue to annoy you with this noise.”

So the day begins. Casey tapped so it must be time to get up, right??? If he owns this house and we are his staff, then why doesn’t HE pay the taxes on this place instead of us??? Oh well, moving on…

I give my Casey his bone and he trots off into the living room to chew it. I’m still barely awake but making coffee. Then I see smile maker number two… my cereal box! I don’t know who came up with the idea of putting SMILE on the back of the box – but I LIKE IT! My favorite color is yellow and the box tells me to smile – yes, this IS the cereal for me.

No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.  – Helen Keller

Remember the little song “If You’re Happy and you Know it” – ??? Try to hang on to those childhood happy things as long as you can. I know you’re not a child anymore and you have very grown-up responsibilities, but I challenge you to stop and think about your thoughts today. If they start sounding pessimistic or sour, maybe you should find something to make you smile. Let’s see…

That could be a pet, or a bright yellow cereal box that tells you to smile every day, or a little song you learned way back in Sunday School when you were very small. Discover the joy in life and embrace every little piece of happiness and when a cereal box tells you to smile, JUST DO IT! Find your HAPPY! 🙂



I am a dancer. I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living…. In each it is the performance of a dedicated precise set of acts, physical or intellectual, from which comes shape of achievement, a sense of one’s being, a satisfaction of spirit. One becomes in some area an athlete of God.  – Martha Graham, c.1953

Do you think exercise has to be dull and boring and repetitious? Well, think again because today we are going to do the “Funky Chicken!” Today is DANCE LIKE A CHICKEN DAY!!! Remember the 1980’s movie “The Blues Brothers” with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd? It might be a good idea to watch that sometime today just to see some good chicken dancin’.

Dance in the body you have and make it the best you’ve ever done.  – Agnes

As you practice the dance, you can incorporate your own unique style. Add a jump or whatever you want to do. The most important thing is to have fun with it. Dancing should not be something that takes a lot of thought process. Life is too serious already – dancing should be fun!

There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.  – Edwin Denby

When you dance, you release endorphins, the feel-good hormone that boosts your mood. It’s not just about burning calories, it’s about having a good time and being silly! Loosen up – lighten up – be silly once in a while! Smile and do the funky chicken to your favorite music! Or just make up your own music.

Police Dispatcher: Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers HAS been approved.

Oh… and yeah – I WILL be watching “The Blues Brothers” tonight, if you wondered!!! And the scene where they do the funky chicken… I’ll be up doin’ it too!!! 🙂