Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.  – Epictetus

Today is SUSPENDERS DAY!  An accessory that is still popular today, the fashion trend was started back in the early 1970’s by Robin Williams.  Who could forget those RAINBOW SUSPENDERS of his?  I had a pair of rainbow suspenders as did most of my friends!  It was an essential in Junior High School.

Robin Williams as “MORK FROM ORK”

It really touched my heart that Jimmy Kimmel wore rainbow suspenders to the Emmy Awards in honor of Robin Williams!

The Rainbow Suspenders are my favorite

Other folks who are famous for wearing suspenders include:

Larry King

And there are characters in popular movies and TV shows that wear suspenders instead of belts:

Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko

Suspenders made a comeback in the late 1980’s when Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko dressed in his signature shirt, serious suspenders with print tie.  It was the ultimate 1980’s, early 1990’s power outfit – lose the suit coat and let your suspenders show!  With the right shirt (white-collar, white cuffs), it worked.  If you’re going to be a corrupting authority in business you may as well be comfortable, huh?  The look strikes me as in your face and disrespectful.  It’s almost as if he’s saying, “You’re not worth it – I’m not putting on a suit coat or wearing a belt just for you.”   In my humble opinion, suspenders have a certain attitude that says casual and fun.  I don’t see it as acceptable business wear.  I know I’m outnumbered but hey – it’s just my point of view.

Urkel – what can I say?

The suspenders WORK for Urkel!  Poor guy – he’s such a geek.  Most of the time he leaves me crying because I’m laughing so hard!  Yes, the suspenders need to be part of his wardrobe – definitely!

I grew up in a really great era – everything we owned had a smiley face on it and our fashion accessories were started by Mork from Ork.  We all wore our rainbow suspenders, smiled and enjoyed our lives!   Good times…  yeah – good times!  🙂