So…  am I the only one who wants to know how LITTLE exercise I can do and still see results???  Hey, I’m just being honest.  I wish I enjoyed exercise, but the fact is, I really do not like it.  I’ve tried everything to try to “distract” myself from the task at hand (TV, music, etc.) – but the fact remains that I really don’t want to do it.

I read something that made me so very happy!  Apparently, a Scottish study found that just 10 minutes of leisurely cycling with two 20-second bursts of hard pedaling, done three times a week is equal to a quality workout!

Is it too good to be true?  You can bet I’ll try it and hope for fabulous results.  Feel free to join me!

Sometimes I get bored with the bike – so I go bowling.  I burn 237 calories per hour (if I stay away from the snack bar) – yikes!  :-/

Eating habits still count as well.  If you can find some blue plates (they are not easy to find here in Wichita) that would be great.  Why?  Psychologically, blue does not stimulate the senses – or make us think we need to eat more.

The happiest plate is not the one that is empty – it’s the one that is filled wisely.  Most of the plate should have green on it (i.e. broccoli), then a protein source (i.e. beef, chicken).  You can have a bit of complex carbohydrate, such as 1/4 baked potato with that, but if I can skip it, I do.  I’ve learned to enjoy veggies, fruits, beans and nuts.

I learned that skipping meals just makes you binge at some point.  It’s best to just eat all three meals and be smart about portions.

Have you ever kept a food journal?  I didn’t used to, but sometimes it helps because I catch triggers that make me want to fall off the diet wagon.  I can thwart the urge to sabotage my efforts and be successful.

If you have a choice between eating out and brown-bagging – pack your own lunch.  It’s a matter of control.  For example, I like the Arby’s Turkey & Swiss sandwich, but they use mayo on them, which adds about 100 calories that I can do without.  I can get similar ingredients and make my own – but hold the mayo.  I think the bread I use is probably fewer calories than the bread they use too (certainly lower in carbohydrates).

I’ve learned to swap ice cream for yogurt.  It’s going to sound weird, but I am hooked on Dannon Light & Fit 80 calorie yogurt.  All of the flavors are delicious – no lie.  Some of them are fruit, but others are dessert flavors like Boston Cream Pie and Toasted Coconut Vanilla.

Heart disease is the number one health risk for women – and a major complication of type 2 diabetes.  I have to make some small changes in my daily diet and exercise routine.  I’ve also learned that it’s okay to laugh more and stress less.

I’m thankful that with a few baby steps, this diet thing seems to be working well.  🙂








Today we celebrate the extended essay by Virginia Woolf entitled “A Room of One’s Own”, based on a series of lectures she delivered at Newnham College and Girton College, two women’s colleges at Cambridge University in October 1928.  It is considered non-fiction and a feminist publication since it advocates space, both literal and figural, for women writers within a literary tradition dominated by patriarchy.

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.  – Ecclesiastes 9:10

I’m sure we all agree that women have made their literary mark since the late 1920’s, early 1930’s.  We’ve come a long way, baby (and I’m not selling cigarettes either).  Even the toughest writing gig of all, journalism, has seen women break in and break through to the top.  I admire women like Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer and Connie Chung because when they started it was still a man’s world and they had to work so much harder to get anywhere.  They were and are such intelligent and savvy women.

When I was taking journalism courses, I remember reading articles about all 3 of these women, and wishing that I too could poke a hole in the ceiling one day.  I read all of the interviews they gave and did a lot of daydreaming about how I would be the next woman who knew the pulse of America and would eagerly show up to report about the condition of the patient.

I guess life happened and my priorities shifted.  I got married and…  well…  my dreams became a little more attainable and I took the easy way out.  But I still had a desire to write.  It’s a gnawing feeling that won’t leave me alone no matter what.  Every article I read I’d say to myself, “I could have written that better.”  Every interview I listened to, I’d say, “I would have asked this question” – or, “I would not have asked that question.”

I’m sure “Judith” would have had a very rough go of it to become everything that William became – back then.  As I say, in our time, you have to be smart and keep your wits about you, but it’s not the lack of opportunity to learn that would hold her back.  It would be her own limiting thoughts – and perhaps the fact that she keeps comparing her own talents to that of William.  She needs to focus on being the best writer she can be!

While thumbing through a magazine one afternoon at work, I spotted an advertisement that said, “Write Children’s Books”.  I tore it out and kept it in my desk for a long time.  Once in a while I’d take it out and look at it, but it took many months before I did anything about it.  I thought and prayed about what to do.  Finally one day I mailed in the application.

