Have you ever over thought over thinking? LOL! Well, maybe not, but on high pain days or bad blood sugar days it’s easy to over think things! As a young woman I hardly got a cold, but now it feels as though I’m falling apart some days. If I’m having an extremely bad day, it can feel downright unfair.

My mother died ten years ago today. I know some people don’t remember dates like that, but I can’t help but remember. Grief is a large weight, even after such a long time. I don’t weep like I used to, but these days the sorrow comes out of the blue. I was walking around an antique store and spotted a set of bowls that my mother had.

The largest one was a bright yellow (maybe that’s why it’s my favorite color), the bowls nested inside one another. I didn’t keep my mom’s set of bowls (you can’t hang on to everything) but seeing them brought back memories of cookie-baking, pie-baking and great conversations with my mom. Those bowls made me smile – and cry. Sounds strange – how can I do both? I don’t know – but I can.

What does our Lord want us to do when we are weary and heavy laden?

We cannot find life’s treasure if we’re rushing here and there, chasing shadows through the clouds and beating at the air, draw apart, be still and pray when weary and hard pressed. “Come unto Me” the Master said, “and I will give you rest.” – David Catherwood

Through the physical pain and mental anguish of life we have a Savior with open arms, ready to hold us and speak peace to our hearts and minds. He promises to give us rest if we will draw apart, be still and pray.

Today I will go to my prayer closet to pray. Jesus will meet me there.

June 1979

Mama and me in front of her tea roses.

Of course, there’s Rusty lying in front of us!

June 1979

Please, Jesus, tell Mama I love her. Thank you! Amen.  ❤