Within about a week I received my first assignment.  As I completed each step, something inside me was beginning to spark.  I don’t think I had enjoyed learning so much in my life.  For the first time in my life, I was learning and enjoying every minute of it.  My corrected assignments came back to me.  I made minor mistakes, but those are the ones I learned from and carried with me to the next level.

When I read the name of this special day, my mind went back to the time when I had all the time and all the space I needed to write.  I worked first shift and my husband worked third, so I had plenty of time to write.  My dad made me a special area where I could have a typewriter (no technology back then) and keep my journals and poetry within reach, as well as the class assignment I was working on.

Have you ever wondered why writers choose the subjects they do?  I wonder why Stephen King writes some of the creepy stuff he writes.  Here’s my answer:

You know, sometimes people say to me, “Why do you choose to write that creepy stuff?”  And I usually say, “What makes you think I have a choice?”  – Stephen King

Serious writers need a lot of time to write.  We need time alone to think, and we need our own space.  Today I keep everything on my laptop, but I still have the same needs I had back in the 1980’s.  Time to write and a room of my own – or at least a little nook.  Wink!  😉










Today I just want to remind you that life is short and you need to get busy making memories. I could stop there, but that would be the shortest blog post ever! You know better, right?

We are a family of two – my husband and myself. Of course our dogchild, Casey counts too. We find so many fun things to do every day. We have enjoyed our retirement very much and it seems like there is a new adventure just waiting around the corner.

We have been to many states and seen so many things. Making memories is a priority in our house. We do stuff and capture the memory with a camera – and I scrapbook it!

I’m not a parent, but if I was a parent or a grandparent, you know what I’d do? I would keep a notebook full of cute things my kids or grandkids said or did! It sounds like a lot of work, but I really believe that children are so sweet and so innocent. Art Linkletter had the right idea when he made the show “Kids say the darndest things”. It’s so true! Keeping those “darn” things they say and do close to your heart by writing them down will help you through the more difficult days ahead – the tween and teen years! There will come a time when those sweet little children will not be so sweet and innocent.

When you are planning activities for your family, keep your children’s personalities in mind. When I got dragged to the skating rink with my cousins I was not a happy camper at all. In fact, I used to take a book and sit at the side of the rink with all the “parents”, read and have adult conversations with the adults while my cousins were doing the limbo and acting crazy.

Just take some time today to love and appreciate your family. Family is forever, but time passes quickly. ❤




Why do we blog?  Is it to put a gigantic resume’ of sorts out there, hoping someone will find us and offer us something better than blogging?  I know that I don’t get one cent for blogging.  There is another reason to keep a blog.  I do it to encourage my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to keep on keeping on in their faith.  Hold on to Christ every day!

I choose to believe in God because it makes things better.  You have a meditation point, a source of strength.  I don’t ask myself, “Well, does God exist, or does God not exist?”  I choose to believe that God exists.  – Stephen King

Today is WRITE FOR GOD DAY!!! It should be called “Let God Write Through You” day. Either way, we celebrate the same way. We write about how our Lord sees us through and holds us up when we don’t think we can stand another minute.

You said to lean on Your arm, and I’m leaning. You said to trust in Your love, and I’m trusting. You said to call on Your Name, and I’m calling. I’m stepping out on Your Word. – Maya Angelou

A large part of my worship is done through writing my innermost feelings to God. He is the One with Whom I am completely honest. Well, I may as well tell it like it is, right? He knows anyway! He knows the frustrations I face and the victories I celebrate. See, He knows. That is what I love, love, love about my Lord! Nothing I did in the past surprised Him. Nothing I do right now surprises Him. Nothing I’ll do in the future will surprise Him.

Is that an excuse to sin? Certainly not! Neither is it a reason to become lazy in my worship or in my service to God. The Lord gave me a sound mind and a good heart. He gave me gifts and talents to share with others. As I can freely share those gifts and talents, I plan to do so because it’s what He wants me to do.

You can see God’s signature everywhere around you once you learn to recognize His handwriting.  – Carol Harrington Brock

I journal every day. I write prayers, comments and concerns I have. I can have concerns, I just can’t worry about anything! There is something about having all of your scattered thoughts planted on paper. It somehow makes your train of thought stay on track. My train of thought has been known to derail regularly during prayer time. I’ll be praying and suddenly I’m thinking about something else.

When I’m blessed I write it down. When I’m blue I write that down too. You may as well share it all with your heavenly Father. Yes, He does already know, but just as an earthly father expects a child to communicate with him, our heavenly Father wants us to tell Him everything. So, maybe today you could start your own “Dear Diary”.